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Jimmy and Cindy were holding hands and walking along the small country lane. They had been dating for about six months beginning the night he first kissed her. Something had been building between them for months leading up to that kiss but it irrevocably changed their relationship. Maybe he felt empowered by the kiss but regardless he had managed to find the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend that very same evening. He anticipated she would say yes and her eager acceptance was reassuring to say the least. They had become inseparable before but they were now bound by the Gorlockian seal of trust.

They had found the country lane on one of the first official dates they had been on together. When you have a hover car that can travel at four hundred and fifty miles an hour it pretty much means sky's the limits for destination options. They had danced in Paris, eaten pasta in Italy, drank fruity drinks out of coconuts in Hawaii just to name a few. The list is too extensive to fully list and it is better to be left up to the imagination.

They country lane was a perfect match for the one they had imagined when their brains were converged as one in his virtual brain pod during the trading faces incident. Cindy was really flattered by the gesture. They had walked along it and acted out the simulation at least once a week. But of course it was the island that they had shared that was their favorite destination. The Andes Mountains can be majestic to behold as can the depths of the Grand Canyon but to Cindy and Jimmy there was nothing on Earth as beautiful as the secret island they shared.

They had spent their entire winter break from school on the island together. Jimmy had arranged for their absence easy enough with one of an infinite number of excuses. But the week was at an end. They did the customary cleaning that would tide the rebuilt tree houses over until the subsequent visit the following weekend. Cindy was waiting for Jimmy down the by the shore. She was seated on the log where he first gave her the nicest gift anyone had ever given her, the pearl. He joined her to watch the final sunset on what was the greatest week of fun, sun, and adventure. He sat down quietly and gently took his hand in hers. They stared for a moment lovingly into each others' eyes and turned to watch the sunset with their heads pressed together. She thought to herself that Jimmy had already given her the nicest gift (the pearl) but now he had given her the greatest gift (his heart).

They arrived back in Retroville around 11PM. She had opted for dropping the hover car off by the school so they could enjoy the night air together before they would have to retire to their respective houses for the evening. Sure they would see each other first thing in the morning for their walk to school but as I already stated they had become inseparable.

Along their way home Cindy checked her cell phone and found she had twenty messages from Libby asking how her week with Jimmy went. She typed out a quick reply saying she would explain as soon as she got home. She didn't notice the ball in her path that some kid had carelessly abandoned on the side walk. Jimmy had his arm around her waist as they walked so it was easy enough for him to stop her from falling but her cell phone landed in the street.

Jimmy went to retrieve it. He heard the sound but it was so sudden that his mind raced to figure out what it was. It was the sound of a car engine as it raced along the road. Some foolish teenagers out in their hot rod joy riding around apparently. The head lights were blinding as the car came right at him. He stared in a mix of shock and horror as he realized the car was going to hit him.

Cindy was smiling as Jimmy went to retrieve her phone. He was so sweet to her. She could not have asked for a better week or a better boyfriend. He could be so cute sometimes. Now that they had become close he spent a lot of time explaining everything to her in a polite understanding way that was completely in contrast to the condescending way he used to when he was simply trying to show off.

She saw the head lights of the car coming in the distance and it took her a moment to realize that the car was coming a lot faster than it seemed. Her heart dropped when she saw that it was on a dead on collision course with Jimmy. She reacted the only way she could think off. She had saved him in the same manner on the island from the giant Venus fly trap. It had worked then and a primitive part of her mind believed it would work again. She ran and shoved Jimmy as hard as she could.

He heard the mumbled shout of warning before the hit came. But it didn't come from the approaching car. Instead something small and hard hit him from the side. He pitched hard and hit the ground as he rolled to a stop. His elbows ached and his injured knee was bleeding through the thickness of his blue jeans but other than that he was ok. Tires screeched as the car came to a halt yards down the road. It was then that he saw Cindy lying in the road.

3 months later:

The room went quite as Jimmy walked into the class with his head hung low. It was his first attempt to come back to school in the last 3 months. His eyes were bloodshot from crying and lack of sleep. He was only twelve years old but seemed so worn out.

Sheen tried to cheer Jimmy up by quoting some random Ultra lord line but was cut off midsentence as Libby pushed past him and gave Jimmy a tight almost smothering hug. They spoke briefly then Jimmy just quietly took his seat. Carl greeted him as cheerful as he could but it fell flat when he saw the despair in his best friend's face. Jimmy opened a worn leather bound journal and jotted some notes in it before Miss Fowl arrived.

The lecture began and Jimmy did the best he could to pay attention but his mind raced over his calculations. He wasn't any closer to a solution. But he had to find one. The doctors didn't have any answers. They had done all they could. It was up to him. The anxiety gnawed on him and the guilt. It took all his effort to not look to his left. But it wasn't enough. His eyes glanced to the empty seat next to him, the one that should be filled by Cindy. His heart ached with longing and his eyes stung as the tears welled up. He missed her so much he felt like the pain was going to actually kill him. His sudden sob startled Mrs. Fowl as prepared as she had thought she would be for this.

"Jimmy?" Her voice squawked. "Would you like to be excused?" He nodded and quickly slipped out of the class room. Before he was even down the hall the class room erupted with chattering. He droned it out and started to run.


His parents walked in the hospital room and found Jimmy where he had been every night for the last three months. The nurse that escorted them in whispered that they should keep it down since he had only fallen asleep fifteen minutes ago. He was hunched over in the chair with his head resting on the side of her bed; the fingers of his right hand were interlaced with her left hand. The nurse had laid a sheet over him and he never stirred.

He was so tired. He had been working around the clock to find a means of helping her. The only time he rested was when he was sitting by her side watching over her. He had fallen asleep right there next to her every night. The Hospital administrator tried to object at first but the mayor owed Jimmy a favor from the countless times he saved the town, so the rules were bent to allow him full time access to her room. His parents, Principle Willoughby, and Miss Fowl knew how much she meant to him so they gave him the leave of absence from school he requested. It would mean he would be making up for it over the summer but he didn't care. Only she mattered to him. If he failed she would never wake up from her coma. If he succeeded they could take the summer classes together.

He woke up on a hospital cot. He was surprised that he hadn't woken up when they had moved him. He must have been more worn out then he had realized. He slipped out from under the stiff bleached hospital sheets and stood bare foot on the cold tiled floor. He took her hand sat and watched her breath in and out. He begged her as he had done every night to wake up. "Please wake up…"

To be continued…