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Chapter Three: Wedding Preparations


"I just mean that something's only up if you want to do something about your current situation that you damn well know will affect Hermione's as well." She smiled at me and turned on her heel, out of my office in seconds.

"Bugger," I muttered under my breath. Reaching for the envelope, I tore it open and took the invitation from inside.

Dear Draco,

I invite you to my wedding with Ron which is two weeks from today, at 2 PM in the Burrow. I hope this arrives to you safely and that you will attend the ceremony. It will mean a lot to me, as you are already one of my best friends.


I guess it's about time I paid Hermione a visit again.

Hermione's POV

He came at a really bad time. And I'm not saying this because I don't want to see him. I seriously think he came at the worst time possible. Draco Malfoy appeared in my office just minutes ago, without any notice, and now, after eight years, is asking me how I was. I can't say I didn't see this coming. I did ask Ginny to deliver his invitation to my wedding, and…it seems he remembers. Now what he wants to do about my wedding is completely unknown.

He always had the skill to block out his emotions from his face, even when we were Heads. Damn. Here he is, sitting across my desk in my office, looking amused at the bewildered look on my face.

"Er…Draco?" I said, bringing him out of his gleeful contemplation. "I don't mean to sound rude, but…this is the worst time possible for you to be here…"

He merely smiled at me, filling my stomach with butterflies, as it did so many years ago. Well this totally disproves my theory of actually just being a hormonal teenager at the time I liked him. Because apparently…until now, Merlin help me, I still like him. I might actually love him at this point already. Damn. "Well…you did say I am one of your best friends…so I presumed it was okay to visit you whenever I was possible. And, Hermione, it's been eight years since we actually talked. We have some catching up to do… besides, what's on the agenda today that's keeping you from spending time with me?" he asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, I need to pick up my wedding dress from Madam Malkin's today, as well as send out invitations to my relatives. And I need to go to the Burrow to check on the arrangements and everything…" I stopped, realizing there wasn't much work today. It was just me avoiding him.

"What about your fiancé, then? Where does he come in?" he asked, raising his eyebrow. I kept silent, not wanting him to know about my problems with Ron. Without warning, he wiped my face, where unnoticed tears had fallen down my cheeks. "It's probably not the best time to talk about him then," he said, offering a warm smile. "Well, come on then," he continued, rising from his chair, and outstretching his hand toward me. I shot him a quizzical look. "I'll go with you today, while you…run your errands," he explained, smirking. This was going to be a long day.

"I guess it's okay…er…thanks," I said, still ignoring the proffered hand. Getting the hint, he brought it down to his side, clearing his throat to avoid any awkward silence.

Within minutes, we were out of the Ministry of Magic, with me carrying a bunch of envelopes. These were the invitations to my relatives, from both sides of the family.

"Why so many envelopes?" Draco asked, gaping at them as we walked through the street, turning at a corner.

"Well, my parents insisted that I invite as much relatives as possible, seeing that my engagement has made them so happy, since they like Ron…" I stopped, again sounding uncomfortable with the subject. It had touched on Ron again.

"Do you like him?" he said suddenly, catching me off guard. Just when tears had started pricking my eyes, I blinked them away. I looked at him and smiled.

"Why else would I marry him?" I asked, praying that I sounded more confident than I felt.

Turning another corner, we reached the post office. I entrusted the envelopes to the postman at the nearest desk, thanked him, and went out into the street again. "So, where do we go next?" he asked, trying to shake off the awkwardness left behind by our last topic.

"Well…to Madam Malkin's for my gown," I said. "I'll just apparate there from here…are you still going with me?" I asked, hinting him to go away.

"Yes," he said, smirking. Well, that hint was useless. Without warning, he took my hand in his and left me bewildered, until I understood what he meant—Side-along Apparition. Before long, the scene of the street before me disappeared, and I felt as if I was going through a tube. Opening my eyes, I found myself in Diagon Alley, with Draco still clutching my hand. Damn it. I cleared my throat and he let go of my hand abruptly. He offered a sheepish smile that I returned.

We walked towards Madam Malkin's in silence, with nothing much to say. Reaching the entrance I turned to him. "Draco, this might take a while…do you want to go around Diagon Alley and just meet up with me here later?" I asked, hoping—praying that he would go away.

As you can see, I still didn't want to see him.

"Oh…it's okay. I can stay with you. Is that…fine with you?" he asked, eyebrows arched, his eyes staring into mine. I nodded, still distracted by my feelings for him.

"Erm…okay then," I finished lamely. So, being distracted for the nth time, I walked inside Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions with Draco. Damn.

Draco took a seat near the door and waited, while I was shown into an inner room where Madam Malkin showed me my gown, which was finished 2 days ago.

It was made of silky material, the same kind as my periwinkle dress during the Yule Ball. It had elbow length sleeves, and a rectangular neckline. It didn't have a long train—I'm afraid someone might step on it and leave me to be pulled back. Instead, its hem reached until my feet, with some allowance to still display the shoes that Ginny forced—I mean—bought for me.

I bought it out to the dressing room to try it on, checking if it was correctly sized. I was glad to see that it was. I turned to the mirror, only to realize that it was outside. So that meant Draco had to see me in this. I sighed inwardly and steeled myself, only hoping that I had Harry's invisibility cloak with me. Opening the door, I stepped outside and walked towards the mirror. Seeing myself in it, I barely had any time to react. Draco did that for me.

Draco's POV

She looked absolutely beautiful. But I'm betting I can't tell her that…seeing that Hermione never liked compliments…especially the ones telling her she was pretty. Without thinking, I stood up and walked over to her, gaping like an idiot. From the mirror, she saw my reaction and stared at me…probably in shock at my reaction.

Hermione turned to me and raised an eyebrow. "What do you think?" she asked a small smile on her lips. "Honestly, what do you think?" she asked again, putting emphasis on the start of her sentence.

"I think you're beautiful," I whispered, tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. "Weasley's very lucky to have you…" I continued, more to myself than to her. I broke out of my reverie and smiled. "Anyways…you look beautiful," I repeated. Silence ensued. I cleared my throat.

"Thanks," she muttered, cheeks turning into a shade of light red. "Well, I'll just change back into my clothes and we'll be on our way." I nodded, returning to my seat.

Within minutes, we were out of Madam Malkin's, and on our way to the Burrow for Hermione's wedding arrangements and all that. We Side-Along apparated once more, since I had no idea where the Burrow was.

Arriving there, we found Weaselette near the door, carrying linens and other materials. Looking up at the top floor window, I saw the Weasel himself, looking enraged if I might add. She ran towards us, dropping those she was carrying near the door. She whispered something in Hermione's ear and pointed to the window I had been looking at. "Let's go, Draco," Hermione told me hurriedly, taking my hand and dragging me back to the street. Before we could walk far enough to disapparate, the Weasel had come out of the house, already red in the face. He marched towards us, looking as if he was about to explode. Near the doorway, a woman appeared from the house—a woman I recognized as Lavender Brown.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at Hermione for an explanation but Weasley had already reached us.

"Hermione, how dare you?" he spat at Hermione. "Why'd you bring the ferret here? This is my house and you bring over this bloke of all people, two weeks before our wedding? What should I think that means?" he screamed even more, almost spitting in Hermione's face.

I thought Hermione was going to cry…or walk away. Guess I still don't know her that much. Wiping her face, she blinked and stared hard at Weasley. "Let me tell you this, Ronald. Whether you like it or not, Draco has been more of a friend to me in the 8 years of our friendship that you have in our 15 years as "friends"! Also, I don't think you're in any place to argue, seeing that you have Lav-Lav with you again, even after I found out about you two! So if you still want this engagement to work, I suggest you start cleaning yourself up, Ron. Get rid of your flaws before you start pointing out mine." At this point, tears were already swimming in her eyes, so I took hold of her hand and whispered, "Let's go someplace else first." She nodded and within seconds, we had appeared in front of a quaint Italian restaurant not far from the Ministry.

"We'll talk about this over lunch, okay?" Without letting go of her hand, we walked towards the restaurant.

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