Duel 1-War start!-The first selection!

Today was the beginning that the 2nd year of holding the 'Magical weapon battlefield' opened. I went there with Natalie and the professor happily. That's a high tower in front of me.
"There it is?"
I asked.
"Yes it is. What's wrong with you? Are you thinking that this should look a stadium?"
Natalie asked in reply. Ah...I didn't mean that way! I just felt interested with it! I shouted in my heart.
"You two-! Why are you still standing over there? The competition is going to begin!"
Hey! When did the professor go to the entrance?
"Please don't leave me alone-!"

The screen was showing Helga, who was holding the trophy from last year's competition when we entered and now, the master of ceremonies said:
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Magical weapon battlefield which has held for two years! Now let's welcome the last champion, Helga to give back the trophy and..."
Suddenly looked like Helga has found something, she expressions turned into sharp from happy, and the master of ceremonies looked to the place where Helga was looking at while smiling. The recorder also followed. The screen showed the three monkeys-Pipotron! Gosh! Why they were here? Natalie shouted behind me right at this moment:
"Can somebody tell me what's happening? Why they are here?"
I turned around, HOLY SHIT-! Please kill me the Holy Spirit (Tear dropped)! I saw the monkey team Banana! A monkey kicked me down to the floor unexpectedly! I stood up uneasily and opened my mouth while pissing:
"Did you just eat a gall bladder of a bear? How dare you attack me? Eat my 'Left hook'!"
The last thing I remembered is: Natalie and I fought with those 'Bananas'!
At the same time, Casi also arrived; she landed from the sky to the ground and asked:
"Are there anything need my..."
Why didn't she say the word 'help'? Because she saw that we were fighting! She even scolded out:
"Give me a break! The competition is beginning to start! Don't you know what the meaning of rules is?"

There are four parts in every battle (But not the finals) - fencing, get the most money (Or racing), Shooting and any water sports. If you are disqualified from that battle, you may take part any relive battles.
"The competitor who will go to the first selection please follow the directions by drew lots from the computer."
The answer of drawing lots-I was going to duel with Natalie, Casi and Pipotron-red!
"3, 2, 1..." Hey! Haven't I just known that they took their swords in this way? Natalie held her stick like *'little staff king' and the rest of them were holding a light ball!
"Ready, Fight!"
You wanted to die right? Everybody came to attack me when the conversation ended! Maybe as I'm too popular and then they got jealous (Author: Stop boasting around!-_-#)! Okay... Dimenshonbureiku*its Dimensional sword in English*! Hey, it didn't work? And during I was shocked, Natalie stopped in front of me and said while smiling happily:
"You can only use sword, but not changing into other weapons or using nirvana!"
A cold feeling came up from my back. She hit me with her stick, but I stopped it immediately! I see...
"Take this!"
I hit Casi out of the battlefield, one down! And then, humph! You two were going to have trouble...
"Take my 'Topspin', 'Backspin' and 'Side spin'! (Author: Are you playing table tennis? =_=''')"
They answered me with moans, I gave each of them a kick, and they flew away from the battlefield.
"The winner of the first round is Spike!"

"Round two, start!"
The champion of this turn must get the most money and he/she must finish it in their fastest speed. Sorry, I forgot there's also flying!
Wow! I just forgot the race has started already while talking to you folks! I had to act fast...I took all the 'money' in front of them while running. I gave them a smile of the champion, but never notice that there was nothing under me feet in this moment! I fell down at once!
"Spike's out!"
God... (Tear dropped)
"The winner of the second round is Casi!"

This time was Shooting, I wouldn't lose anymore! Let's see how they were powerful: Natalie was holding a Hockey Tennis (With a ball in the nest), if talking about Casi's and Red's it was photosphere (They almost got a ball of light in every moment). The master of ceremonies suddenly said:
"You may use Aids from now on."
"3, 2, 1, start!"
What were aids? Huh? There was a square which was 'scratching' around a bullet. Hah ha, I picked it up and then it turn into ten bullets! I knew what has happened...I put one of them into the slingshot and then fired; he hit Red directly at the moment!
'You want to die right Spike!'
He stood up uneasily and scolded me. Not bad, I wanted to die, wanted to duel me? Take one more of my bullets! He flew out of the battlefield.
"Pipotron's out!"
And also I felt a extreme heat burnt behind me currently which would make you fall a comma, I turned to see Natalie! She was surrounded by flames since she used aids? Ah still, I won't fear you because of this! Take my bullets!
"Natalie's out!"
And the left over was Casi! Take my 'Black flame blast' (Insane-!)!
"The winner of the third round is Spike!"

Here was the last round of the first selection-paddling was going to start!
"You may use ten bullets on the boat to shoot your opponent."
So cool!
"3, 2, 1, start!"
When the conversation ended, we dashed out with our fastest speed. Ah but why Natalie's was the fastest? (Author: It was because of her boat is in streamlined-shape! So she rowed faster than your boat!) However, take a few of my bullets! You idiot! Natalie opened her angry mouth after she was shot:
"You coward (Hey what the!)! Why you shot me?"
"Didn't you listen to the rules?"
After I ended my chat, I gave her a few more bullets.
"Natalie's out!"
Natalie growled at me:
"Later I'll settle this score with you Spike!"
And then she was carried off by the staffs. Yeah and because of I stuck with you, I was the last one now! Yet...take a look at my awesome strengths! Mwhahahaha! (- went to insane)
Rowed to the right, rowed to the left, rowed with both hands...finally arrived at the finish line! There was just only 1 mm then Casi could pass me behind! There was closed!
"The winner of the fourth round is Spike! So after the judgment, the one who also will take part the second selection is Spike!"
Wow! There were a lot of people were hooraying for me~~~~!

Back to the hostel, I boasted with my roommate plus old friend-Pipotron Blue:
"Look at me, I'll take part the second selection!"
But Blue also didn't give up:
"Although you have entered the second selection, our little Wong (Pipotron yellow) is entered too!"
Ding dong-!
The door bell suddenly rang; I walked toward and opened the door, and saw an assistant who wore a pair of glasses was holding a parcel. I asked:
"What is this?"
"...this is a present from the sports committee which is given to the champion of every duel, may I ask is Mr. Spike (-Too powerful!) Here?"
Eer, why added the word 'Mr.'?
"I am."
"Sign please."
After that, I held the box and sat on the bed, opened it and saw-a purple T-shirt and a shorts which there was a pipomonkey pattern on it, a new laser-sword, a remote racer in Ferrari (Maybe I don't want to use it!) , a new slingshot and finally-a purple hair-dye!
I forgot how to dye my hair so I asked blue does he know how to dying hair and the result was...

While the second selection was calling...
Both fans screamed!
I also screamed since I fell into a hole without an ending!

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