Hello everyone! This is macchi-chan's first attempt at a (completed) story...ish...thingie. But oh well! I wrote this at about 11:45 on New Year's Eve, 2010, so this is kinda old...please enjoy! And I'd reallllllly like to know if I should continue writing. Oh well.

BTW I sorta see this as a Prof. Layton and the Diabolical Box spin-off...like what happens to a girl after opening the box. And even though the box might not be ebony, I like to see it that way...

ITS OFFICIAL! I, MACCHI-SAMA, AM CONTINUING THE STORY! I really hope you will enjoy it…

Oh . Ya. I don't own any of the Prof. Layton games or the movie. Wish I did...but I spend too much time trying to SOLVE the puzzles, much less CREATE them!

But, I do own the girl. And her shoes. And her glasses. And her braids. And the paper. And the house. And the newspaper. Not the town, though...wow. I sound so stinkin' stalkerish...

Yellow Paper

The girl slowly lifts off the lid of the ornate ebony box. She gently sets aside the jewel encrusted slab of wood, then peers inside the box. What she finds seems ordinary…enough. The small scrap of paper, yellowed with age, curls up at the sudden touch of the girl's pale hand. Her hand recoils as the paper reacts, then she leans forward, her two long dark braids hanging down on either side of her head. The girl reaches back inside the box and gingerly takes out the scrap of paper. She places it on the table next to her, then turns around to examine it. As she carefully unrolls the paper, she begins to see a note, perhaps left behind by an ancestor or something of the sort. Amazed, she peers at the handwriting through her thick glasses, trying to make sense of it.

They are coming here, we were told.

They are almost upon our doorsteps, we were told.

But did we listen? Of course not…what generation ever heeds the advice of their elders?

Maybe yours, or someone else's.

But certainly not ours.

And we have certainly paid the price.

So learn from us, and don't make our mistake.

They are coming.

They are almost upon your doorstep.

Take heed.

Or your life as you know it is forfeit.

The girl, even paler than she had been, throws the scrap of paper onto the ground and grinds it underneath the heel of her shoe, then runs out of the run-down house she had entered just half an hour earlier. She appears to be chased by something…or somethings?

The next day, it appears in the local paper that a young girl from the town has disappeared. All that is left of her are a pair of thick glasses, a pair of thick-soled shoes, and a strange ebony box. Does anyone care? Of course not. Who would? Many children disappear every day.

Which town was this, you ask? You, of all people, should know.

It was yours.

So...ya. That was Yellow Paper, by the amazing Macchi-sama! Who is ex-tremely fond of cheese...and anime...and manga...wait...wha-?Oh well. I give up trying to understand myself. Please read, rate, and tell me whether I should continue to write...stuff. (if you say I should, there is an extreme chance of me spazzing later...)