Savior Duel 5: Battlefield on the warship!

As I woke up to find I was sitting on my knees on the ground, the floor was black. I looked up, the sky was in bright red and those airstream-like white smoke; in front me was the robot that Specter used for the last element of surprise! The only difference was it was in black.

What the hell…! I stood up with my right hand helping up, and pulled out the flame sword. Others did the same position as I pulled my weapon out.

I had been very annoyed to wait for the controller of the robot that I yelled:

"Specter you son of a bitch move your ass out here! Don't let us wait for you okay?"


The door of the control room opened with a noise. A black figure jumped out, I was in shocked again.

That was a boy who just looked like Specter but just the same as 'Dark Jake', a boy in black from his head to his feet; only he was a little bit more dark-browned than black and a pair of yellow eye whites with red pupils, those lightning patterns over his body were orange instead of Jake's blue. (Of course in the way of their body sizes' difference!)

I saw him as I screamed:

"You are [Dark Specter]?"

"Oh, I suppose you had met Jake right?"

Specter spoke in a joking tone with sarcasm. And that hateful voice which makes you want to punch to its owner's face came again:

"Dark Specter, after the defeat of Jake, failure is not allowed!"

Specter didn't say anything but jumped back into the control room. When the door closed, the eyes of the robot were lit up.

"The unlucky ones will get a deadly bite from me!"

"I'll be the first one to call Kei (Please go to see theApe-escapeVampire High School) to give you sucker a kiss of death!"

I couldn't hold it anymore, and yelled to the robot that Specter spoke through its microphone. Others were in their battle poses.

The control room is the weakness of the robot because of the controller controls every machine. If the controller has a problem or the machine does, he or she and it can disappear. I thought, so I sprinted to the head of the robot! But before that I had to clear those 'movable lizard-liked obstacles' up! I just did the same thing to kill one of them: by striking through their hearts.

The moment, the ground went uneven as its right side went down, the left side went up, and everything would fall off from the right side but not us. We competitors would fly by using air vehicles to keep ourselves safe. I just found out this was a warship!

The warship went back in balance, but because of those radiate lasers shooting by the robot from its eyes, we were in a bad situation.

The situation above repeated for around ten times, I found out that maybe its power was going down so it´s motion was slower than before. This is a good chance! I jumped to the door, and used a 'dimension sword'. The strong force hit open the door and smokes came out.


I screamed as I struck into the smoke.


The sound that people didn't want to hear nor listen happened- as the smoke went off, I found myself also struck into Specter's left chest, after the machine was destroyed and the smoke came out from it. The bright red liquid dripped and fell on to the ground from the wound. How many times- the second time did I do something make people bleeding?

"I can't think of…being beaten by you…."

Specter growled with two streams of blood leaking from his mouth. But I heard that voice in my head which it used to be very naughtily playful but now it was being very tender.

(I don't want to say 'Thank you,' but now you… get to you feet, or else…)


Specter suddenly grabbed my shoulders with his two hands, his yellow eyes suddenly turned into blood red, and he moved his mouth with fangs towards my neck. But before his fangs touched my skin he stopped! Specter used all his strength to push me out of the cabin. Right now he looked like using his last strength to scream at me:


Paused, he said the same thing as Jake said:

"Back off!"

(I called you to move is because…I won't die that easy… and, I'm your rival… your only one…)

As I flew out from the cabin, I heard him spoke to my mind again. As everyone and I were lifted up (Others wouldn't know why they suddenly were lifted up other me!) the robot exploded.

I didn't know was the sky raining, or my eyes did. I just, cried out like tearing my lungs and heart:


As everyone know this word, they put their heads down like remembering their died love ones.

If someone being a rival while being a friend at the same time is also a kind of friend, you won't feel sad when your friend dies?