A/N, I thought that Id alter the appearance of the Huntsman of that in the Disney Classic, mine is younger, no bear belly and no beard, not princely handsome but attractive (Hence the Queen's Jealousy' There will be more details in later chapters, please let me know what you think, A story like this hasn't been done before in the Snow White fandom.

The Mad Queen's Order

The huntsman looked on at the pale and cruelly harsh planes of the Queens face, her facade inspired dread in all that were close to her. The throne room was dark and secluded and menacing in it's appearance, it seemed she infected all that was near.

'Except the Princess'

As if the Queen read his thoughts, her usually unhappy face scowled in obvious disdain, her eyes flashed suspicion and resentment, inwardly he recoiled at such a gesture but his outwardly expressionless facade didn't falter as he gazed on.

"Take her far into the forest." She began, her voice measured and even. "Find some secluded glade where she can pick wildflowers."

"Yes, Your Majesty." He replied in equal measure.

"And there, my faithful Huntsman," the Queen continued, his title spoken in obvious sarcasm "you will kill her!" She finished, her voice laced with a sadistic excitement which made his ears ache, his heart began to pound, its rhythm loud in his ears as he regarded the mad woman before him, twisted and bitter with jealousy for the young Princess.

'Snow White..'

"But, Your Majesty, the little Princess!" He exclaimed with obvious shock and revulsion.

"Silence!" She shouted at him, rising from her throne as her eyes glinted with anger, jealousy and malicious intent. "You know the penalty if you fail." She added, a smirk at the corner of her cruel mouth.

"Yes, Your Majesty." He answered, defeated. She looked at him a little while longer, as if he were some insect under her polished shoe that she couldn't bear.

"But to make doubly sure... you do not fail, bring back her heart.." The Queen said, her eyes unfocused in thought and concealed glee. She looked at him once again, dead in the eye as if testing his faithfulness and countenance.

"In this." She pulled out a red box, a dagger embellished at its front for evil and decorative purposes. She smiled then, an evil smile, one only reserved for the beasts of hell. This beast threatened the beauty that he was ordered to kill. The beauty that sought kindness for all.

The beauty he had watched and protected all his life.

A/N Short I know, but this is just the prologue and reflects what happened in the movie, Let me know what you think and whether I should continue, Happy reading! Bx