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Yellow Paper Ch.4

Thomas and Miriam stared, mouths agape at the missing portion of Miriam's leg. "…Does it hurt?" Miriam shook her head, then poked the area. Her index finger went straight through the missing area and poked only the exposed muscle and sinew. There was a small hssing sound, and the tip of Miriam's finger, the one that had poked her leg, went missing as well. It didn't fade away, it was simply…gone. She gasped along with Thomas, then Miriam began to speak.

"It's the strangest thing…before, when I had lost that bit on my leg, the only thing I could remember was my name and the fact that you look like I should know you. Now, I know that we don't belong here, and that…that thing is connected to both of us coming here and is the way for us to get out of here." Thomas nodded, taking it all in. "So, if you remember more every time you get touched by that thing, what would happen if we let it cover us completely?"

The girl's grave face frightened him. "You know very well what would happen. We would disappear, if not be completely eradicated." Thomas sighed and let his head fall back. "But how will we get out of here then?" Miriam bit her lip and replied, "You said it yourself. As you can see, if we stay here, we will always be on the run from the cloud. But if we let ourselves be caught, at least we won't have to live afraid all of the time."

Thomas pondered what the girl had said. "I think you're right. I'd rather not be around at all if it meant that I had to live in fear for the rest of my life." Miriam nodded, and looked at the ground. "Thomas, I'll miss you. I feel…connected in some way, and I don't know how, but I know everything will be okay." Thomas, in a spur of the moment, leaned over and hugged the identical girl sitting next to him. "Yeah, I feel the same way. But you know what? I know that wherever we turn up next, sooner or later, we'll both be happy. So, shall we?"

The two looked outside the hollow. Apparently, the cloud had wised up, because it waited right outside the opening as if it knew that it would win one day or another. The two looked at each other, took a deep breath, then each stuck a single hand into the cloud and watched their hands break apart into miniscule pieces which were swept away into the cloud. A moment later, they jumped into the cloud, holding hands, and watched each other be swept away into nothing.

Somewhere, in the town that you live in, a pair of twins wake up holding hands in the living room of a large abandoned house. The boy with the same dark eyes and hair as his sister sits up and looks around. He turns and shakes the shoulder of his sister, motioning for her to get up so that they can leave the place. The girl with long, dark braids sits up and finds that under their intertwined hands, there is a mysterious dark wooden box. The twins look into each other's eyes and a flood of memories rush into their minds. They scramble to their feet and embrace each other, relieved that both halves had survived. Taking the box, they run out of the house and swear to each other that they will leave this town, for who had even noticed their departure?

Twenty years later, a dark-haired man, for he is no longer a boy, knocks on the door of a home in London. The twins had, indeed, left their hometown to find a better place for them to live. A woman with twin braids and a fair-haired baby on her hip opens the door and greets her brother, allowing him into her house. "Thomas! I haven't seen you in such a long time! How have you been doing? I'm sorry if you came to see Matthew, because he's at work right now…" Thomas smiles, and hands a picture of a dark ebony box to his sister. Her eyes grow wide as she takes it and she sits down in a soft chair conveniently right next to her.

"I-I thought we had disposed of it…had you taken a picture of it? Before we got rid of it, I mean…" Thomas continues to smile with a secret, which he quickly confides to his sister. "Today at the university, one of my friends-you know him, don't you? Herschel Layton? In the Archaeology Department? Of course you do. Well, it turns out that the man we had given it to is his mentor. Eventually, after a very long trip, the box-the Elysian box, it was called-fell into his and Luke's hands. They discovered that when it had been made, a chemical in the form of a gas had been absorbed into it. Apparently, this gas causes hallucinations."

Miriam sagged slightly in the chair, but not as to disturb the baby at her side. "So that's what did it. That's why it happened all those years ago. Oh, it makes so much sense…and you say Luke was involved in all of that? Poor child…oh!" Miriam looks at the clock. "So Luke is finally back from his escapades with the Professor?" She stands up, hands Thomas his niece, and peers out the door, clapping her hands together excitedly. "Oh! Finally! Matthew's back!" Miriam opens the door wide then drops to her knees as her blue-clothed son runs into her arms and hugs her as tears stream down her cheeks. "You're finally home…you will have to tell me all about what happened after dinner tonight!" Her son takes off his blue cap as he and his mother walk off to the kitchen for a quick snack.

Thomas sets his niece in her cradle by her mother's chair as his brother-in-law walks up to him. "Thomas, I have something to tell Miriam. But you have the same right to know as she does." The brown-haired man looks down, obviously upset. "Thomas, I'm being transferred. Across the sea to America." Thomas bites his lip, all pretense of a good mood evaporated. "In how long?" "In a year and a half." "Does Luke know?" "No. I want him to enjoy his time here for as long as possible." "I understand. I won't tell him, then. Goodbye, Matthew. See you later."

The door closes after him as Thomas walks out the door, processing the fact that in eighteen months, he will never see his sister, brother in law, nor his nephew or adorable niece again. Thomas turns the corner, thinking about that blasted box that both saved and ruined his life.


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