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Ch 29


Who was this guy, this Demetri? Why did he have to have such a fancy name anyway? I made my way closer to Monica, all the while watching Demetri talk to my Bella. Of all people, she should be able to give me some dirt on him.

"Edward, why the worried face? All the troops are assembled and the plan of attack is about to be unveiled!" She made a grand flourish with her right hand… which just so happened to have a large piece of orange chicken skewered on one chop-stick. Monica smirked at me and bit the chicken off like a savage, smiling the whole time. Her confidence in the plan we all had yet to hear about was reassuring but I had no idea that such confidence would transform her… into a dork. I choked on my spit trying not to laugh out loud.

"No, Monica, I trust you guys. Especially you… warrior princess. But that's not what's on my mind." She rolled her eyes and put her plate down on a side-table as she finished chewing the enormous piece of chicken she had just stuffed into her mouth.

"Ok, what is it?" She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked me straight in the eye, giving me her full attention.

"Demetri." I thought that would be enough.

"Demetri?" Apparently not. I motioned over my shoulder at him charming my bride-to-be.

"Yes, Demetri. What's his deal? And why is he so… so… he's the muscle? He looks too well ironed to be the muscle. Is he serious? And why is he so close to Bella?" She giggled at me as she gripped my bicep. Shit, she was strong. Must be all that work with knives.

"Edward, you've got him all wrong. Demetri is the muscle and he's a good man. And as far as Bella is concerned, he's not like that." Oh. Ooooh, I get it. "No, he's not homosexual. What is it with you Americans and labels? He's and honorable man and definitely straight. But it's not in his nature to make advances on a woman who is spoken for. He knows your situation and that is the only reason he agreed to make an appearance tonight. He doesn't want your first line of defense to be faceless." Oh. Well, now I feel like an ass. But my attention was now back on the two of them.

"Alright. But why is he all up in her business like that? In America, that's hitting on someone. He should know that." She looked at me like an idiot child.

"Maybe that's America's problem? No, I'm only joking. He's a good man. That's all you need to know. Ok? Now get over there and mark your territory or whatever it is you do to make yourself feel better. Just don't pee on Bella's shoes." She walked away from me shaking her head and giggling. I guess I was overreacting. Give Demetri a chance. He's going to be the one saving your ass, after all. Alright, alright. But I was going to keep an eye on him anyway.

I walked over to Bella and Demetri and heard both of them singing my praises. Put one more notch in the "ass" column, dick! Sigh. Sliding my hand over the small of her back and onto her hip, she melted into me and I felt whole again. Demetri was called away by Felix to get the meeting started and, almost immediately, Bella kissed me. And I mean kissed me! I was surprised because not only were there people around, but her own father was in the same room. Her hand not holding her plate slid down my back to my ass as she squeezed it. Holy hell. I was willing to forget the audience we had too if she kept going at this rate. But she broke the kiss and made to join the rest of the guests for the meeting. It took a few seconds for my legs to work, to be honest. I don't think I'd ever get bored with Bella. If just a kiss from her did this to me, then I believe she'll have me running on all cylinders well into my eighties.

Felix and Demetri took their places sitting casually in the corner of the room by the fireplace. The rest of us were loosely assembled, some still snacking, and Brian was checking his latest messages from some on-line dating site. Those poor women. Felix spoke first.

"First, I want to thank everyone for coming together on such short notice, and thank you to Edward and Bella for having us in your home." I liked the sound of that. Our home. Focus, ass.

"With the combined efforts of Demetri and I here in the northwest, Chief Swan in Forks along with his contacts in the surrounding areas and in Phoenix, and Monica with her intel… we have gathered quite a few leads, many of which have been very useful." There was a general sigh of relief throughout the gathering but everyone still appeared cautious. We all were used to the rug being pulled out from under us.

"Aro Zemka, aka Aro Seminov." Just by Felix saying that name, both Paul and Carlisle looked as if someone had shot their puppy and then held their heads in their hands as they shook them in disbelief. I had no idea who this guy was or why just his name had the Kaiser Souze effect on Paul and my father. But it didn't look good.

"For those of you who don't know, Aro Zemka is a Russian national with strong ties to the Russian mob. He is, or rather, was father of Alec Seminov who died in the car crash involving my parents and Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Cullen. Alec Seminov was married to Victoria Lane, James is their one and only child. Zemka has been allowed to stay in the country and continue his illegal activities by certain FBI officials because of significant kick-backs they were receiving as a result of Zemka's said illegal activities. That's why his trail always went cold after a certain point. He was being protected by the United States government." This made me feel dirty. Generally unwell and dirty. The things that people do because of greed. It's disgusting. And innocent people get to pay for it. Monica joined in.

"We got the information we have now because the government officials in question couldn't hide Zemka's actions anymore after all the murders associated with James and Victoria's holding. It was too messy and shit was raised by a certain deputy that further investigation should be pursued after the murders. Apparently, he stuck a thorn up the right person's ass and those FBI agents are now on permanent leaves of absence. With full pay and benefits. Can't win them all, I guess. But I think we all owe a big thank you to Brian here. He didn't want to run the risk of associating the name Swan with that business up north." Everyone swung their heads around to stare in shock at Brian who looked incredibly proud of himself. I guess Charlie was right. He might come across as a waste of space but he's a damn good police officer. Monica signaled to Demetri to step in.

"With the FBI's protection gone, we were able to take stock of the structure of Zemka's strength. And it is definitely old world – meaning it's extensive, brutal, and they play dirty. We definitely have our work cut out for us with this one. The good news is, though, that we tracked down James and Victoria. But we need them active. We know exactly where they are at all times so they aren't a threat to us in that way anymore. But just know that if there is the slightest hint of an attempt directed at Edward or Bella, they'll be taken into custody. We haven't been so lucky with Zemka. But I'm confident we'll catch a hole somewhere. James and Victoria are being maneuvered and protected by Zemka so a link will present itself sooner or later. Now it's a matter of time and patience. Once we do make our way inside his world, we can find out for sure the exact connection between everyone involved and the purpose of this long-standing torture." Demetri returned to sitting at the edge of the fireplace as everyone in the room sat in relative silence attempting to absorb all the information that had just been presented. I, for one, was still in disbelief that we were involved in such a ridiculous plot! It seemed so unreal. Like out of a movie. But here we were stuck in the middle of it. Was it wrong of me to want to just take off with Bella and wish everyone else good luck? Probably. Damn it. He continued.

"So surveillance and the protection detail will remain the same even though we know what to look for. And everyone will be kept up to date through Monica whenever we learn something new or something changes. Please, no cell phone use, e-mail… nothing electronic or traceable, obviously. Residences and vehicles will be swept daily for bugs." Demetri, Felix, and Monica appeared satisfied with their presentation and looked out at the rest of us expectantly. None of us said a word. Finally Monica spoke with her soothing tone.

"Are there any questions?" Still, not a word. She paused for a few seconds and then continued slowly.

"Ok, well, if there aren't any questions, I think we're finished. Again, all updates and possible questions of yours will come to and from me… Is there any more chicken?" All this drama and Monica still had an appetite? Wow. Everyone dispersed slowly, talking amongst themselves, and returning to the food to graze on the left-overs. I knew I would not be able to eat in the near future. But I was relieved that we at least had a plan. We weren't flying blind anymore. The more I thought about it like that, the more calm I became. It was a slow transition, but a transition in the right direction. I scanned the room to find Bella talking to Charlie and she looked more at peace, almost as calm as she was during our trip to Mendocino. That itself cheered me up immensely. This whole drama has shown me that my happiness is almost directly related to hers. And the look on her face at this moment warmed me on the inside. She walked toward me and took a seat sitting side-ways on my lap, her hand gently rubbing my shoulders and neck where I carry most of my stress. She knew me so well.

"So what do you think, Edward? Good news, right?" I was relieved to hear her sounding so positive. I held her close to me but still respectfully considering we had an audience which included her father. The longer she remained on my lap, the harder that was becoming. Literally.

"Any news is definitely better than no news at all. But, yeah, there's a plan. And that's good. That makes me feel better. How about you? How are you feeling about this?" She held my eyes with hers as she ran her fingers through my hair, the awareness of others being nearby was slowly vanishing, and she was slowly lulling me into a trance. A Bella trance. The best kind.

"I'm feeling much better about everything. We're on a level playing field now and I have faith in who's behind us now more than ever. Don't you? I feel like… I can focus on other things now." She was determined to make the rest of this day difficult, I could just tell. Who knew how long everyone would stick around?

"Bella, yawn." She looked at me confused and searched around the room for something that might match what I was talking about.

"Huh?" C'mon, Bella. Work with me.

"Yawn. Yawn a lot. Act tired. Don't overdo it, but… how fast do you think we can get everyone out of here?" The look in her eyes darkened quickly as she dug her fingernails into my back and clutched my shirt into her fist. Hot damn. How about you just demand that people leave? That'll work. Just then she stretched and stifled a yawn as she stood from my lap, flashing a tired look at everyone. Surprisingly, Demetri picked up on it first, grinning slightly at me. He spoke a little louder than necessary at Felix and Monica.

"Guys, I'm going to head out. I have some catching up I need to do with my guys and I think these two could use some rest. I'll be in touch later tonight." He walked over toward me and I stood to shake his hand. Damn, he was good. "Get some rest, Edward. It was nice to meet you and congratulations again. If you need anything, Monica can get in touch with me. Stay safe." He shook my hand and smiled genuinely. Ok, fine, I liked the guy. Whatever.

Slowly people started to file out, the last remaining were Felix, Monica, Charlie, and Brian. Charlie and I helped Bella clear up the rest of the food, Felix and Monica gathered the information they had brought with them for our discussion, and Brian was glued to the TV watching a Giants game. Soon, only Charlie remained trying to pry Brian off the couch. Unbelievable. He was standing in the way of me and my Bella. Growl.

Finally they all had left and we both stood at the open front door waiting for the last car light to disappear. We knew we were never really alone now, especially with these glass walls, but I really didn't care about that now. It didn't seem that Bella did either. It made us into exhibitionists in some way, and I know that we both got off on it. The thing about tonight was that I had a huge amount of adrenaline coursing through my system because of all the details we talked about tonight. I wasn't feeling soft and cuddly. The trick was to now get a sense for how Bella was feeling because there was no way I would impose that on her if she wasn't up for it.

Bella walked into the kitchen for a glass of water and I followed behind her. She dropped a piece of ice on the floor and bent down at her waist to pick it up displaying her bottom to me, I almost fainted. I couldn't stop myself as I stepped close to her and ran my hands over her hips, holding her bottom against me. She gasped in surprise but didn't pull away from me. On the contrary! She pushed back into me and swiveled her hips slightly. I let one hand trail around her stomach to encourage her to straighten up and she did so slowly letting her hair fall over one shoulder. With one hand pressing her hips against me, my other hand slid across her chest just above her breasts securing her so she couldn't move as I inhaled her scent deeply into my lungs. How did she manage to smell so good all the time? And it was that warm woody smell. I seriously had to find out what that was because I wanted to soak everything in our house in it. Her breathing came deeper now, faster, and I could feel her heart beat against my chest. I allowed my hand to venture over her center and between her legs firmly but not roughly, she rolled her hips to give me more access to her and whimpered as she let her head fall to one side and into my chest. I whispered into her ear.

"My love… I need you. So badly… please…" Bella's legs weakened noticeably as she nodded her head. She was becoming so warm in my hands, against my body. I knew it wasn't just me. Her hands stroked my arms that held her in place and continued to swivel her hips against my cock and then into my hand, her breasts slowly heaving as her breaths deepened. It was the arch in her back that was sending me over the edge. The lines of her body were so graceful. I turned her to face me and her eyes were definitely heavy with something more than just desire. Crap, that was a look I never wanted to forget. Her delicate fingers took a strong hold of the belt loops of my jeans and pulled herself roughly against me as her eyes were trained on the buttons of my shirt. But my eyes were trained on those lips. Fuck me, those lips. My hands gripped her jaw and steadied her as my lips crashed into hers. She met me with as much intensity and force as I put out, at times initiating the nibbling and sucking. Her fingers worked swiftly at the buttons of my shirt and my pants buckle and button fly before trailing her lips down my chest, nibbling and licking as she went, finally settling on my nipple. Damn, I loved that. The sensation of Bella's teeth grazing across my nipples was like nothing else. I don't know why. Ours serve no function other than decoration, but mine were sensitive and she knew just what to do. She kicked off her heels as I worked furiously on peeling the jeans off her glorious body. Once off, I lifted her quickly onto the granite counter top and she hissed at the coolness of it. But that just made her attack my lips more. God, I loved when Bella shifted into over-drive like this. I don't know where she summoned up the extra strength but it was like she became a super hero. A sexy as hell super hero. I grabbed her thighs one by one and wrapped them around my waist as we both moaned at the contact. She pulled her loose fitting sweater over her head swiftly revealing my favorite bra and panty set. I know it's weird of me to notice something like that, but I loved the way she looked in navy blue. And the sheerness of the lace, the little pink roses embroidered along the seams…


The Russian mob. Really? Really guys? So you're telling me this is all stemming from the fucking Russian mob? Ok, my brain needs a break. I wouldn't have believed it had my father not been present and participated in gathering the evidence that had just been shared.

"Dad, are they serious about this? It seems so ridiculous!" He gave me that Dad look that said, Bells, stop acting like a child. I'm doing what's best for you. Fine, I get it. But I still thought it was stupid. My inner child stuck my tongue out at him and stomped her foot in indignation.

"This is real, Bells. That accident really set this shit cart on fire. Zemka, or Seminov… whatever… he's like one of those guys that people have heard of but no one's actually seen. So to get this close to this guy is big. Really big. I just wish you didn't have to be involved in it. Like I said, though, we can track them. Every move they make, we're on them. We just can't let Zemka know it. Keep doing what you're doing. We'll take care of the rest." He nudged my chin with his thumb like he always did and then headed back to the generous spread of Chinese food.

Talking to Dad tended to calm me down and tonight wasn't any different. It's a mixed bag having a police officer as a parent. You worry about them, they worry about you, they're over-protective because they know what's out there. So when he told me to keep doing what I was doing and to let them handle the situation, I knew that's what I should do. With this kind of thing, Dad knew best. I spotted Edward sitting on the couch closest to the front door and I wanted to get a sense of how he took tonight's discussion. He looked worried at first but then visibly calmed when we looked at each other for a moment. I knew Edward was worried. He worried about things a lot. But I was going to try my hardest to calm him and let him know that we were in this together. We were a team and I would remind him of that if I needed to. At this very moment, however, he looked sexy as hell. Seriously, Bells? Now? Sex addict? That wasn't fair, internal monologue. He looked weary but there was something about the disheveled state of his clothes, his hair doing crazy things (thank goodness he got it cut recently, though, I hated floppy), that made him look comfortable. And I wanted to roll all over him.

I took a seat on his lap putting my arm around his shoulders and noticed they were just pure boulders! He was so tense! I started rubbing his shoulders and his neck and he started to visibly relax. The more we talked, however, I noticed that my sitting on his lap was having a delightful effect on him. Delicious. Running my fingers through his hair, I let him know that I was ready to concentrate on things other than this whole Russian mob drama. I wanted him in the worst way. And with all the anxiety and recent stress, I needed to relieve this tension. And slow wasn't gonna do it. So when he told me his plan to get everyone out of the house as soon as possible, I did the opening number from Fame in my head out of shear delight. It was on.

Everyone made it out, some requiring more encouragement than others, and I headed in the kitchen for a drink. All that Chinese food made me so thirsty! And, of course, I dropped some ice on the floor. Knowing how accident prone I can be, I bent over to pick it up not knowing Edward was behind me. I soon found out that he was, though. My mysterious lady parts started to throb the second I felt his hands holding me against his center. Oh thank goodness, that's what I've been missing. I loved when Edward and I were on the same page sexually. Nothing sucked worse than being with someone who you weren't completely comfortable and honest with in the bedroom (or outside of it, for that matter). And no matter how much you discussed it, nothing seemed to rectify matters. It wasn't like that with Edward and me. I could tell just by his touch how much he wanted me and how. I was the same way with him. So when he held me against him firmly and said that he needed me badly, I knew my body would be taking over tonight in a way that could only happen with complete trust and devoted love for him. Growl.

I ended up on the cold kitchen counter with Edward standing between my spread thighs and all I wanted was more contact. I wanted to feel as much of his skin against mine as possible but when I removed my sweater, Edward seemed lost in the sight of my bra. And don't think I didn't wear this one on purpose. Because I did. He loved this set. I'm not sure why, but he liked me in navy blue. And if it made him happy, I would replace every article of my clothing so that it was navy blue if he wanted. His fingers traced over the seams of the bra and then his hands took over to massage my breasts. Edward had amazing hands. If I could swing it, I'd want his hands on me all day. The people at work might start to get annoyed, but who cared about them? I sure as hell didn't. I reached behind my back, unclasped my bra throwing it behind me somewhere, and pulled him toward me to feel his skin against mine. Damn, he felt so good. His skin was so soft! My mind was racing and all I could think about clearly was more, more, more… Finally, I unwrapped my thighs from around Edward's waist, broke our smoldering kiss, and pushed him away as hard as possible. He shot me a confused and bewildered look and whimpered at me. Never taking my eyes from his, I hopped down from the counter and pushed him back into the refrigerator, pulling his face toward mine to crash my lips against his again. A low growl seeped from low in his chest and his fingers started to knead at my skin. I let my hand trail down his chest to his stomach and I could feel his abdominals clench involuntarily. Suddenly, I was feeling very talkative and very… naughty.

"You like that, Edward?" He sighed into our kiss and nodded slightly. "Hmm? You want me to keep going? I can't… hear you…" He whimpered this time, gripping the back of my neck with his hand, pulling my hair slightly. I continued my trek south and traced my fingernails over his inner thighs, my hands grazing either side of his cock. I got a small moan this time and I love it. I loved that I could do this to him, that I could make him feel this way.

"You want more… my love?" He nodded furiously this time, still with a vice grip on my neck and his other hand massaging my breast and teasing my nipple relentlessly.

"Please, Bella. I need you, please!" And I gave him what he wanted. As I slid my hot hand over his cock, gripping it starting to slowly stroke it, he groaned loudly and let his head fall back, hitting the fridge rather hard. But it didn't seem to phase him. He was pressing his hips forward, begging for more contact and more force. More intensity. The thing was, I wanted the exact same thing. I sank to my knees as I held him firmly against the fridge with one hand and continued to stroke him with the other. He took in a long sharp hiss through gritted teeth when I let my tongue glide over his balls, trail up the under-side of his cock, slowly encircle the tip and suck on it gently. I loved this. I loved hearing the sounds he made when I took control like this and I loved how his cock felt inside my mouth – how it twitched, oozed – mmm, loved it. With each dip, I took more of him into my mouth sucking off hard like he liked. Finally, I took as much of him into my mouth as possible, feeling the tip of his cock pressed against the back of my throat. At this, he growled loudly and slammed his hand into the fridge door. I looked up at him and smirked the best I could with my mouth full. He pleaded at me as I hummed in pride.

"Bella, fuck sake! Like that… just like… fuuuuck…" Gripping his ass and encouraging him to thrust into my mouth, he did gently at first but then slightly harder as I insisted. When I noticed his eyelids fluttering shut, I knew he was close so I sucked hard as I popped his cock out of my mouth. He looked at me like I was insane as I stood up trailing my breasts up his body as I went but attacked my lips the instant I got close enough. Damn, it turned me on to no end when he kissed me like that – his tongue sliding deep into my mouth, his lips sucking on mine, and his hands holding me close and pulling my hair – he drove me crazy. As his kiss trailed to my jaw and neck, I spoke into his ear.

"Hmm, I think I want more of you, Edward." He hummed in agreement as he pulled me harder still against him, rocking his hips against me. I pushed myself away and looked him in the eyes. All I had to say was one word.

"Bedroom." I turned and walked out of the kitchen and toward the hall, trying to look as calm as possible. I heard him stalk behind me and then, before I knew it, I was in the air. He had me over his shoulder caveman style with me squealing and giggling all the way, finally letting me down and holding me firmly against the glass wall that faced the back woods. So much for me taking control of this situation… ah well. Honestly, I didn't care. Having Edward frenzied like this was a mind blowing experience in and of itself. His hand slid between my legs and massaged me as he sucked hard at the skin on my neck. He breathed heavily into my ear.

"You want more of me, Isabella?" Oh my, he called me Isabella. He'd never called me that before other than when he proposed. This was new. I wondered with excitement where this was going.

"Yes… yes, Edward… I… want… more…" He broke away from the skin of my neck and brought his face close to mine, looking in my eyes, I could feel his breath on me. He kissed me gently before he whispered into my mouth.

"Are you sure, Isabella?" Uh oh. I think so? Yes, I know so. I know so. I trusted Edward. So I nodded. A slight smile hinted at the corner of his mouth before he dropped to his knees so quickly, it stunned me. The next thing I knew, he had a firm grip of my thigh, holding it against the glass wall, and his mouth was plastered between my legs. My arms reached back instinctively but didn't have anything to hold on to, I took in a sharp gasp and small cry escaped my lungs against my will. His tongue worked my folds and entrance firmly, while his hand reached up to roll my nipple between his fingers. Holy hell, sensory overload!

"You are mine, Isabella. Say it." Yeah, that was a no-brainer.

"Yours, Edward. I'm yours…" Shit, there was no way anyone could match Edward in any way.

"So this," He took another slow lick of my pussy, "This is mine. Isn't it?" What was my name?

"Yes, Edward. It's yours." Oh my goodness. It was getting hard to keep myself standing at this point but, thankfully, he had a firm grip on me against this glass wall. I wondered what this looked like from the outside.

"So what you get from it is up to me." I had a feeling I knew where he was going with this. Shit.

"You will do what I tell you, no questioning," After saying this, though, he looked in my eyes to check for uncertainty but I hadn't any.

"And one more thing. You will not come until I tell you to. Understood?" I nodded enthusiastically at him. I couldn't wait to make him happy, to show him that I trusted him and that I was enjoying every second of it.

"You're a good little girl. Aren't you Isabella?" As he said this, his lips were back at my pussy and his tongue was stroking at me again. The force he was using to enter me with his tongue almost lifted me off the ground. Finally, he paid attention to my clit and I almost lost it. Both of my hands dove into his hair and I was sure my moans could be heard outside by the men guarding our house.

"Hands on the wall, little girl." Just when I thought I was officially going to burst into flames, he stopped. He stopped, released my leg, stood up bringing his face close to mine, and rubbing his cock against my stomach.

"I think I want more of you, Isabella Cullen." Ah, touché. He held my chin in his hand firmly and pointed his arm behind him as he spoke.

"Bed." Growl! I liked this. I liked this a lot. I crawled onto our bed and he was close behind me, taking hold of my legs and positioning me how he wanted. His gaze never left mine, always looking for a sign that I wasn't comfortable. But I didn't show him anything but encouragement. I loved to see him take over like this. I never thought I'd see the day, but I enjoyed being dominated sexually by a man. I was never comfortable enough with anyone to give up that control, but this was different. This was Edward. And not one second's worth of doubt crossed my mind. I welcomed this.


I almost cried when we both collapsed in utter exhaustion. Checking the clock, that was a six hour marathon and I felt so free. I didn't hold anything back and Bella went along with me every step of the way, sometimes pushing me farther than I had ever imagined going. This was it. This was the point when I realized that she knew everything about me. Absolutely everything. All my quirks and what I thought were deviant tendencies weren't strange at all to her. Well, let me rephrase. They weren't hard limits for her and she actually enjoyed them. All of them. I felt so fortunate to have fallen in love with someone who was so accepting of me. And someone who loved me with the same intensity as well. I say that in all honesty too because that little lady is a spark plug. And she loves me. She's agreed to be my wife. It still stunned me every time I thought about it. To have someone know everything about you and still love you and want to be with you? That's loving all the good things along with all your faults and weird parts. How can you not smile when that thought sinks into your heart? I guess I was physically smiling because she started to giggle as she wrapped herself around me more tightly, snuggling her face into my neck.

"What are you smiling at, Mr. Cullen?" Shit, where do I begin?

"Oh, everything, I guess. It just blows my mind every time I think about… this. Us. I can't imagine existing without you. Hell, I just plain wouldn't." She hummed in agreement and I could feel her smile form against my skin before she placed a small kiss on my chest.

"You won't ever have to try, Edward." I was lulled to sleep by her fingertips tracing patterns on my chest and her breath on my skin. It was blissful sleep. Until I woke up. My brain was still half-asleep when I saw Bella crawling over me and scrambling for one of my t-shirts and a pair of panties. What the fuck? She looked frazzled and the tone of her voice pulled me into reality quickly.

"Edward, wake up! A shit-load of guys are outside… guns, Demetri… my DAD! Get your ass out of bed!" I stumbled as I set my feet on the ground but saved myself before I ate it. Grabbing my jeans off the floor, I shuffled toward the front of the house but could see the commotion outside. A police cruiser with someone in the back seat started to pull away from the house and toward the front drive. As the car turned, I caught a glimpse into the window. James. Holy shit! How did… why… huh? I reached the front door only to find Brian restraining Bella who was still yelling and trying to launch herself at James even as he was being taken away in the police car. I don't know what she and Monica do when they hang out, but Bella is sure taking a turn for the kick-ass! Demetri was speaking quickly into his phone but motioned to me that he was almost finished with his conversation. He finally approached.

"Sorry this disturbed you, Edward, but we had no choice but to apprehend James. He entered our perimeter and, based on the contents of his shoulder bag," Demetri pointed to the contents which had been opened onto the trunk of another police cruiser. "It wouldn't have turned out well."

I stepped closer only to find duct tape, a Swiss Army knife, a straight razor, bungee cord, a cell phone, maps, kerosene oil, and a box of matches. Well fuck me. This definitely would not have ended well had we been alone.

"The good thing about this, though, is the cell phone. That's huge. It's only matter of time now. You might want to go talk to Bella. See if you can calm her down. She's got quite the temper!" I'm learning this, yes. Demetri stepped away to take another call as Charlie waved me over. Monica was here now and talking to Bella so I figured she could wait.

"Jesus, Charlie, what happened?" He looked amped up as well. The thrill of the catch? I had no clue but whatever.

"Well, the idiot got caught. Plain and simple. Not very bright, that one. Anyway, we're taking him in, processing him, and keeping him here for now. My guy in Phoenix is working with me on this so we can work this thing out with James still in Washington before he's shipped back to Arizona for skipping on his parole. But my guess is that word is going to get back to Zemka that James screwed up and the intensity of the hunt for you both is only going to escalate. We'll have to discuss it with Felix and Demetri, but I'm not sure you kids should stay here. Look, I have to get back to the station but I'll check back in with you both in a few hours." He walked over to kiss Bella goodbye. She looked a lot calmer, by the way, which I was thankful for. She didn't need any more stress.

I tracked down Felix who was discussing some sort of plans with Demetri in hushed voices. Whatever they were talking about, I wanted in on it.

"What's going on guys? What do we do now?" I hated being in the dark. Felix turned to me finally.

"You and Bella are coming to stay with me." This had to be bad. I'd known Felix since forever and I'd never been to his place. It was one of those I-could-show-you-but-then-I'd-have-to-kill-you things. And now Bella and I were going to be stored there. Again, this had to be bad.