Chpt. 4 Weightless

A/N: SURPRISE! Sorry for not having a new Chpt for a long time, I've been busy writing this new story of mine called Twisted Sanity. Anyway, this is still in Nikki's POV but it'll switch to Cody's later on. Chpt title based on a song from All Time Low.

I still hated being forced to come here, even though their wasn't much to do but stand I still remember how I used to play near the foggy waterfall when I was little. Kind of still wish dad was alive but he had an honorable burial. Everything went fine until a black car with bright headlights came out of nowhere and started to attack us. My mom yelled for me to run but I just stood there watching everything die.

I couldn't believe my eyes when a group of five girls with razor guns and dudes with no necks came out killing us. I ran to a the exit of the ice mines hoping to be safe until some big muscled dude with long black hair had a giant battle axe ready to swing at me. He hit me but I shocked him once it hit him. It stunned him for a while giving me an advantage to run until he started to catch up. What did he want with me? I didn't do anything and I couldn't recall pissing him off. I ran to the house and changed into my dad's uniform quickly hoping he wasn't still following me. When I stepped out, such horror took my eyes.

Everything was in flames, the ground, graves, and the queen's merch booth. Our queen was Ophelia, an evil nasty woman who vowed revenge on the person named Eddie for causing her heart to shatter. She flew over to me with her large black wings and grabbed me.

"Nikki, why are you in your late father's uniform? You're suppose to be with the rest of the brides. Where's your mother?" She asked holding me by my left arm.

"I don't know where shes at. I just started running and when I came out, there was fire surrounding me." I answered.

I looked down and couldn't believe it, the man that was chasing me was trying to kill my mom. I told the queen to let go but she didn't. I had no choice but to drop my self on him and hit him with my dad's shovel.

Cody's POV

A gravedigger dropped on my dad and hit him so I ran to save him from it. I took my dad's axe that he dropped and tried to slash the gravedigger but it blocked it with it's shovel. It kicked me in the stomach witch knocked me on the ground and it came closer to me. I felt scared of being hit but my dad grabbed its shovel and threw far away. My dad then took out his guitar and shoot lightning at it. One thing I didn't get was why it shoot lightning at him after he did. Then it came to me, what if it wasn't a gravedigger, because my dad told me only brides shot lightning out if you hit them.

I got a closer look at it and surprised me because it wasn't a gravedigger! It was a girl that looked like a gravedigger so I got up and opened my mouth ready to shout.


He soon got the message and backed off from her.

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