Ch. 1:To Be or Not to Be?

I saw her standing there with a small rain cloud over her head. She was looking away at the sky, but I don't know why when she already knew there was a rain cloud over her. She wore a beautiful and torn wedding dress that made her look attractive with a veil to cover her face. She held an umbrella over her head to keep from getting wet by the rain. I attempted to walk up to her but then she ran away. I thought she must have heard me or saw me coming and ran away being scared.

I followed her down the dirt hill to a big cave that had a giant water sea that was black. I wondered why she ran here in the middle of the night? So many questions but less are answered. I watched as her run away my feet fell like they were being pulled down by extra weights. My feet hasn't ever been so heavy and slow like this. After a few minutes of catching up with her she was with another group of guys that had shovels. If I had to guess, they were probably her bodyguards that were trying to keep anyone away from her.

12 minutes later

I now felt like it was going to be tough now to get her. I just turned around and went back home to Bladehenge. I knew if I wanted to get her and talk to her I'd have to have help from Eddie. Eddie would know what to do especially when he helped free everyone from emperor Doviculus' terror that was once brought to this land. It has been 3 years since then. I walked to the entrance of Bladehenge headquarters and spotted Eddie having a beer with kill master, and Ophelia.