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Ciel was in his study, tapping with his pen a steady rhythm against the table. A pile of paperwork, yet to be resolved, sat neglected on the desk. But that wasn't the concern right now. Ciel, usually so focused, was elsewhere in mind.


Ciel: Sebastian, get the information we need out of that lady.

Sebastian: As you wish, my lord.


Aforementioned Lady: Ahhh! Ahhh! I'm seeing the gates of heaven!


Sebastian: Here is the information you wanted, my lord.


"Amazing," Ciel murmured to himself, "This technique is certainly something I should have my arsenal. It'll make interrogations go so much easier! But…how will I learn this mysterious trick?"

A few moments of musing, and lightning struck. Ciel's mouth curved up into a grin filled with anticipation: "Right. How silly of me. Sebastian is my servant until the contract is fulfilled, is he not? I'll just ask him!"

The bell sounded.

Sebastian sighed, albeit inwardly, and wondered what in the world does the young master want now. It seems like the bell was ringing every five minutes! How many millions of needs does Ciel have? He rolled his eyes and walked up to Ciel's study. Upon opening the door, he is presented with a pretty sight.

Sebastian's eyes were immediately drawn to Ciel's face…and the grin that's on it. Oh no. That can't be good. A light blush graced Ciel's cheeks, and Sebastian was seized by the desire to taste Ciel's blood. Biting back the urge, the raven-haired butler moved his gaze downward…to Ciel's legs, uncovered below the knee as he was not wearing long pants, and every inch of delicious skin seemed to be beckoning the butler. Gritting his teeth, Sebastian cursed himself for not keeping a tight rein on his thoughts.

Why does my butler get more and more good looking everytime I see him? Ciel wondered. He soon waved the thought away however. It was inconsequential. "Sebastian," he called up a commanding tone and inquired his servant, "Do you remember when we went to that church two weeks ago?"

Why is he asking me this? Sebastian blinked, a tad confused, before answering: "Of course, bocchan."

"Yes well, you know how you went into that hut with the woman to get information out of her?"

Sebastian was utterly confused as to where his young master is going. "Yes.."

"Teach me the interrogation technique you used on her."

Now utterly befuddled, Sebastian thought about what the blue-haired boy could possibly be pertaining too. All he did was screw the woman and deny her release until she gave up the information…oh.

Nah. Not possible. Sebastian willed the quite pleasant images away. There is no way Ciel could be talking about that.

"Pardon me, bocchan…could you specify what exactly you are looking for?"

"You know!" Ciel was getting frustrated because of the failure in communication now. "That technique that made her go all moany and loud."

Sebastian was amazed. Ciel, although unknown to him, wanted to learn about sex. Possibilities raced through his mind and he couldn't stop the astonished smile from spreading across his face.

Ciel found this very irritating. "Stop smiling demon." The smile instantly disappeared and Sebastian admonished himself for letting this small slip occur.

He put on his best poker face, and inquired Ciel: "You mean, bocchan, that you want to learn about SEX?"


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