My Howl

I don't own the film Howl's moving castle that belongs to the great Hayao Miyazaki and studio Ghibli and I don't own the book that belongs to Diana Wynne Jones. And this is a bit of a what if story. Also if I get the characters wrong please bear with me because this is my first Howls Moving Castle fan fic. Also tell me if I do anything wrong, I except criticism.

Chapter one, secrets on both sides.

*sniff sniff*

Heen the dog was sniffing at Sophie's and Howl's closed bedroom door. Sophie was awake watching the shadow of the dog move across the crack under the door. Howl was sleeping next to her. He had his arms around her and his head on her neck. She couldn't sleep. Light was just making it through the closed curtains. The castle now and again creaked as Calcifer snored in his sleep.

No one was awake except Sophie. It was complete silence except the many clocks in Howls room. Sophie suddenly felt strange, like how felt when she last ate turnips… Sophie jumped up and ran to the bathroom across the hall way. When she got there she grabbed the sink and throw up last night's dinner.

Howl woke up rather abruptly when Sophie ran out of bed. What now? He had been under a lot of stress since he had got a heart and the war had ended, which hadn't pleased everyone. And as a result of that they were on the run from other wizards, Howl only told Calcifer about that, Sophie and Michael didn't need to know about it.

He only became worried when he heard Sophie was being sick. Howl sat up confirming the noise before jumping up and half running half flying to the bathroom.

Sophie was just getting her head together after being sick when she felt a stare on her she turned to see Howl in the door way. They stared in silence for five seconds exactly, and then Howl rushed next to her. Sophie blushed a little as he helped her to stand up properly and put his arms around her. Howl began to brush the silver hair out of Sophie's face. As Sophie for some reason, even she didn't know, began crying against him as she held him close.

"Sophie, love what's the matter?" he asked finding his voice after a while.

"Nothing Howl, I think I had some turnips last night" she said, that did seem logical.

Howl didn't seem convinced, but what could he do except just go with what she told him. Sophie began to get herself back together. All Howl could do was just hold her and whisper encouraging words to her like, "I'm here now, I'm here" or "Everything is alright". Sophie finally stopped crying after about ten minutes. They stood in silence for a moment Howl could have asked whether she was alright but no, Howl being Howl wanted to do the unexpected.

Sophie suddenly felt Howl grab her legs and life her into a bridle style hold. "Howl!" she cried at him half embarrassed half shocked.

"What?" he asked grinning at her in a mischievous way; she blushed hard but did everything in her power not to. Howl carried her down stairs. Waking Calcifer in the process.

"What are you two doing at this time in the morning?" the little flame said angrily

"Sophie doesn't feel well" said Howl smiling his usual childish smile to Calcifer trying to be on the flames good side.

"I'm fine" she hissed angrily.

"The woman's fine Howl" said Calcifer tiredly

"I just think you needed some tender loving care" he said placing her in a chair.

"And I suppose I will have to boil some water for you to make her tea?" he said crossing his tiny arms

"Of course" said Howl

"Yeah I'll do that in a reasonable hour" said Calcifer turning away from the couple.

"Alright fine" said Howl "I except your decision" he said picking up the bucket of logs next to the fire place.

"Err Howl where are you going with those?" he said looking up "Howl I need those. Howl where are you going? Howl, Howl, Howl! Alright I'll do it!" he cried just as Howl had reached the door.

"I don't want any tea anyway" Sophie whispered

"WHAT!" snapped Calcifer just as he got the bucket back and placed a log into his mouth.

"I'll just have some milk" she said not looking at either Howl or Calcifer.

"Alright fine in fact I don't even care anymore" said Calcifer closing his eyes grumpily

"Well then I'll get some milk" he said slowly turning into a bird and swept out the portal turning it to blue before he left.

The second he left Sophie began crying. Calcifer grumpy for being waken up again, woke up. He was going to shout at her when he realised she was crying. "Sophie what's wrong?" he asked sternly

"Nothing, Calcifer" she chocked out

"Sophie tell me" he said in his won't take no for an answer voice

"Calcifer, I think I've done something terrible" she whispered

"What? Just get it over with!"

"I'm think I'm going to have a baby" she said turning away crying even more.

Calcifer was stunned at the news he just heard when the shock was over he managed to talk "I take it Howl doesn't know"

She shook her head "I found out yesterday and I don't know what to do" she whispered "I'm so scared about telling Howl, I don't know what will happen if I tell him."

"Sophie you have to tell him" said Calcifer gently even though he knew about the wizard's threat and knew this was the worst time for Howl to find out he was going to be a father.

"But he's still a child in his own mind" she sniffed

"I don't know, these past months since he got a heart back he has taken more on, like he won't hide from his problems anymore and he cares about you."

She nodded looking up at the flame. Calcifer picked up another log from the bucket next to him and stuffed it into his mouth. Sophie began to get herself together so Howl didn't walk in and find her crying. "I think I'll go back to bed" she said tiredly standing up.

"I'm sure Howl will make a great father" Calcifer smiled up at her as she climbed the stairs.

"Maybe, goodnight Calcifer."

"Day" corrected Calcifer yawning as he settled in the ashes again.

Howl was sweeping over the town as the amber and peach sun swept over the land. He breathed in the fresh air. He was feeling happy for once in his life. He could just about see his beautiful castle that they had expertly landed on the side of a cliff last night.

Howl suddenly heard a call that meant one thing, "Wizards" he muttered that's all he needed. All the wizards that couldn't change back to humans and those who believed in the war blamed Howl for the end of the war.

Howl looked behind him; about half a dozen of them were following him to go to the castle. He glared at them as they swooped at him. He glided down past the castle as they crashed after him. "Your rats with wings!" he called at them as flew after him. The small monster like wizards managed to grab on to his right wing each one digging their teeth and claws into it. Howl screeched in pain crashing into the side of the mountain. Howl sat up and shook them off and tried to fly though a bit lower to the ground.

Howl managed to land into the door, pulled himself in, slamming the door behind him and twisted the portal knob so that it was black.

He breathed hard.

He looked at Calcifer, he had gone back to sleep. He sighed and sat at the fire place using all his strength to change back into a human.

"Wow Howl you look bad" said Calcifer daring a peek.

Howl chuckled to himself.


"Who else?" Howl sighed laying his head back.

The castle suddenly shook. "What was that?" asked Howl raising his head.

"I don't know…" said Calcifer who was cut short because the castle was nearly pushed over.

They both slowly turned when the dial changed from black to green…

"The wizards!" cried Howl realising suddenly "Calcifer start flying!" Calcifer nodded and began to move the castle.

"What's going on Master Howl?" said Markel walking down the stairs rubbing his eyes Heen wheezing in his arms.

"We're being attacked!" said Howl pulling books down from shelves trying to find a suitable spell to help them protect the castle.

"Howl who's attacking us?" asked Sophie running down the stairs to him shocked at what she had just heard.

"Wizards" said Howl finding a suitable spell. The castle swayed violently in the air.

Sophie had no time to question him; she would have to do that later. She suddenly remembered the witch of the waste. "I need to get the witch of the waste" she called to Howl.

The door was rattling and the Portal was struggling to keep still as the Wizards scrabbled to get in.

Sophie passed the door to get to the witches room the main door burst open pulling Sophie through. "Sophie!" cried Howl running to the door trying to catch her but it was too fast Sophie was already gone and the door slammed shut as the portal changed colour.

"No, no, no, NO!" cried Howl as he turned the knob again with difficulty onto the black colour. The shaking stopped. Calcifer panted as he landed the castle.

"What happened?" asked Markel confused. "Why did they stop attacking us?"

"I think they grew tired or felt that they accomplished something." Calcifer panted as he lay back against the logs.

Howl didn't move.

"Where's Sophie Master Howl?" Markel whispered daring to ask.

"I-I don't know" whispered Howl sniffing hard.

"What do you mean?"

"Th-that Portal leads where the person needs to go the most." Howl whispered "For all I know she could be in a middle of a firing zone or stuck in my subconscious" he cried suddenly breaking down clutching at the door.

Calcifer kept his mouth shut; he didn't want to make Howl's pain worse.

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