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'Where am I?'

Naruto thought with a groan as he still had his eyes closed.

"Dad will he be alright?" A voice of a little girl said with a worried tone.

"He'll be fine just some bruising on his ribs but he's okay, he should wake up any minute now" The voice of someone with a obnoxious spirit said.

Having enough of this Naruto sat up and groaned as he opened his eyes.

In front of him was a man in his forty's at least wearing a white doctor's coat with a black stubbly goatee.

Beside him was a girl with light brown hair in a bob wearing a pink dress.

Both looked at him with surprise looks on their faces.

"Hey how're you feeling?" The man said.

"I'm alright but where am I? And who are you?"

"This is my clinic and my name's Isshin Kurosaki and this sweet little thing beside me is my daughter Yuzu Kurosaki."

Yuzu bowed her head. "It's nice to meet you oni-san."

The blonde waved his hand.

"Hey and my name is Naruto."

"Well Naruto-san do you remember anything?" Isshin asked.

"Well barely" Naruto said with a faked look of facade.

'How am I suppose to tell these guys that I'm a ninja from another world and that I'm in a big load of shit from the Shinigami?"

"For starters we found you a few streets down from our home and we took you here to examine you. You had a bump on your head, a few bruised ribs, and some debris lodged into your body. We managed to heal everything but you were knocked last but you just woke up after only a few hours." Isshin said as he read a clipboard explaining everything.

Naruto hummed in response.

'Thanks fox"

'No prob kit but we're going to have a talk later"


"I won't explain everything just yet just wait till later for now entertain these two humans" Kyuubi said as he went to sleep.

Naruto sighed.

"Do you have any parents or relatives we could call to pick you up?" Isshin asked once more.

"No I'm a orphan and there's probably no way I can repay you for helping me" Naruto said with a sad look.

Since he transported himself into a new world not understanding his shinigami powers and fucking himself up, he was in a mess.

What's worst he piss broke and didn't have a job. He could always go Tarzan and live in the country side but that wouldn't swing well for him.

"It's no problem you can live here, our house is behind this clinic and to pay us back you can work here. For food my Yuzu will cook for you."

Naruto smiled and bowed his head.

"Thank you for your kindness."

"Don't thank us yet there's still some stuff we got to clear up first." Isshin said with stern look.

"Okay shoot"

"How old are you? And are you in school?"

'Shit time to lie with some truth mixed in'

"I'm seventeen and no I'm not in school"

"Where did you come from? I mean where were you born at?"

" Um.." Naruto quickly looked around the room for a second and he found a globe on a stand right across from Yuzu.

"I'm from Stockholm, Sweden and from what I remember my mother was a redhead from France and my father was English" Naruto said with a sheepish look.

"But they both died in a accident and I was sent here to stay with a foster family but I went out and found myself here" Naruto with a faraway look in his eyes.

On the inside however Naruto was patting himself on the back. All those years of lying when he was younger were paying off.

Yuzu who was brought to tears quickly hugged her father.

"Dad can Naruto stay with us?" The brunet said.

"Of course"

He quickly gave Naruto a thumbs-up with sparkling teeth in his smile.

"Stay for as long as you want"

The two left the room to go to bed.

Naruto laid back down and sighed.

A figure from the shadows slowly crawled itself behind Naruto's bed, a medical scalpel in hand.

The blonde opened his hands in mirth.

"If you really want to kill someone at least make sure they're asleep" The blonde said as he quickly grabbed the wrist of his would-be-assassin.

Good thing the moonlight was strong tonight as he could say the appearance of his assassin.

It was a woman of petite physique. She had violet(purple) eyes and black hair with a bit if pale greyish-blue in the middle of her hair. She appeared to be wearing a school uniform and had a choker around her neck.

Her eyes widened in fear as tried to escape the blonde's grip but he was too strong.

Naruto simply tugged on her hard and made her fall on the bed on her back as he quickly rolled himself on top of her with the same scalpel from earlier in his hand on the edge of her neck.

"Who are you?" Naruto said with a glare.

The woman quivered a bit.

"I'm Rukia Kuchiki shinigami from the Thirteenth Division and I was assigned to kill you."

Naruto shrugged and got up as Rukia blinked.

"Aren't you afraid that I might try to kill you again?"

"I been made a target of assassination since the day I was born. With the display of skill I just showed you I know you won't try again." Naruto simply stated.

Rukia sighed and sat up, still rubbing her sore throat.

"Rukia do you know who am I?"

Rukia nodded and took out her cellphone.

"Yes Naruto Uzumaki charged with attempted assassination/homicide of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze (nee Uzumaki). Also charged with destruction of property, civil unrest, refusing arrest, carrying a zanpakto without approval, and various other demeanors." Rukia said as she read the text she received.

"Damn kit sounds like you got into a shit load of trouble again"

"Shut it but you're right and now I have to train, I got lucky this time but someone besides Rukia won't be so nice"

"Hey Rukia what's zanpakto?"

"Oh it's a sword made from someone's soul here's mine for example" Rukia brought out her sword.

It was plain katana with a red hilt and circular tsuba in a black-blue sheath.

"A zanpakto has two uses: one is to kill hollows which are wicked and evil spirits unable to go to heaven and to perform konso which is to guide souls to heaven."

Rukia explained.

"Oh yeah before you passed out kit I sealed your two swords in that tattoo on your forearm.

'Thanks" Naruto said.

"What else can shinigami do?"

"Shinigami can use kido which is a kind of magic, hakuda: hand-to-hand combat, and shunpo which is composed of moving at high speeds" Rukia explained as she drank some Cola.

Naruto nodded and tried to summon his chakra which stay worked. Quickly unsealing his swords made Rukia gasped.


"You have two zanpakto(s)!"

"So?" Naruto said as Rukia slapped her palm into face.

"It means either you have very high spirit energy or that maybe your soul is very unique" She exasperated.

Naruto shrugged and sealed his blades later. He would train after he got the gist of this world.

"You mind staying here for a few minutes?"

"Why?" Rukia said with a raised eyebrow.

"I gotta go check something just stay here"

Naruto left the room.

The house behind the clinic was a simple two story house.

He already went to the bathroom and was just looking the place he would live him until further notice.

He saw a bedroom door opened and went in.

It was boring classic high school boy's room but what really caught his interest was the thing right by the bed stand.

It was a guitar and it looked like it was in pretty condition. He quickly played it and got into a groove.

Well at least the pervy sage taught me something useful besides battling or anything related to porn.

The door opened waking him from his thoughts.

It was guy with orange hair and he had a mean look in his eyes that screamed murder or suspicion.

"Who the hell are you?" He roughly asked.

"The new tenent here sorry for coming in I saw this guitar and I couldn't help myself"

The orange shrugged.

"Oh yeah the new guy Dad said would be staying here. Just be careful with that thing"


"I mean it be careful with it, my mom bought it for me" the somber tone in his voice made Naruto sighed.

"Wanna play? It might get something out"

"Sure and the name's Ichigo"

The two spiky teens shook hands and out made a new friendship.

In Konoha

Tsunade was shocked at the people in her hand as Toshiro from before had given her.

"Charged with attempted murder?"

Toshiro couldn't help but be blunt as time was of the essence.

"Yes one of your comrades has tried to kill one of our own and he is to tried"

Tsunade and Shizune were shocked but the bad news kept coming in.

"By order of Head Captain Yamamoto you Tsunade must have a escort of at least seven people come with you tomorrow to discuss this crime that has affected all of us"

Only Toshiro had this left to say: "By tomorrow Naruto will be hunted and you'll be the ones to take him to be tried that is all"

As the white haired man disappeared Tsunade groaned.

"Get the Konoho Twelve, Jounin senseis and the visiting Kazekage and his escourt here at once Shizune."

"Yes my lady"

A few minutes later.


"He's alive?!"

Were the common responses given to Tsunade as she dropped the news.

"Alright enough"

Once everyone was quiet she continued.

"Naruto has made a assassination on the former Yondaime Hokage and the head shinigami wants me to bring several people to take Naruto back to be tried."

"Tsunade what happens if we do capture Naruto?" Shino asked.

"He will go to trial and hopefully all this mess will be cleared now I have already decided to bring Shizune and Kakashi to come with me.

"Lady Tsunade me and my siblings will come along as well" Gaara said with no tone for a negative answer.

"Alright granted."

"I'll go" Hinata said.

"Me to" Anko said.

"Alright and Shikamaru and Sakura you'll be coming along as well pack your things we'll be gone by morning".

Everyone left the room as Tsunade drank some sake.

Will everything be alright?

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