As each chapter is entirely standalone, feel free to start wherever you like. But because the stories differ so much from chapter to chapter, the list below contains a summary of each individual chapter/oneshot. No warnings, except for some gore, angst and some sultry situations.

Ch.1. INDEX! You are here. What flavour of apocalypse would you like to read?

Ch.2. "Hold Me Now": RUMBLE! A global cataclysm takes the world by tremors and storms.

Ch.3. "One Day, Robots Will Cry": ROBOTS! Set on the moon during a nuclear fallout in which Neji is an android and Tenten is his mechanic.

Ch.4. "When the World is Closing in": WAVES! As a wall of water looms over the horizon, Neji and Tenten do their best not to drown.

Ch.5. "Morning Tide": SWEAT! A lonely amnesiac wakes in his own puddle of sweat and attempts to recover the springtime of his youth.

Ch.6. "At the Beginning": BRAINS! Zombies, ahoy! Team Gai kick putrified butt as the world becomes overrun with the living dead.

Ch.7. "Soft & Warm": PEAK! Oil prices skyrocket, and Neji and Tenten strike up a romance in the abysmal economic depression that follows.

Ch.8. "Tears below the Freezing Point": SHIVER! Hell freezes over, but it's time to greet the sun.

Ch.9. "Make Room, Make Room!": BABIES! Homo sapiens en masse. This does not bode well for Neji's pregnant cousin.