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Just Another Ordinary Day

"Mwa ha ha ha!" Eggman chuckled, using the very cliché evil villain laugh. He was riding in another one of his egg ship inventions; I believe this one was called 'The Egg-streme egg carrier'. He continued to laugh malevolently as he crashed egg shaped missiles into the many skyscrapers, fast food restaurants and public toilets that cluttered the busy city of Station Square. "Surrender now or say good bye to your beloved city!" The civilians were running around screaming, not because of Eggman's latest threat, this threat was now made on a weekly basis, and frankly they were used to it. Eggman would laugh, destroy half the neighbourhood then Sonic would come and save the day. So really, they had no reason to panic, well, except for the fact that the exploding skyscrapers were dropping heavy debris which could easily smush a person into the ground.

An ad for MoonCorp insurance company flashed up on one of the city's many electronic billboards. "MoonCorp wishes to remind our valued customers that we do not cover damage from alien invasions, attempts at world domination, or destruction due to disagreements between our valued customers and staff. Thank you for investing in MoonCorp, have a nice day." All the civilians who had invested in MoonCorp stopped to think.

"And, after I conquer this city, I will be able to conquer the world! Mwa ha ha ha!" Eggman chortled. Yep, this was definitely an attempt at world domination, all of MoonCorps valued customers started to panic like Eggman was actually going to succeed this time.

"Always one for attention, eh Egghead?" Sonic appeared in a heroic stance on top of the highest skyscraper, the sun was shining behind him, exemplifying his pure awesomeness. Tails, Amy and Cream flew in on the X-tornado with Knuckles and Rouge riding on the wings.

"I still don't understand why I couldn't ride on the right wing! I believe the saying is 'ladies first'. I should have had first preference!" Rouge was in the middle of the constant quarrel that her and Knuckles had had on the way over. Amy was grinding her teeth in annoyance, trying extremely hard not to burst out of the hatch in the plane and beat them both with her hammer.

"Why do you want the right wing so much anyway you batty jewel thief?" Knuckles retaliated.

"Because the wind is blowing from the right side and all your echidna stink is irritating my delicate nose!"

"MY STINK? Have you smelt yourself lately? For such a 'delicate lady' you sure emit a pretty putrid pong!"

"ARGGGGHHHHH! TAKE THAT BACK!" Rouge lost all sense of dignity and pounced on Knuckles from the other side of the plane, causing the whole aircraft to rock violently in the sky. Rouge snapped so unexpectantly that Knuckles was taken off guard and could only yell insults at her as she collided with him in a full force tackle.

"THAT'S IT!" Amy finally lost it and torpedoed out of the hatch in the roof, hammer raised and fire in her eyes, "I'VE HAD TO LISTEN TO YOU TWO THE WHOLE WAY HERE! ENOUGH! RAWR!"

"AMY!" Tails screeched, while desperately trying to regain control of the X-Tornado as it dangerously rocked from side to side in the sky"

Sonic and Eggman did not seem to notice the whole calamity; otherwise they were ignoring it, and continued to make snide remarks, and insults towards one another. "Aggh! Why does that brainless hedgehog always show up when I've almost taken over the town?" Eggman thrashed his fists down onto his control panel in frustration.

"Because if I came any earlier it would ruin the suspense!" Sonic smirked as he sped off to ensure Eggman's attempt at world domination remained an attempt and nothing more.

Eggman twiddled his moustache and grinned evilly. "I bet you where not expecting this hedgehog! Shadow! Destroy him" A black and red hedgehog emerged silently from the darkness where he had previously remained unnoticed.

"The more the merrier!" Sonic joked, "Now let's get this party started!" Although, Shadow was already one step ahead of him, and without a word he was charging at Sonic with a chaos spear in hand. Sonic dashed out of the way just in time and the chaos spear exploded half the neighbourhood. A few of MoonCorp's valued customers saw this and started crying.

While Sonic continued the epic skirmish with his dark look alike, the X-tornado had somehow managed to straighten up its flight path. The gang jumped off and got ready to fight. Eggman deployed an army of robots with goggles and moustaches, which he had so graciously named 'Eggbots'. The battle had begun. It looked to be a tough fight, but as always, everything was going to plan for the Sonic crew. The robots where depleting by the second with Knuckles smashing them, Tails shooting them, Amy hitting them, Rouge flirting with them, Knuckles angrily smashing the ones Rouge flirted with, and Cream doing degrading cheers which lowered the robots self-esteem and made them self-conscious.

"What are you doing E-13-620? Get back out there and FIGHT!" Eggman ordered.

"Is it true that these thrust compactors make me look fat? Because that's what that rabbit said!" The robot wailed in a monotone voice. Eggman sighed; he really needed to stop putting it those personality chips.

"The jokes up Eggman, so just give in while your moustache is still intact!" Sonic grinned as he stood on top of the large pile of destroyed robots, which was now so high it extended to the level of Eggman's flying ship. Shadow had chaos controlled onto the deck of the aircraft, obviously in defeat but showing no signs of admitting that fact.

"You think you've got me this time hedgehog, but I've still got one more trick up my sleeve!" Eggman sniggered, and then literally pulled out of his sleeve, the tiniest, little gun which would be no bigger than the palm of your hand.

"Awwwwwww! It's so cute!" Amy clasped her hands together and continued to coo at the miniature gun.

"It's not cute! This weapon is my greatest invention yet! Even I'm impressed with my own genius!" Eggman pouted. "It's called the Personality and Power, Wish for it Egg Gun! Or 'P.P.W.E. gun' for short. And it is INCREDIBLY evil! By no means...cute." Eggman raised his 'masterpiece' to the sky while holding a dramatic stance.

Everyone just stared and then cracked up laughing! "Ooooh! HAHAHA! Eggman's got a little 'Pee Pee Wee Gun' AHAHAHAHA! I'm s-so HAHAHA scared! Aha aha AHAHAHAHAHA!" Sonic started to roll around the ground in hysterics.

Tails was the second to actually recover enough from his laughing fit enough to talk. "Ahehehehe! What's it going to do? Cuteify us? HAHAHAhehe!" At this all the civilians stopped panicking and started to laugh.

"If that's what you WISH tails!" The egg shaped scientist growled, quite annoyed that his 'masterpiece' was not getting the respect it deserved.

"I'm not wishing! I'm just saying!...AHAHAHAHAHA!" The fox cub was now in tears.

"If that's what you SAY! This gun will turn you against yourself!" Eggman readied himself in a fighting stance and squished his large sausage shaped finger into the small gun's trigger space.

"Ooooh!-ooohohoho!...I guess I'd better stop him, hehehe!" Sonic then did a spin dash right at the world ruler wannabe and knocked the gun which was in the process of firing into the air. Eggman was blasted away into the distance, all the civilians cheered and rushed away to change their insurance company, and the gun...covered all the Sonic crew and Shadow in fairy dust.

"What? That's it? A few glitter sparkles? Hehehe...that gun was cuter than I thought!" Amy giggled and started to play with the glittery substance now covering her.

"I'm not sure if we should be touching this. It could be laden with toxins which could interrupt our molecular structure at an atomic level!" Tails cautioned, hurriedly brushing the sparkles off him.

"Um...Can you dumb yourself down for us?" Sonic said while throwing some sparkles at Amy.

"It could be dangerous"

"I doubt it!" Sonic laughed and carelessly chucked some sparkles over his shoulder.

"Whaa-haaa-haaaa!" Cream wailed, "You got some sparkles in my eye!"

"Oh, erm, sorry Cream." The blue hedgehog quickly apologised.

Shadow grunted in frustration, "Oh, toughen up!"


"Now look what you've done Shadow! Can you at least TRY to be a little more sensitive?" Amy growled in extreme annoyance and started to raise her hammer.

"Whoa Amy! Just chill!" Sonic said, stopping her just as she was about to swing. Amy could get a little carried away sometimes; taking her anger out on Eggman was one thing but 'the ultimate life form'...that could not end well.


"Amypleasecalmdown!" Sonic blurted out, trying to stop her rampage.

"Slow down Sonic! Jeesh! I can't understand a word you're saying!" the pink hedgehog grumbled.

Shadow continue to look bored; "Don't think this is over faker!" He then Chaos controlled away.

"Weird, Amy is ACTUALLY angry at sonic" Knuckles stopped to observe the scene currently unfolding.

"Yeah, doesn't happen often, but I can guarantee it won't last more than a few minutes and it'll finish with a soppy 'I love you' from Amy. Then she'll start chasing Sonic around as usual" Rouge replied.

"Ha! By the sounds of it you're almost as annoying as her!" Knuckles chuckled unaware that Rouge found his comment highly offensive.

"Oh really! I'm like Amy am I? So you think I chase you around like a creepy stalker? DO YOU? Well at least I'm not weak like you! You took on the robots I'd already distracted! Talk about easy pickings!" Rouge huffed.

"WEAK? I'll have you know that wasn't the reason I attacked those robots! AND...why would you chase me around?" Knuckles questioned, as usual, he was very confused.

"I WOULDN'T BECAUSE YOU AIN'T WORTH THE TROUBLE!" Rouge practically screamed.

"...good!" The red guardian replied, unsure of what to say back to that comment.

"Oh no! Eggman said his gun would turn us against each other! Everyone back to my workshop! I have to have a full analysis of this!" Tails worriedly spoke, being careful not to use any 'big words'.

"Oh he's right sonniku! How could I have yelled at you! I LOVE YOU!" Amy screamed dramatically.

Sonic quietly started to sneak away, "I'll...Uh...meet you there Tails! BYE AMY!" He then sprinted off at sonic speed.

"Wait for me Sonic!" His pink lover sped after him.

"But you can't go! I have to analyse what effects this 'fairy dust' could have had on you! Everyone's acting weird!" Tails said with panic in his voice.

Rouge raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about? We always act like this."

The young fox sighed, "Well I guess I'll meet you guys back at my workshop. Get there quickly because who knows what horrors Eggman could have had sealed inside his gun which have now infected us!"

Knuckles poised to think, "...Maybe he had a fairy in that gun?" thinking was thankfully something Knuckles did not do often.

Rouge just looked at him with disbelief, "You're such an idiot!"

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