To Albion

After the startling sight of the Hollow Man's skull within the chest, Po and the others continued to look into the chest for more information, setting the skull to the side. Amongst the souvenirs, Po found several scrolls detailing of his grandfather's adventure in the mysterious kingdom.

"Guys! Listen to this!" Po called out to his friends as he read one of the scrolls.

"After three days in this new land, I was attacked by a horde of small, monstrous creatures while exploring a cave. The small party that was with me was slain and I was the last one standing. However, before I could be killed, the monsters started to perish one by one. When I opened my eyes, I saw unusual creature holding a sword and some sort of stick. He was a bit surprised when he saw me, as if he had never seen a goose before. Turns out, he hadn't. But none the less, he helped me. I asked him his name, he said it was Sparrow. Unusual name, I'll admit… "

"Sparrow? I think I have seen that name in another scroll I was reading." Crane replied, clear interest in his voice. "What did it say?" Po asked, heavily intrigued.

"I think it would be best if we read the scrolls in order before we reach Hong Kong. That way, we will at least know about who or what to look for." Tigress suggested.

Throughout the rest of the journey, the six Kung Fu masters and Zeng read aloud the scrolls that served as Po's grandfather, Xian Ping's journal. With each scroll, they found themselves focusing more and more on exploits of Sparrow as he travelled across his homeland Albion on a quest to stop a madman called Lucian Fairfax and avenge the death of Sparrow's older sister, Rose. They had read about his journey to Bowerstone, his fight in the crucible and his disappearance to the spire.

By the time they reached Hong Kong a week after Shifu had the vision, they had finished the entire scroll collection. All were completely fascinated with the wonders of the new world, though Tigress didn't show it. The scrolls ended with Sparrow becoming the new king of Albion and Ling returning home with his chest of memories of his adventures. However, there were gaps in the scrolls, certain segments were either missing or had faded with time. There was enough to piece together a timeline of the past few decades, however there was no telling what occurred in the shattered Spire, as it was called or what state the country was in. There was even less information on this so called 'seer' Theresa. It would seem that through their efforts to seek answers, they had only succeeded in finding new questions to ask. Their destination and their future was still shrouded in mystery.

Now, as they gazed at the city of Hong Kong, bathed in the morning light, it was time for a new chapter in their lives.

As they reached the harbor, Tigress spoke to her companions and friends.

"Alright. If what Master Shifu said about the vision is correct, then the ship should be docked here."

She said so pointing towards the docks

I suggest we separate so that we have a better chance of finding it faster. Check each flag for any foreign symbols and for any sign of 'humans' tending to it. Address our business and rendezvous in an hour."

The all nodded in agreement and separated.

Crane flew around the harbor enjoying the sea breeze and the pleasant smell of freshly caught fish. These pleasures were short lived when he spotted a flag that had an unusual symbol of some kind of gear on it. He looked down as saw the human crew loading the ship with supplies and other items. He could not read the lettering on the ship, as it was in an unusual language.

He reasoned that this was likely his best bet.

Crane then landed on the dock with a light thud next to the ship and cautiously approached a man who wore a unique navy blue coat which covered his arms and went down to his thighs, a matching tricorne hat and dark beige breaches and a tunic to boot. Yet what was most interesting was this man did not appear to be any other creature he had seen before lacking any distinguishing paws or fur or hide ofanyone he knew Instead he had pink-tan skin and hands with opposable thumbs just like Monkey's, though his feet were an odd shape he hadn't sseen before. He appeared to be overlooking his crew who were of the same species and wore similar beige tunics.

"Keep steady, lads. If anything happens to that cargo, the captain will give us a wallop! We need to get it back to Albion in one piece." The man's voice carried over the already loud chatter and commotion of everyday life in Hong Kong.


That was the word Crane was looking for.

Clearing his throat, Crane asked the man,

"Excuse me sir. Did you say that this ship is bound to Albion?" The man, the first mate, Fred Archer, was startled both by Crane's sudden appearance and the fact he was a sentient bird, but replied as if he was another human. But after a few days in this new world, he was growing accustomed to these surprises.

"Aye. We plan to leave port once our captain returns. May I ask why did you ask?"

Crane explained the situation to Fred, who in turn, explained that if the six Kung Fu warriors want to cast off with them, they'd have to ask the captain. Crane agreed and left to gather the Furious Five. As they returned, Viper noticed that one of the warriors was missing.

"Wait a minute. Where's Po?" Monkey knew the answer right away.

"He must be in the marketplace, stuffing his face." Tigress growled as she heard this. "We'll have to find him. If this ship casts off before we board, he is a dead panda."

Sure enough, Po was in the marketplace, gathering (and eating) as much food as he could afford. With Hong Kong being the largest trade city in China, the Dragon Warrior got to experience many kinds of dishes. He even began to wonder what the food in Albion would taste like.

However, his thoughts and gorging were interrupted by a scream in pain. Being the Dragon Warrior, Po headed to the source of the scream, going back to the stand where he was eating before to grab a handful of bean buns.

Po then headed to the source, which was in an alley near the harbor, and hid behind a stack of crates as he saw a gang of wolves capture a young snow leopard that was dressed in rags. From the look of things, she was getting quite a beating. But before Po could intervene, a large rhino stepped out of the shadows while two wolves held on to her tightly.

"Time's up, Ling. Your old man has already 'paid.' Now it's your turn." But as the rhino was about to deliver a blow to the young snow leopard, a flash of black and white sent him a few feet away from where he was.

Sao-Lee waited for the blow to come, but when it never came, she opened her eyes to find a large panda standing in front of her and her two captives. The rhino growled as he got up.

"Who dares punch Shao Ru Liao?"

"That would be the Dragon Warrior." Po spoke in his aptly named awesomeness voice.

Immediately, the wolves released Sao-Lee and attacked the panda. But Po was quick and dodged the attacks and hit one wolf in the back and tossed him at his cohort and Shao, who was charging at Po until the was quickly set tumbling to the ground as his lackey hit him full force.

Sao-Lee watched in shock and amazement as Po avoided and blocked every blow and sent some back at Shao and his lackeys until he knocked them out, all covered in bruises and a scrapes. Po then looked at Sao-Lee, who was against the wall to keep herself on her feet.

"You ok?" Sao-Lee nodded.

"Ye-yes. I'm ok." She stuttered, both from shock and amazement.

"Who are these guys?"

The Dragon Warrior asked, glancing at the unconscious rhino and wolves.

"Th-that's Shao Ru Liao. He's the head of all of the crime gangs in Hong Kong."

"And why were they picking on you?"

"M-my father owed them p-protection money and I had to come down here to buy food…" she trailed off, still afraid of what had almost transpired.

She looked up and found comfort in the Panda's gentle, jade eyes.

But before Sao-Lee could say anymore, a grunt echoed through the alleyway

Shao had regained consciousness. Lee backed away stumbling only to be caught by Po. Upon seeing him, Shao charged, hoping to impale the panda with his horn.

Time seemed to slow down for Po, an ability honed by his kung fu training. He tossed Lee out of the way, full well knowing that he wouldn't have enough time to avoid the fatal blow. Shao got closer and closer, faster than Po could register. As he held his paws in front of him flashes of his life blinked before his eyes, this was the end, he had realized. Clamping his eyes shut he heard a loud bang and crunch.

'By the Gods….he's crushed my chest…'

Yet when he found that he felt no pain he opened them only to see a bloody mass on the ground in front of him. Shao had been hit by something and it had torn his shoulder apart…

"I'd say if I were you, I'd stay down." A new voice spoke.

Po turned to a sight that amazed even him.

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