Title: Appearances

Summary: When you meet people, they appear a certain way. Mostly these appearances are natural, not consciously thought about…other times they are carefully cultivated to hide what lies beneath. What lies beneath what Natasha Isaacs shows the world? Some Santana/OC eventual Brittana.

!WARNING!: This story will eventually deal with abuse in various forms, self harm and mentions of suicide. It may trigger so please be aware of this before you read. This won't be for a few chapters yet though. Also a few dirty words here and there. Hence the T rating. Which may go up. Or may not…

Disclaimer: Much as I wish I owned more than just the DVD's and soundtracks from Glee I don't. Any similarities between characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental…mostly...Hehe. UnBeta'd so any mistakes are my own…hopefully there won't be many, if any.


Chapter One: Prologue

"YOU WANNA GO BITCH?" Santana Lopez screamed at the smaller Cheerio.

"YOU RECKON YOU CAN TAKE ME LOPEZ? HA!" the new Latina girl screamed back. Santana lunged and the girl managed to leap out of the way sending Santana careening into the lockers behind her. Santana screamed something unintelligible before lunging a second time and managing to get hold of the smaller girl's arm. She drove her back against the lockers on the other side of the hall.

"Stop it. Stop it," Brittany Pierce called out somewhat vaguely from the gathering crowd, her hands clamped tightly over her ears. She hated seeing Santana fight with people.

"AAAAAHHHH BITCH!" the girl screamed as Santana grabbed her ponytail and pulled as hard as she could. The tiny girl dropped her shoulder and rammed it into Santana's stomach, knocking the air out of her, causing her grip to loosen on the smaller Cheerio's long hair. Santana gasped, trying to draw air into her winded lungs even as she attacked again.

"Hey!" Sue Sylvester's voice called out as the tall cheerleading coach shoved students roughly out of the way. She grabbed the shorter girl around the waist and hauled her away as she tried to punch the injured Santana in the face. "Stop it! Airbags, don't you dare or so help me I will have you running suicide sprints 'til Christmas!" she snapped at Santana who was currently trying to get at the girl again. She was being restrained by Will Schuester who had come from the opposite direction to Sue.

"Calm down Santana," He yelled as she struggled hard against him in her attempts to get at the other cheerleader. Sue had actually had to lift the small girl's feet off the ground to control her. She may have only been 5 feet tall but damn she was strong.

"Fine!" Santana shrieked at him. Giving up her struggling. Will released his grip slightly then tightened it again as she lunged toward the other girl as he had known she would.

"Santana stop now!" Will hauled the girl around and dragged her down the hallway away from the others.

"What the hell is going on?" he demanded, gripping her upper arms.

"Bitch can't keep her nose in her own business," Santana spat angrily.

"That's not an excuse to pick a fight Santana!" Will cried in exasperation. "Are you ok?" he asked when Santana winced as she moved.

"Ugh, yeah. Bitch winded me," she gasped, probing her tender abdomen gently. "Ouch."

"Come on I'll walk you to the nurse," Will sighed. He rested one hand between Santana's shoulder blades and steered her in the direction of the nurse.


In Sue's office the coach was grilling the girl as she did push ups on the floor.

"What in all holy hell is going on between you and Chesticles, Isaacs?" Sue demanded.

"She started it," the girl, Natasha Isaacs, huffed.

"I don't care who started it. I don't want my Cheerios putting on free shows of violence in front of the rest of these mouth breathers. If you're going to fight you could at least find a mud puddle, charge admittance and donate the proceeds to the Cheerios," Sue ranted. "I could use a few more confetti cannons for Nationals." Natasha faltered in her push ups, glaring at the Coach in disbelief. This woman was a fucking nut job. Natasha had only been here two weeks and was quickly realising that Sue Sylvester was the best, purely because she was batshit crazy enough to attempt things that no other coach would even have the ability to think up in the first place. Now here she was telling Natasha that she could fight only so long as she was making a profit for the Cheerios off of it, and the scary thing was Natasha didn't doubt that the woman would actually let them fight for profit. Natasha quickly resumed her push ups, not wanting to have to go through any of the weirder punishments she had seen the woman dish out in the short time since she had started at William McKinley High School. Sue continued ranting; "God knows the one they call 'Jewfro' would pay enough to see you two fight. You could literally make hundreds off of it..." Sue paused, considering. "Well, well well. I think I just discovered what the Cheerios' booth will be at the school fair this year…Sue Sylvester, you're a genius!" Sue finished her rant, more or less talking to herself at the end of it. "Get out of my office Isaacs. You and Airbags are a disgrace to that uniform and it makes my corneas burn to look at you," Sue dismissed Natasha, already pulling out her journal to chronicle what she had deemed her 'latest stroke of genius'.

Natasha quickly left the Coach's office, heading to the bathroom to try and straighten herself up before she had to go to her next class, wondering once again what she had gotten herself into by joining Sue Sylvester's Cheerios.


"YA THINKS YA GOTS THE SHIT TO BEAT ME UP? BRING IT ON! I'LL SHOW YOU HOW WE DO IT IN LIMA HEIGHTS ADJACENT!" Santana screamed. For the fourth time this week she was duking it out with Natasha Isaacs who now had a rep at McKinley as a scrappy little bitch. People were already getting bored with the fights. There was a lot of yelling, a few cheap shots and then the teachers would turn up, break them up and haul them off in opposite directions to calm down. Today would be no different.

"Oh big whoop Lima Heights Adjacent is pathetic! I grew up in Raglan County! You don't learn how to fight until you spend a semester at Raglan County High!" Natasha spat back sarcastically.

"Come on then! Show me whats ya gots!" Santana beckoned Natasha to come closer. Natasha made like she was going to lunge, pulled back then lunged properly, taking Santana off guard and slamming her into the lockers.

"Hey! You stop this crap right now!" came a voice behind them. Quinn Fabray in all her Head-bitch-in-charge glory, stood with her hands on her hips shooting a positively murderous look at the pair.

"Fuck off Fabray!" the two girls yelled back in unison. Santana took advantage of Natasha's momentary distraction to slap her hard across the cheek. Natasha yelped and shoved Santana back.

"Stop it! Stop hurting each other!" poor Brittany called out in distress. The fighting had taken a bigger toll on the sweet natured cheerleader than it had on either Santana or Natasha. Both girls ignored her, pushing, shoving, hair-pulling and throwing each other down. Then, as predicted, Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury came running over to separate them…accompanied by Principal Figgins.

"Shit," Natasha spat angrily. She shoved Santana once more for good measure. Will grabbed the taller girl before she could retaliate.

"Give it up Santana. It's over," Will said in exasperation.

"This isn't over bitch!" Santana yelled at Natasha who's arm was firmly grasped in Ms Pillsbury's hands. "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Miss Lopez, Miss Isaacs in my office, NOW!" Figgins ordered.


"I have had enough of all of this violence!" Figgins yelled. "You two are not allowed to fight on school grounds or I will be forced to suspend you! This is your last chance. And furthermore as punishment, Miss Isaacs will join Glee Club and you two will learn to get along!"

"Oh hell no!" Natasha shrieked. Santana just let out a loud growl. Glee was her turf. The best part of her day and now that bitch Isaacs would be there every day? So not fair!

"I think that's a great idea," Will weighed in, before shrinking back from the twin glares that he was now receiving.

"Well then it's settled," Figgins said happily. "Miss Isaacs you will begin attending Glee Club on Monday."


A bit of a random start I know but I needed this to get Natasha into Glee involuntarily. The real story begins in the next chapter.

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