Day 1

3:15pm (according to my watch)

Something strange has happened, I don't know where I am. I don't know how I got here. I don't know what happened. There's something weird about this place-something not right. There's been no sign of any pokemon I recognise. I haven't come across any trainers-or any actual people for that matter. All I know is that I'm stuck here with my Gengar and my Liepard. Neither of them are happy. They are both extremely cautious, even Tibalt (my Liapard) who is usually relaxed. It's a good job I still have my bag with me, which has this notebook and pen, a whole bunch of hyper potions, berries, full heals... All your trainer stuff really.

I'm sitting down underneath a tree at the minute. I'm assuming I'm in a forest because I'm surrounded by trees and there's no path anywhere. I guess that could be why I haven't met anyone yet-maybe I'm so far into this forest that no one else comes here. I hope that's true. Actually, I'm not sure if I am sure of that. If I'm really deep in a forest then how will I get out? I guess Tibalt would help there though, his leopordy senses would surely help us get out of here.

At any rate, I guess sitting down on a rock writing in you isn't getting me anywhere. Later.

Day 1

8:31 pm

I'm getting sick of this forest. I've been wandering around for HOURS and I STILL haven't found my way out. AND! All of the pokemon here run away as soon as they see me! Well I say run, I really mean fly. There's loads of tiny little flying pokemon around-types I haven't even seen before! So I send out Tibalt to use slash, but as soon as he get near, they fly away!


Why didn't I think of this before?

Day 1

8:42 pm

Well that plan sort of worked. Sort of didn't at the same time though. See, I thought that since the pokemon flew away when they saw/heard Tibalt, that maybe if I sent Indigo (my Gengar) to battle them, she'd be able to sneak up and attack before they even realise she was there... She attacked it alright. But it didn't have the effect I thought it would. I tell you, it was horrible! It wasn't like a normal pokemon attack. She used sucker punch, just like she has countless times before. But the bird pokemon, it didn't react to it like a pokemon would. It didn't take the blow then turn around and attack. I heard a sickening crunch, which sounded terrifyingly like it's bones cracking under the impact. Then it fell out of the tree and landed on the floor. If this was a Pidgey or something then I'm sure it would have survived. But it didn't. It hit the floor and didn't move at all.

Indigo looked horrified at what she'd done and hurried over to my side, hugging my legs worriedly. Patting her head to reassure her (even though inside I felt like an iron fist had just gripped my stomach), I walked over to the small creature and picked it up. It was still warm, but it's heart wasn't beating any more. The feathers were soft and fluffy in my hand and a shudder went through me. I didn't know what to do. It wasn't my fault it had happened, I thought it was like any other pokemon!

So I didn't the only thing I could think of.

I left it.

I just left it there. How could I have done that? The poor little thing. No, I've got to go back to look for it. Pokemon don't die that easily. It must still be alive. Oh no, why didn't I see it before? Maybe if I find it and use a potion on it, it'll be right as rain again in no time. Yes. I'll just go do that then.