The girl who lost her smile

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This little story is about a normal girl who is bullied for looking different. She changes colleges to go to the same one as the Sohma's, but after meeting them will she think differently? Or will her heart open up to them? Find out!


She knew it would never happen, she knew that she would never be happy without him. As she stared at the clock on the wall of her bedroom it read the time of 9.00pm, by now he would be with Tohru and the thought crucified her. Why couldn't it be her? Tohru was not even pretty or anything yet he had chosen her. Rika Saito curled up on her bed, thinking about it all, about all the memories, about when she first met him, Kyo Sohma and his family. A sigh escaped her lips, all she wanted was him but she knew it was too late to alter that now. Her dark eyes closed as a single tear dribbled down her face. Her heart was breaking; she could not deal with it much longer. Kyo had no idea that she adored him and she wanted him. He was so oblivious like that. Rika decided to think back to the past, about all the memories they shared even if they were not significant to him. It all started back when she transferred to another collegeā€¦

Rika stood in the principal's office, extremely nervous about being the new girl at college. At her old college she got bullied for being 'different'. People referred to her as an 'Emo-freak' and that she used to self-harm and things of a similar fashion. Due to the bullying she had to leave, it was affecting her deeply and was starting to affect her behaviour in general. She hoped that this college would be different and the people would be a lot nicer and friendlier. Rika did possess dark straight hair and wore a lot of dark makeup but she did not think that was a good enough reason for her to get bullied.

"Ah Rika Saito" Came a voice making her turn around swiftly. It was the Principal; he had just arrived in his office holding a cup of coffee, the smell intoxicating her entirely. Rika nodded politely, still shy about greeting new people. The principal sat down at his desk, placed the coffee down and looked directly at her. Her body language expressed the incessant torture she had received from her last college and it saddened him. As he adjusted his glasses on his nose he said;

"I am glad to see that you turned up to your first day, you seemed very nervous at the interview. I hope you feel better about being in this environment" She nodded weakly, keeping mute for now. Her eyes looking down at the carpet because she could not bring herself to look at him in case he too made judgement about her appearance.

"Now Rika I see you have applied to do a Media Diploma?" She nodded once more, fidgeting in her seat uneasily. The principal sighed and took a sip of his coffee. Once he placed the coffee down once more he responded;

"Well the class itself is mixed, the students in the class are sure to give you a warm welcome. I will ask a student from the class to assist you and show you around the college properly. Just wait a minute-" Rika now raised her dark eyes as she watched the principal pick up a telephone and start dialling. She swallowed hard, she did not want anyone to aid her, she could get by on her own like she always did. It was better that way.

As he placed the phone to his ear his eyes glanced across at the girl. She was still extremely nervous about her first day, it was apparent.

"Hello?" The principal started the conversation. "Yes, I am in my office with the new girl that is due to start your class? Yes, well could you please send over a student to accompany her? Yuki Sohma? Yes, that would do nicely, thank you" He put the phone down and the deafening silence returned. Rika gently started to tug at the hem of her pink and black tartan skirt. Yuki Sohma, she was sure he or she would bully her just as the others did and she swallowed hard once more. The principal kept his eyes glued to the girl and sighed. He comforted;

"Don't be worried, Yuki Sohma is the president of the College Council, do not worry. He will ensure you have a warm welcome" Rika tried to smile but it was evident that it was a struggle. How could she have faith in people her own age when it was they who bullied her? Who terrorised her about her appearance? Rika bit into her lip apprehensively as time lingered on, the smell of the coffee making her feel nauseous. This was awful; she wanted to go home now. She was too different to everyone, they would abhor her, hate her.

"Now Rika, here is your time table for the term" Rika outstretched her hand and took the piece of paper. Her eyes darted through the words that scarred the page. Tuesdays were free, she had no lessons. That was a relief, but the longest day was on a Thursday, 9am-4.30pm. Her heart sank, it was such a long day and the thought crucified her. Today was Monday, on Monday's it was 9am-12.30pm so it wasn't so bad. Carefully she folded it up and placed it inside her rucksack. A faint knocking noise alerted her senses and immediately she jumped up. She needed to control her nerves at some point during this term. The principal called out;

"Come in" as the door carefully swung open Rika perceived a tall young male in a shirt, tie and trousers stand before her. He possessed dark hair and eyes which was similar to her own style but only he was not in the same category as her. He was normal. His eyes turned and glanced at her for a moment. Those eyes, they were full of sincerity, not the same as those demonic beasts at her other college. Rika thought for a moment, maybe this boy wouldn't be horrible as she imagined.

The principal looked up at the boy known as Yuki Sohma over the top of his glasses. He waved his hand in the direction of Rika and announced;

"Yuki this is our new student; Rika Saito. I would be very grateful if you would accompany her around college and show her around. Make her feel comfortable though, she had a tough time at her old college" Rika mentally kicked herself, why did he have to speak of that? Yuki glanced across at Rika once more and suddenly she felt relaxed. He smiled and outstretched a pale hand.

"I am Yuki Sohma, pleased to meet you Ms. Saito" Rika's eyes sparkled; he addressed her as Ms. Saito? Not just Rika? He was definitely different and she could not help but smile. She outstretched her hand and they shook hands, for the first time she responded;

"Pleased to meet you too, Yuki" Rika pondered, why was he dressed so smart, almost business-like when the attire was casual? She had not made an effort, she had merely put on her favourite rock t-shirt and skirt with colourful tights and converse. She looked a mess in comparison. The principal chuckled quietly, he retorted;

"That is the first time Rika has spoken this morning Yuki, I guess you have made a breakthrough" Yuki chuckled also as they broke their handshake at last. Rika could not help but feel slightly content at this situation, this boy was not ominous or a threat. He was sincere and kind and maybe they could be friends. Yuki responded once more;

"Ms. Saito, shall we leave for our little tour? Afterwards I will take you to class" She nodded and stood up. She placed her rucksack on her back and smiled once more.

"Okay, no problem" Yuki kindly opened the door for her and motioned for her to go out first. Rika felt her cheeks burn, he was such a gentleman and she complied. Hastily she retreated to the corridor and Yuki followed soon after. Once the door closed the principal settled comfortably in his chair and mused;

"I hope Rika can come out of her shell, she will enjoy this experience a lot more if she could-"

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