Clark's eyes followed Diana as she paced the floor of his apartment, anxiety written across her features and in the set of her shoulders. "You need to relax," he said. "Come on, let's go get something to eat. It'll do you good to get out for a while."

Diana turned to him. "How can I? I must know, Clark. I feel that I am going mad."

He smiled lightly and gave her a hug. "You're going stir crazy, staying in and waiting for the news. Come on. We need to get out, take your mind off things."

Diana kissed his neck before withdrawing from his embrace. "You know my fears."

Yes, Clark knew Diana's every worry, that her endeavor to appeal to the United Nations and allow a group of representatives from her island come forward and discuss Themyscira's reentry into the world would fail, that she would disappoint her gods, her people. He knew it wouldn't happen- with more footage coming to light of what Diana was capable of, with her initial interview and several more exclusives given to the Planet's own Clark Kent, the United Nations would have no choice but to allow the Amazons to come forward from the media pressure alone.

And even if the media were not a factor, how could they resist the opportunity to include an undiscovered culture into the world?

Clark knew this, but his words could not soothe Diana's worries away, and so he tried a different tactic. "Suit up, Diana, let's go flying."

She twisted in the air, closing her eyes as the wind coursed over her, through her hair. Her form passed through a thick cloud, coating her exposed skin in water vapor, a cool wash to ease her worries.

Opening her eyes, Diana righted herself before she fell too far toward the city. Clark streaked past her, a blue bolt parting the clouds in his wake. He would do anything in his power to remove her troubles, but for once Superman could do nothing. There was nothing to do but wait for the idle beaucracies of men to make a decision.

Diana dove after Clark, chasing him, but her mind was still divided, with much of her focus on what might happen should the United Nations grant her request. It would mean that Amazons would come into the world for the first time in thousands of years, that Themyscira would be known by those not of her blood. Who would come forth? How could it be done?

She had an idea, though she doubted Clark would like it.

He zipped in front of her, darting between clouds. Diana stilled her flight and listened for him. She could not hear his heartbeat, but the air currents disrupted by his flight...

She lunged into a cloud, tackling him on the other side, sending them both tumbling through the air. Clark laughed and pulled her in close even as they continued to spiral down toward the city below them. Diana pulled away and laughed, with Clark going after her just before they made impact against the flat roof of a skyscraper. It wouldn't do much for the image of either Wonder Woman or Superman if they levelled a building during their horseplay.

"Diana, wait up!" He called after her.

She slowed her flight and he came to hover lightly beside her. They were perhaps only one hundred feet in the air now, in plain view of the humans who walked below, but they were not bothered. "You're still worried, aren't you?"

"Yes, as you knew I would be."

Clark shrugged. "Well, I didn't really think that an hour of air-tag would keep you from thinking on it, but I know they'll grant your request. How could they refuse?"

"There are many things that hold my attention." Diana sighed lightly.

"Talk to me," he urged, taking her hand into both of his own. "You've been running around with Myndi so much this past week that I've barely seen you."

She put her free hand on his shoulder. "I've been missing you too. Clark, if I am granted in my request to bring my sisters, will you be there?"

"Of course. As Superman or as Clark, I'll be there for you."

Diana smiled. "Above all others, I prefer Clark."

He raised his brows and kissed her. "If we're being honest, so do I."

One week had passed, and it was as Clark said; the United Nations had granted Diana's request, the decision rang out from every newspaper and magazine headline, every web story, every televised news outlet and radio broadcast. Amazons were coming to Metropolis.

How would they communicate? Did they all look like Diana? Where would they stay? Were all the Amazons so powerful?

There were millions of questions to be asked, and thousands of speculations to be discussed regarding this new race of supposedly powerful, beautiful and martial women. Most people were excited, anxious to learn any detail they could about the new race, while others were more guarded. The Amazons dominated the public interest.

However, the United Nations, the gathered governments of the world- they were only human and Themyscira's reunion with the world was a truly divine matter.

Clark watched as Diana knelt on the ground. He wore his suit and glasses, to all the world he was just another reporter known to be granted exclusives with the amazing Amazon. Secretly Superman or not, he was out of his depth when it came to the gods of Olympus.

Diana had announced that she needed to be away from the city, removed to nature where she could call upon her patrons. Kneeling on the gritty sands of the shore, with hundreds of reporters gathered around her chosen place, she began.

She knelt in her battle leathers, her sword respectfully on the ground beside her.

Though the other reporters were further back on the shore to give Diana space, Clark was still irritated by their intrusive presence, yet he understood why they were there. What was happening now was a moment in history that would change the world entire- if things were different, he would likely have counted himself among their number, clamoring for the best angle to tell the story.

He stood well away, but he could hear Diana's words though they were only noise to his ears. The fast, loopy language of Themyscira.

He didn't know what to expect, but as he watched, Diana was struck with a bolt of lightning, and vanished a moment later.

Diana opened her eyes to see that the world around her had changed. "Mount Olympus!"

It was as her mother had told her in the stories of her childhood. The amazing and absurd architecture of Olympus rose and fell before her eyes. Grecian columns carved from enchanted marble rose through the clouds. Staircases that hung suspended in midair and ended abruptly were joined by floors tilted at opposing angles. Living statues changed their poses with the whims of the gods. Great carved faces changed their expressions. All of this rising above alternately darkening skies and bright sunrises. In this, Diana could see the seas, the earth and the stars. She could feel fire and wind, she could smell the mountains and harvest crops.

Athena stepped forth from nothingness, a powerful woman draped in robes of royal blue, her avatar the wise and fierce owl perched calmly on her shoulder. "Yes, Diana. Welcome home."

She turned to see the Olympic host, draped in robes, clad in armor, all so much more vibrant than the statues and monuments littered throughout her home. Diana felt so small then, so lost in glory that she dropped to her knees. "My Lords and Ladies..."

Demeter shook her head and implored Diana to rise. "Do not kneel, child, you are beloved here."

"Perhaps not beloved by all, only by some." Ares groused, rolling his eyes lightly. He saw Diana as only another of his sister-goddesses' playthings, a sparky little girl who would only get in his way on the path to righteous war.

Diana looked to the man and knew who he was. His armor, his fiery eyes. He could be no other. "And are we always to be opposed, Lord of War?"

Ares crossed his arms, lazily looking her over. "It would seem so, Diana. You were created to suppress war, but rest assured, favored of my sister, you will serve me as sure as you serve every god."

Hestia glared at Ares and moved to lead Diana away from his presence. "Ignore him, Diana. He would have you believe every aspect of life is tainted with his bloodthirsty cause."

"I only speak the truth as it will come to be known to her, Hestia." Ares called after them as they moved off, away from him.

Aphrodite put a calming hand over her lover's shoulder. "Please, my love. We can debate another time. Diana has come, not for us, but for The Messenger and Lord of Travelers."

Ares dipped his head to place a swift kiss on the lips of Love itself. "Ah, yes. Hermes, the errand boy of gods and mortals alike."

Hermes turned to Ares, waving him away. "Be gone, bitter soldier. You must forgive him, Diana. Ares has been wounded since you crumbled his Elemental. I know why you have come, I know what you seek. All that's left is the doing."

Diana smiled and took his hand, vanishing with him in a flash of golden light.

Lois shrugged to Jimmy, "What just happened? Did Wonder Woman just bail on this story?"

Jimmy leaned against the Planet newsvan and double-checked his camera for the fifth time. They were further back from the shore than Clark, who had managed to charm his way into a press pass from the United Nations for this event. Jimmy waved at the man, who in turn waved back at them. "I doubt she just bailed, but we'd know for sure if we were the ones who'd been standing right next to her."

Lois glanced over her shoulder to see Clark milling about on the other side of the police tape. "It was just dumb luck that he got the inside track on this thing. The least he could've done was get a pass for us, but Wonder Woman seems to like him."

Jimmy grimaced at that. "You mean...?"

Lois smiled, "I mean he might have better luck with his superhero than I had with mine."

"Did you- whoa!"

Jimmy's question was interrupted by the earth trembling beneath their feet, and the clouds above shocking down lightning and swirling towarda point high over the ocean.

Clark watched, as transfixed as everyone else.

It happened, then. He could hear it coming closer as the waves crashed and the wind howled, the strong pounding of an Amazon heart. And she wasn't alone.

The trumpets of Olympus cracked open the sky and released a convoy of the chariots pulled by the enchanted steeds of Themyscira. Clark had to stifle his urge to fly forward and meet them.

They were moving closer to the shore, to address the media and the officials of the United Nations.

Hippolyta, so regal in the draping robes of a queen, stood beside Diana as they lead the way toward the shore and the first humans the Amazons had encountered in over three thousand years. He stood, rooted to the spot, so happy for Diana and so glad to see the Amazons chosen to venture forward to the outside world.

He recognized Phillipus, Artemis, Euoba and several other Bana and Themyscirans riding the ornate chariots, coming closer and closer to the shore. It was a day to remember.

The first royal chariot touched down lightly on the sand, Clark watched as Diana stepped down, followed by her mother. They were speaking their language, and so while Clark had no idea of what they were saying, he could judge by their expressions that they were excited.

The other chariots landed, and similarly vanished once each Amazon had stepped off, returning, Clark assumed, to Paradise.

He watched as Diana grouped her mother and sisters, leading her people forward amid the hundreds of spectators and media, toward the gathered officials from the United Nations.

Clark glanced into the crowd of beautiful Amazons, catching Diana's eye, and they smiled at each other. No matter what happened now, no matter what new crisis came about, the world had been changed beyond reasoning.

Standing off to the side, Clark watched Diana slip into the chauffered car intent toward the United Nations induction ceremony, happy in knowing that she would come back to him. He knew she would come back just as surely as he knew the world would be forever changed, not only because the Olympians and the Amazons had been revealed, but because Diana had given Wonder Woman to the world.