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" Bella." He kissed my forehead, staying for a few seconds, let go...and left. And that was it.

I clutched at the air, trying to grab the only love of my life who was there a moment ago. The leaves blew away and floated in the air dramatically and I stared at them in pain. My sight was blurred, and the tears fell, rushing over my cheeks in a waterfall. I willed my legs to move, and somehow, they did. A sob wrenched from my chest, and I moved through the forest. Walking and walking-and finding nothing, going nowhere. I didn't notice when it got dark, and I didn't care. I kept on going, how my legs moved, I didn't know because my whole body was numb. I couldn't feel anything, just the utter pain that blew through my chest, making it feel like I was falling apart. His words kept going through my head like a recorder, utterly clear. " Bella. Bella. Bella." More tears came, and I sobbed, stopping. I dropped down onto the forest floor, losing any courage to find him that I had left in me, and just dropping.

I couldn't think, even breathe. It hurt to breathe. There I was, in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, when it started to rain. I cried even harder and harder, just wanting to die. To have never been born. "," I said through my teeth, again and again. My eyes were starting to feel droopy, moments later, sleep found me-and I welcomed it, just to keep the pain away.


" Bella." I moved forward, pressed my lips to her forehead. I closed my eyes, wrenched it tight, to remember this moment. Inhaling her sweet, sweet scent. My throat burst into flames, but I ignored it...and ran.

My eyes got blurry, but I knew the tears would never fall. A voice inside my head screamed at me, "GO BACK TO HER! NOW! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE HER? YOU PROMISED HER YOU'D STAY! YOU PROMISED HER!" "I can't hurt her!" I snarled through my teeth. The pain was bewildering, it seared through my chest, to the very ends of my fingers and toes. I felt like I was being torn apart, I stopped dead in my tracks, and fell-curling up into a ball on the floor...wherever I was. Bella's face kept coming into my head. How she looked just a while ago, her eyebrows mashed together, lips quivering, tears overflowing out of those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. I couldn't take it. I wanted to run back to her and hold her in my arms forever, never letting go. "Stop thinking about yourself, think about her! The danger you would cause! Look at her now, you broke her!" A voice rang through my head, and I agreed with it. Though I loved Bella, so much, that it swept me off my feet, her safety meant more to me. If anything bad happened to her, I would blame myself. And I simply cannot live without Bella in my world. The pain that moved through me reminded me of the situation I was in, and I cried out loud, "Bella..." That was all I said, again and again, for God knew how long. I didn't notice the time, or how dark it was. I simply didn't care. All I wanted was for me to somehow wake up and realize this was all a dream. But it isn't. I tried to stand up at one point, and my legs buckled, making me scream in pain. I couldn't do anything.

I didn't know what was happening, but wind rushed around me, and a voice spoke. I didn't care if I was in any danger at the time, I'm sure the physical pain from being hurt was nothing compared to what I was feeling now. I couldn't form a coherent thought, but it looked like he or she was speaking my name. I felt that person shaking me, and I came out of the water, finally hearing and noticing who that person was and what he or she was saying. "Edward!" cried Alice, shaking me gently. I tried to say something but all I heard was a jumbled mess. And then, she carried me and ran.

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