Day 20
7:20 am

I think I slept all the way through yesterday. My head still hurts so much from the knocks it took, and it feels incredibly tender. My pokemon plus Houndoom are still the only other things that are here with me. I'm alone again. Back at square one.

But this time I'm certain-I will not just stay in this cabin. I will not be a sitting duck. I will not just wait until something happens.
No, this time I will be the one hunting them. Whoever they are, I will find them.

So I've packed everything up-everything left that is. There's not much. I have food that will last for a couple of days. After that, who knows what I'll do. But I've been through worse. Once, I got lost in the vast forest surrounding Fortree City. Trust me, that is one BIG forest! Anyway, I was lost for about three weeks, and only survived through eating the little pokemon that Tibalt and Indigo could find. That meant that one day I had to mash up wurmples to make a kind of wurmple soup. It wasn't nice. Nor did I feel very good about doing it. But I had to survive. Just like now.

So I'm leaving. We're going to walk away from here and get some answers.

Day 20
12:43 pm

The leaves overhead are starting to let less and less light in, so we must be getting deeper. That's good, it means that we're nearing the centre of the forest, and can begin to walk through to the other side soon enough. We've waded through ponds and over logs, come across paths and deep foliage. I'm still wondering whether or not to follow the next path I come too, but paths mean people. And without pokeballs, it is entirely likely that I will happen across someone who will see them, then either attack or alert the authorities. So at the minute I'm walking in a straight line, through the foliage.

Day 20
4:12 pm

I have found a path that is running parallel to the direction I am walking in. Surely this means that I am on the right track? We're nearing the edge of the forest. I know it. The light cast down through the leaves is enough to light the way, the air doesn't feel as dense, and I can hear distant sounds alien to sounds of a forest.
I'm a bit worried as to how things will play out once I get the end of the trees. These trees have hidden us for so long now; they're like a safety net. But then, even they failed me. Adam and Maya are taken. Only me, Houndoom and my pokemon remain. And without pokeballs, they will be incredibly hard to conceal. Rocket and Indigo will be fine. But Tibalt and Houndoom? I dread to think of what will happen to them. Yes, they are strong. But…
No. I cannot think of what happened last time. I cannot let that happen again.

I will cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, we must walk.

Day 20

I can see lights. They come and go quickly, and roar past in a blur. I think they may be cars, but Unova is the only region advanced enough to have such things-so I wouldn't know for sure.

Either way, I think it will be for the best if we all rest here in the safety of the trees before we go out there.