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"Please, get in the shower, please!" I pleaded.

"But I don't want to, there are spiders... huge spiders in the bathroom!" she answered.

"There aren't any spiders, I already checked. Please, Katy, I have a test to study for and you have to take a shower, if not, I won't make it to the School on time tomorrow!" this was the third day in a row that I had to plead Katy to take her shower. It's hard to make her understand, but I have to do it, she's like my daughter, and well, it's not like she has any other family than me… at least not anymore.

Her name is Katherine and she's my little sister, my little girl. I was an only daughter, until 5 years ago. Imagine my surprise when my mom told me she was pregnant! I was only 16 years old. I used to be the spoiled little girl, but when she was born, she became my whole world, and from that day, I decided I'd be everything she needed, a sister, a best friend, a mother…

A mother, that's what she needs the most, someone who cares for her, someone who talks to her, someone being here for her every step on the way, and someone who helps her how to make things right, although not even I can do some things right, but I try my best. For her.

"Belly?" a little voice brought me back to reality.

"Oh, yeah! What happened, Katy?" I tried to concentrate in the little person standing in front of me.

She giggled "didn't you hear me, belly? I want you to help me in the shower. Like when I was a baby. Please?" she pouted and I internally laughed, she's five years old and thinks about herself like a grown girl. I sighed, because it feels like yesterday when I was feeding her with a bottle of milk.

"Of course I'll help you Katy, now come on, let's get you cleaned up!" it doesn't matter how much longer it takes, I would never say no to her… okay, there're a few exceptions.

After the shower I tucked her in bed, and went to study until I slept all over my books, I think, because the next thing I remember is waking up to an annoying sound I recognized as my phone's alarm.

Ugh, I feel so tired… Thank God it's is Friday!

I got off my bed and went to shower, changed into my clothes for the day, woke my little girl up, changed her into her uniform and combed her hair. Then, we went to the kitchen, where I made breakfast for both of us.

"You doing pancakes belly?" she asked with a sleepy voice, absolutely not a morning person. Just like me.

"Yup, I pinky promised, didn't I?" I asked her and smiled. She really loves pancakes. Just like my mom did.

"Yay!" she said now excited and bouncing in the chair.

After breakfast, it was time to drop her at Ang's home.

Angela is a 25 years old, single mother with a wonderful six years old kid. Christopher Thomas, a.k.a. Tommy.

Angie is kind of Katy's baby sitter. Actually she's more than that. Katy likes to call her "auntie Angie". She's been here for us since we moved to Seattle, three years ago, I feel like she's my family. I wish she was.

Since I go to college at 8 am, and Tommy and Katy are in the same school, Angie leaves them at kindergarten at 9 o'clock and then, she takes care of them until I get home.

"Katy, please be good at school and with Auntie Angie, okay?" I said to my little girl. My sunshine.

"Yup Belly, I promise" she said and yawned, I kissed her goodbye and turned to look at Angela.

"Thank you so much Ang, for everything" I said to my best friend.

"Don't worry bells, it's my pleasure to take care of this little princess" she smiled and took Katy in her arms. I turned around and headed to my car, started the engine and drove to school where a psychology test was waiting for me. I chose the University of Washington because it was the nearest college from Forks, and at that time, my father got a new charge here in Seattle. No one ever thought that after that news, everything would change so suddenly.

I got to my biology class and to my surprise, and relief, anyone was talking about me, that's very strange because since I got to this college, everyone is always chatting about "the weird and lonely Isabella Swan"… I guess there's a new gossip.

Anyway, I couldn't care the less. I've never worried and I never will.

Then I lifted my head and found someone sitting next to my place, when he looked up, I met a pair of green eyes, the most beautiful color I've ever seen in my life.

This guy is really handsome, where did he come from? I don't know, I think he popped out of a Men's Health magazine because I don't remember seeing him around here before.

Earth to Bella! You're drooling!

"Are you sitting here?" he asked referring to the vacant seat next to him and giving me a little smile.

"Uh, y-yes, that's where I sit" I said, feeling like a stupid for not being able to speak properly and I began to feel my cheeks a little warm. Congratulations! Obvious like always Bella…

He gave a crocked smile and said "take the seat then", making space for me to pass by. "Nice to meet you, I'm Edward Cullen." Uh, I see. He should be new at school; I think he's the one everybody is talking about.

"I'm Bella, Bella Swan. Nice to meet you too" I said as confident as I could.

"Oh! So, you're Bella Swan, huh?" he said. Does he know me?

"Yes, that's what I said, did we know from somewhere?" I asked. This made me curious because I don't remember seeing this man ever.

"Oh no, no, I'm sorry, it's just…" he began but didn't finish the sentence because Mr. Whitlock began talking, I didn't even noticed he was in the classroom.

The class flew by and I didn't pay attention to anything, because of this man beside me. He made my curiosity grow, I never worried about what people say about me, but there's something about him that makes me want to know what's what he's been told. Nothing good I suppose, anyone knows me and probably, it was all lies.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Bella, but I have to go, we just moved here and there're lots of boxes waiting to be unpacked" he told me but it sounded more like an apology.

"Um, yeah, I guess I'll see you next class" I answered but my mind was not in the classroom anymore, it was miles away.

"Bye, Have a nice weekend" he smiled and turned to the door.

"Sure. You too" I mumbled but he was already gone.

I packed my things in my bag and headed to my psychology class, the test was not that complicated but I spent half of the class trying to concentrate. This distraction is sponsored by Edward Cullen ladies and gentlemen!

After finishing the test I went the parking lot and into my car, I drove home thinking about Edward all the way back, in fact I think I ignored like two or three stop signs, but thankfully I made it to home in one piece.

I entered home and Katy received me with a hug and a kiss "Belly you're home!"

"Yes I am, do you know what does that mean?" I said getting on my knees to be at her level.

"Cooking time!" she answered (actually screamed) with a huge smile. I wish I had her energy. I don't think there had ever existed a girl as hyper as Katy. And if there was, I definitely needed to ask her mother how she managed to keep up with her.

"All right young girl. Now go clean your hands, so you can help me to cook" I said and with that she ran to the sink.

"Well, it's time for me to leave" Angela said smiled with Tommy by her hand.

"You can stay if you want Angela, I can cook dinner for all of us" I tried to convince her to stay but as always, she had work to do.

"I wish I could but I have some mails to send and there are some things that need to be arranged at home" she answered.

"I'm sorry I have to distract you from your things Ang." I apologized

"There's no problem at all Bells, you know it. I try to help you as much as I can" she winked

"I know, thank you so much for it" I said and hugged her.

"Hey, stop tanking me and begin to cook, Katy should be starving" she laughed and went home, closing the door behind her.

Just as she said that, Katy's stomach growled and she told me she's hungry. I began to make some noodle soup, her favorite, and fried chicken, my favorite. That's it, fast and easy.

She helped me breading the chicken while I made everything else. After dinner we decided to watch a movie in my room, we picked Disney's 'up', our favorite. It's so funny and yet entertaining but I guess we were very tired because in about 30 minutes she was fast asleep and 10 minutes later, I think, I fell asleep.

As always happens, when your dream is in the most exciting part, you have to wake...

"Belly… Belly, wake up" I heard Katy say. I opened my eyes quickly and saw her bouncing beside me on the bed.

"What is it, Katy?" I asked with a raspy voice.

"I have to pee and it's very dark outside" she answered.

I got up and turned on the light of my room, she went to the bathroom and I went downstairs to turn on the doorway lights.

When I was back in my room, Katy was sitting in bed and was watching at me with a curious look in her face. I was expecting anything except the question she shot at me. "Who's Edward, Belly?" I looked at her with surprised eyes but changed it as quick as I could and tried to hide my emotions.

"Edward? Who told you about Edward, Katy?"

"You named him when you were sleeping" she smiled excitedly, "is he your boyfriend?" her questions made flutters in my stomach. My boyfriend… He's handsome I can't deny it, and looks like he's a nice guy, but I have priorities in my life.

"What? No! Course not Katy, I have no boyfriend" I tried to explain, but she didn't give up.

"But you said 'Edward… please, don't go'" she answered repeating the last part with a funny tone. I think she was trying to sound like me.

"No Katy, it was just a dream…" I sighed "it was a dream and you can't repeat it to anybody, okay?" I looked in her eyes.

"Okay" she said defeated.

After dinner and two hours of playing with her 'PLAY-DOH Magic Ice Cream Swirl Shoppe' we agreed going to the park the next day and buy some real ice cream.

Later that night I spent, I don't know how much time, thinking about how Edward made me feel, it wasn't something romantic. He looked nice and friendly, something inside my head told me I could trust him but I just don't know why. I just met him today, for crying out loud!

He made me see things different. He was now present in my thoughts and something about him made me wonder that maybe, not every new person is trying to change, hurt or judge me.

There's something in him I can't explain. Something I never knew I could feel… Until now.


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