Laying on the bed in the vacation home Izaya rolled over poking his lover. "neh, Shizzy...Don't you just love old books?" Shizuo scrunching his face woke up ." That's not my name , Flea"

Izaya heard the nickname and hoped off the bed. They were together weren't they? Since they had begon the relationship it felt as if he was called that more often. It hurt every time and he tried to deny the feeling every time too. He'll ignore it this time. " -Of course you don't my protozoan lover," Shizuo grabbed a cigarate at that Izaya slipped it from his fingers. "You promised no smoking Shizzy!" Izaya taunted him backing away.

"Getting back to what I was saying~, books live so long just to be cased or over used 'till they shatter... " "Aww!~ , The buildings too so old but hold up just to be hit with a wrecking ball and replaced with malls and other human wants"

"What does this have to do with anything Izaya?" Shizuo replied.

Izaya laughed like a school girl. " Oh!~ So the brute was listening? You amaze everyday Shizzy~"

"One more word Izaya and i'll-" Izaya turned from smiling to frowning. "You'll what? Chase me?

Throw something..? really I thought we were together or does this mean nothing to you?" He traced a heart with his finger. Hearing no reply Izaya, slamming the door left.

Shizuo started to realize he was pushing it with calling Izaya flea but he was so used to doing that. He didn't expect Izaya to snap though but he didn't know how to reply. He stood in the empty house and thought /Izaya would come back like all the other times he'd gone abit far on things. What he thougt was wrong.

The next day Izaya didn't come back. Shizuo looked but days passed.

Izaya just disappeared. Now even Celty was helping Shizuo look even though Shinra wined about being pulled from there loving hour.

Walking home after work Shizuo started to see an image of Izaya talking to him. When he got in there vacation home he saw Izaya cooking and smiling. Izaya really was a good cook. Shizuo even faintly felt Izaya's hands covering his eyes laughing. He knew he was going crazy but... he missed him.

He regretted what he did.. if only he knew it would have led to this. Then, suddenly he remembered something Izaya said before and stormed out the house. He looked at an old factory building chuncks of brick falling of the side.

He went in. "Don't you just love old books?... buildings too" He recalled those words spotting a book shelf in a room down the cracking hallway. He ran in the room and looked around headin towards the shelf. When he saw a book moving he grabbed pulling it. "If you pull it any harder you'll destroy it Shizuo"

Shizuo's eyes widened. He knew that voice. "Izaya..." He gaped as Izaya moved from behind the case. He took in what the smaller looked at that moment. He'd been missing for a week.. he must've not eaten. Had he been waiting for Shizuo to find him? "Izaya.. I -" Izaya cut him off with a finger to Shizuo's lips. "Ah, so you going to say sorry now brute?"

Shizuo was but he knew now that was what Izaya expected of him. He wish Izaya was that easy. "No, I wanted to tell you something"

Izaya laughed pulling his flick-blade out to Shizuo's neck. "Well then spill it"

He commanded harshly.

Shizuo, pushing the blade away said," Old Books and buildings...I understand why you like them now..."

"Why?" Izaya said glaring at him. Shizuo stayed calm. "There fragile... They need to be taken care of well ...and.. there just like you...They'll break soon or later.. just like you" Shizuo said Izaya let his blade hit the floor wiping at his eyes. "No fair.. you reading me well Shizzy" He cried and Shizuo smiled bringing his head up into a kiss.

"I win this time then so i'm taking you back home" Shizuo said taking Izaya's hand and leading him out the building grinning.