Title: Spawn of Okita
Series: Gintama
Character/Pairing: Hijikata, Okita/Kagura, maybe a hint of Okita/Hijikata.)
Rating: PG-13
Author's note: I was cleaning out my folders and found this, which was a gift to M ages ago.


Hijikata had thought it a good idea, or at least he had at first. Anything that made that much time of Okita's spent away and not trying to kill him was fine with Hijikata. It was a right fine thing that Okita should move on to trying to kill someone else on a daily basis. He even began to relax, or something close to it with his pack of Black Stones and a jar of mayo and toast. Mayo and toast for lunch, mayo for every meal.

But that peace didn't last. When Okita finally married the girl (who looked frightening like Okita himself, a violent, alien female Okita-which in retrospect shouldn't have sounded as hot as it did) Hijikata could've even had something like a sigh of relief. Somehow it never crossed his mind that in Okita's own mind love and violence were very much connected and all those bombs with his name on it were like love letters.

Still, nine months later of almost-rest and relaxation for all the angry violent sex was with Kagura (and Hijikata wasn't a bit jealous) a little bundle of wrath was born. And he resembled his parents-resembled a little too much.

It was about the time the brat climbed over and sunk its teeth into Hijikata's ankle hard that Hijikata realized there'd never be peace as long as there was an Okita in his life. And thus, another lifelong war was waged.