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It sat there, untouched, the diary of his former love. He refused to open it right now. It hurt so much, every time his eyes glanced over its demonic form he would feel an excruciating and overwhelming pain within, which felt as if it were conjuring a heart attack. He needed to forget about it for a while and so it sat there for weeks and weeks. She had been gone for over a month and it still felt like yesterday that he had held her, that he had kissed her for that last time. The quiz show came and went and was surprisingly a big success even if he was not on the job at hand. His mind was on other matters. After it was over and the holidays commenced, he remained at home, in solitude. Yuki was never at home, he was always out visiting Tohru at her Granddad's place and Shigure knew better than to interfere in his life. However, Kyo decided one lonely Sunday morning that too much time had passed and it was time to let it all go, to read her diary entrants. To discover the truth behind it all. As he managed to summon the courage to sit down and hold it in his hands he took a deep breath. The pain was starting to seep into every vein once again; his fingers trembled as he opened the first page.

To his amazement there seemed to be no writing, just drawings and half of song lyrics that represented times they had spent together. He had no idea she was an artist. Her drawings were divine, depicting clearly how they were together, blissful and happy. He smiled as he turned the page. This page revealed more pictures, a drawing of Yuki on his own, a drawing of Shigure holding his pen and a drawing of Tohru, happy and smiling as she always did and finally a drawing of Kyo. She had only drawn the side view of him unlike the others as a representation of how different he was from the others, even in her simple drawings it portrayed how alone he actually was. Underneath his picture he read some words,

~We're supposed to try and be real. I feel alone and we're not together. That is real~

Those simple words carved a hole inside his heart, the words said it all. She wanted him, she wanted nothing but to be his but in reality they were not. It was true, all of it and Kyo started to wonder if he could look at anymore drawings, at the memories. It hurt so much but something edged him to continue, something deep within. He turned the page to drawings of the times they shared, the bus journey, at the lake and on the roof all here in glorious pencil lines and shading. He allowed his fingertips to trace the outlines of the drawing at the lake, the most precious of memories he held. It wasn't the best drawing but it was the one he treasured the most. The words written just beneath…

~I can't love you anymore than I already do. People die but real love is forever~

He turned the other pages, drawings that she sketched of people in the class, of Kakeru, of Kayuri and the others. This was of happier memories. Stuck in the corners with some black tape were small photographs of herself, of the Rika he adored. Kyo gazed at one picture, she looked about ten years old, those dark eyes still the same, wounded with mystery and her hair was still perfectly straight. Even at such a young age she was an angel. He could not help but smile. As he flipped through the pages he found himself at the very last one. It was not a diary entrant as such, more like words to use for effect. It obviously portrayed her last thoughts and feelings, how she really felt deep within. He swallowed hard, would he be able to read them? Would his heart be able to hold up? It was too late now, his eyes had already ventured to the words that scarred the page.

~How many times have you told me that you love her? ~

~Probably as many times as I have wanted to tell you the truth~

~How many times have I done this to myself? ~

~To be left unwanted on the shelf~

~How long will it take before I see? ~

~That you just look right through me~

~When will this hole in my heart be sealed? ~

~No-one knows when that will be revealed~

~Who is now left alone? ~


~Everyone has left me stranded, forgotten, abandoned, left behind~

~So, I can't stay here another night~

~Is this our farewell? ~

~I never thought that this day would come~

~We have had no time to say goodbye~

~But no matter what, promise me this~

~Please don't hate me~

~Because I'll die if you do…~

As he read the last word he closed the diary shut; that was it, the end. The end of the long road to nowhere, the road to ruin. It was all over and he could not help but place it on the table. Gently he rested his head on the precious book that contained the last segments left of her, of Rika, of the dark angel that had fled his life. She was gone, he was a fool and he would never see her again. It was true and he had to try to accept that. As he closed his eyes tightly a single tear dribbled down his cheek and splashed onto the book. He was broken and defeated, she had won this game but this was it now, this was enough…


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