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Ciel frowned indignantly. Was Sebastian going to just leave him after riling him up like this?


"Yes bocchan?"

"…Finish what you started please." Ciel murmured, blushing fiercely.

Aww he's still so shy.

"As you wish." Pressing an open-mouthed kiss to Ciel's shoulder, the demon licked the area sealed by his lips once over before sucking lightly, before releasing it with a small "pop". Leaning back slightly, Sebastian reached out and grabbed the bottle of olive oil from the edge of the bathtub.

Pouring some onto the palm of his hands, the butler reached for his member, but changed his mind at the last second. His lips curved as the idea took root. His hands went to Ciel's cock instead, and gripped it, slicking the oil over the organ. He thumbed the tip, mixing the oil with the pre-cum oozing from it. Feeling it twitch responsively under his skillful hands, he gave the organ a few firm tugs before abruptly stopping, just holding his hand there.

Ciel groaned audibly as the sensual ministrations came to a screeching halt. Why did Sebastian like to tease him so much? Every time the foreplay seemed to get more intense and ended with him a puddle of goo. Nevertheless, it was too late to stop now. He already begged for it, so what more is there to lose?

Boldly, Ciel reached down to his own crotch as well, and placed his hand over Sebastian's oil-slicked one. Guiding it, he started the rhythm afresh, moving Sebastian's hand up and down. Timing his own hips to the movements, he thrust up uncaringly as he pulled Sebastian's hand down. He cried out wantonly, face flushed as he desperately tried to get off. His eyes squeezed shut, focusing on the sensation and texture of Sebastian's hand, which is being used as some sort of sex toy at the moment. The water rippled, one wave barely hitting the side before another rose to take its place.

Sebastian was very amused by Ciel's antics. He had expected this to some extent, but seeing it actually play out in front of him was unbearably arousing. Still, he will hold back for now. Ciel will be begging some more soon enough. With the oil on his hand, there won't be enough friction for Ciel to get what he wants. The man congratulated himself silently inside on his own genius, designating himself a reward, which was, of course, Ciel, who is currently masturbating with the said man's hand. Loosening his grip just a tiny bit, the black-haired demon waited patiently for Ciel to realise his situation.

It didn't take long. Ciel quickly found out the friction was nowhere near enough, and tried futilely to force Sebastian's hand closed, but Sebastian easily nullified the boy's efforts by tensing his hand. Irritated yet needy, the blue-haired boy whined softly turning his head and shooting pleading looks towards his butler. He pouted slightly upon seeing the butler's clearly happy expression.

"Sebastian…" Ciel began, a mixture of frustration and exasperation lacing his voice.

"Yes, Ciel? What can I do to help you today?" Sebastian's voice was sickening pleasant even to his own ears.

"Either grip harder so I get a handjob or fuck me up the ass into the water. The second option would be nice." Ciel stated blandly, using his recently acquired vocabulary to its maximum extent.

"Ciel, what you said just now ranks a 0 on the sexiness scale."

"Okay. Lemme rephrase that. Either grip harder so I get a handjob or fuck me up the ass into the water, the second option would be nice, AND THAT'S AN ORDER. Better?" Ciel responded, sticking his bottom lip out childishly.

"Master." Sebastian removed his hand and started reapplying oil onto it.


"Call me master and I'll do what you want." Using one hand to push Ciel slightly forward to gain space, Sebastian's other hand went down to his own cock and he started stroking it leisurely, Deeming it sufficiently coated, his finger went to Ciel's ass.

Feeling the pressure against his hole, Ciel moaned responsively. Sebastian pressed his finger in to the first knuckle, barely past the sphincter, before stopping.

"Don't stop now!"

"Master." Sebastian's voice, husky and insistent, blew into Ciel's ear, causing goosebumps to appear on Ciel's arms.

"M-m.." Ciel started, before regaining his senses for a second. "HELL NO."

Sebastian pushed his entire finger in and out once, before slumping his shoulders "disappointedly" and retracting his finger completely. "It's not like we're violating the contract, it's just something called roleplaying…you have clearly not learned anything from Meyrin's books. I declare this lesson a fail-"

Ciel knows he won't be able to concentrate on work if he didn't get his release. And it's just "roleplaying"! No problem. Who was he? He was Ciel Phantomhive.

"M-maa-master…." Ciel mumbled.

"Yes, my love slave?" Sebastian replied cheekily.

"I want it…"

"What is that 'it" you're referring to?"

"I want…your cock up my ass…" Ciel finished, his face so red steam can practically be seen rising from it.

A short silence followed, before Sebastian spoke: "Stand up."

Ciel complied with a little bit of flailing and slipping. Sebastian followed Ciel with effortless grace, irritating Ciel just a bit in the process.

Sebastian rather abruptly pushed Ciel against the wall. One arm around the boy's waist and pressing as much of his body as he can against Ciel, he reached down again, and thrust two fingers up into his ass.

"A..ahhh.." Responding moans inflamed Sebastian more, and he inserted one more finger, stretching Ciel. Throaty groans ripped itself out of Ciel's throat as nerves came alive and pleasure wracked his body.

" with the foreplay alrea..ooooh..dy!" Ciel managed to get the sentence out after much effort.

"As you wish." Sebastian was at his limit as well. Positioning his cock, he penetrated the boy in one smooth thrust.

"Mmh…" Ciel bit down on his lip and endured the pressure and the slight hints of pain, despite the oil making the move easier, it was still quite tough.

Sebastian waited Ciel to relax around him before beginning a rough rhythm. Ciel responded eagerly, meeting his lover thrust for thrust, crying out uncaringly. Their mixed moans echoed around the bathroom, elevating the experience.

"M..ooohh..moree.." Ciel whined, slamming back onto Sebastian. It wasn't enough. There's still too much space between their bodies, too little friction. Garbled moans spilled from his lips as he desperately sought completion. Sebastian's hand went down to Ciel's cock and grabbed it again roughly, rubbing it without mercy.

"Come, Ciel." With these two whispered words and a hard thrust aimed right at the boy's prostate, Ciel came with a small scream and convulsed around Sebastian, who came soon after. With the endorphins rushing through his blood, Ciel slumped a little in Sebastian's embrace, tired out. Sebastian, however, lifted his hand, coated with Ciel's cum, and licked it sexily. He held Ciel up, turned him around, and kissed him sensually, his tongue transferring the taste of Ciel's cum back to its owner.

Ciel ended the kiss and pulled a face: "I taste funny."

"Really? I think you taste really good. Tainted but so innocent, just like your soul." Sebastian smirked and licked his lips to prove that fact.

Ciel sighed resignedly, his sharp tongue gone as he soaked in the afterglow: "One day, I swear, I am going to tie you up and return your teasing tenfold…"

Sebastian's cock twitched at the thought of Ciel taking control. How lovely a picture it would make to see Ciel above him, slamming himself down on Sebastian over and over again, throwing his head back as he cried out his orgasm?

"That'd be a wonderful sight…" The butler murmured, almost to himself.

"What?" Ciel's mouth dropped a little, so surprised he was at Sebastian's reaction. "You..s-sicko!" Ciel exhaled disbelievingly.

Sebastian's face convulsed slightly. Although he wasn't really offended, the man clenched his hand around Ciel's cock warningly. "I prefer to be called open, thank you very much. And should I remind you of how this sicko was just fucking you into the water moments before?"

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