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Jimmy and Cindy:

Jimmy turned the dials and prepared the Blue Lion for takeoff. Cindy could see, Betty in her monstrous cobra form approaching, through the Neutronically enhanced, 6 inch thick, Plexiglas that made up the windows of the cockpit.

"Neutron, she's coming! Get us off the ground!" Cindy shouted.

"I'm trying, Vortex! The Engines take time to get to fullpower, you know." Jimmy rebutted, as he glanced out the window, the monstrous head of the snake was nearly within striking range.

"Too late, hold on!" he shouted.

Cindy closed her eyes and braced for the impact. The Lion shuddered violently. Cindy screamed out in pain, as the slice on her back rubbed roughly against her seat, and her torn up knee grinded into the control terminal.

"Are you okay?" Jimmy shouted.

"I won't be, if you don't get us away from that thing!" She replied.

The metal grinded and squealed, as Betty coiled her body around and around. He opened the thrusters, full throttle. The Lion began to ascend.

"Hold on, Cindy. I have to shake her off!" Jimmy shouted. Cindy held onto her seat restraints. Her stomach lurched slightly, as the Lion barrel rolled violently, first one way, and then the other.

"It's not working, Jimmy! She's tightening her grip around us." She shouted.

Cindy looked up just in time, to see the gaping mouth and the three foot long fangs, before the head shot forward striking the cockpit. The metal shuddered, but held firm." Cindy screamed.

"Don't worry, Cindy. I designed this Lion to withstand the crushing depths of the deepest parts of the ocean. There is no way she can penetrate the-"Jimmy's words turned into a scream, as the teeth sliced through the hull, narrowly missing him.

"You were saying?" Cindy shouted sarcastically.

"This is not the time to argue!" Jimmy shouted.

"Who's arguing? I just want to live through this." Cindy rebutted.

He looked around frantically at the control panel. His eyes found one of the Lion's outer defenses. "That's it!" He blurted out as he pressed a button marked with a little drawing of a lion with 3 lightning bolts coming out of it. The Outside of the Lion flashed with blue bolts of energy.

Betty saw a flash of white light a moment before she felt the pain. She let out a sound breaking roar, as the electricity coursed through her body. She writhed involuntarily into unconsciousness, lost her grip on the lion, and fell into the jungle two hundred feet below.

"We made it, Cindy. She's off of us." Jimmy said, not bothering to mask the relief he felt.

Cindy sighed deeply, took a moment to let her racing heart calm itself, and asked "You don't suppose she's dead do you? I can't see through the trees with my x-ray vision. I don't know if it's because my powers are that weak, or if the trees are that thick in this part of the jungle for me to see anything.

"I was wondering about that. How are your wounds?" Jimmy asked, as he turned to look at her. His face was filled with concern.

Cindy felt her cheeks flush, with embarrassment. "I'm fine, Jimmy. I really am. Look, my wounds have already healed over." She said, as she turned, she lifted up her shirt revealing her back, so he could see that she was telling the truth.

His breath caught in his throat, his eyes ran over the contours of her muscles, the shape of her ribs, down the length of her spine toward the pants line of her suit. He tried to look at her scientifically, but the increase in his pulse and his body's excitement level embarrassed him. He hadn't realized he was holding his breath until his body involuntarily made him gasp for air.

"You look absolutely amazing." His face flushed redder. "I mean you look tip top shape." He quickly turned back to his controls.

Cindy's super hearing picked up the sudden race of his heartbeat. She mentally noted that it was due to her. She considered saying something to him, but didn't want to embarrass him more than he already was. His increased pulse was an unsaid compliment and it made her grin so hard that her face hurt.

"You don't suppose she's dead do you?" She repeated her earlier question trying to change the subject.

"Not a chance. I've just picked her up on the thermal scanner. She seems to have absorbed the energy and grew even larger. " Jimmy said.

"What do we do now?" Cindy asked.

"We regroup with the others and launch and all out strike against that thing." Jimmy replied.

Jimmy turned on the telecommunication system. Their friends appeared on the screen. "Hey, Jimmy!" everyone shouted happily.

"You see everyone. I told you that Cindy had found Jimmy." Carl said proudly.

"Thanks Carl, but there is no time for a reunion's guys. Whoa, wait a minute! Is that Jet Fusion?" Jimmy asked.

"Hey there, Jimmy. How are you doing little, buddy?" Jet asked.

"Did you really come here to rescue me?" Jimmy asked.

"You bet I did. You've done the same for me when I needed you. "Jet replied.

"When this is over, why don't you two can get a room?" Libby asked.

"Libby is right old chaps, we have to carry the can, Eustace said.

"Carry the can? What the heck does that mean?" Sheen asked.

"It means to take responsibility and fix an error we made. This Betty monster is undeniably a mistake of all our making. I feel it's high time that we erase that mistake." Eustace replied.

"Guys, Betty is growing more powerful by the moment. We need to launch an attack now, while she is still stunned." Jimmy commanded.

"Right!" Everyone shouted in unison.

"So what's the plan, Captain Jimmy?" Sheen asked.

"Jimmy, she's already recovered!" Libby shouted.

"Terrific, I really need to work on my leadership skills." Jimmy said exasperated.

The monstrous cobra reared up in an attack position and faced the lions. She opened her large pearl like eyes. They were glowing green, and focused specifically on the blue lion.

"Guys, incoming attack, take Evasive action!" Jimmy shouted. The Blue lion strafed to the left, just avoiding the eye blast.

"Woah, the snake has eye blasts like the Betty creature!" Sheen shouted.

"That's because the snake is Betty you chowder head!" Cindy retorted.

"Guys please stop arguing. We have to concentrate on fighting Betty." Carl said, as he strafed to avoid an eye blast aimed at his Lion.

"Everyone shut up and let, Neutron speak!" Cindy shouted into the microphone. Everyone went silent. "Go ahead, Jimmy." She said quietly.

"Libby, Jet, and Eustace use your Ion darts to lay down suppressive fire. Sheen and Carl use your sting-ray missiles. Cindy and I will try roasting the beast with our lion torches. "Jimmy ordered.

Betty took every attack that was thrown at her and kept coming. Jimmy watched on the thermal monitor, as Betty absorbed the energy of their attacks and then reflected it back at them through her eyes.

"Nothing is working, Jimmy. Do you have any other plan in that big head of yours?" Cindy asked.

"I've been thinking. She seems to be absorbing and focusing her ranged attacks directly through her eyes. When Betty was still in human form, she was using a snake ring. Do you remember?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah, it was shaped like a two headed snake. She placed our pearls into the mouths. She was focusing her power through the ring." Cindy replied.

"I don't think she was focusing her power. I think she was getting her power from the ring, and specifically from the pearls. The Problem I'm having is figuring out why the pearls have power." Jimmy said.

"Well the Pearls had power in the dream world because they're important to me. Don't you remember? They got us out of trouble a bunch of times." Cindy asked.

"Of course I remember, but that doesn't explain why they would have power now." Jimmy replied.

"When you were brainwashed, you told me that I was still connected to the Dream Injector. After you imprisoned me, I figured it was another lie. Maybe you weren't lying about that detail after all." Cindy replied.

"That's it! The Pearls are acting as a conduit, allowing Betty to alter details of the dream, and since the Earth is inside of your dream, Betty can change things on Earth. We have to get the pearls away from Betty, and then we can kill her. And we know exactly where to find the pearls." Jimmy said proudly as he tapped the monitor right over the Cobra's pearl colored eyes."

To be continued.