We still don't know who these invaders were or where they came from. Humanity was saved from extinction thanks to our microscopic friends, the bacterium, the viruses and the germs, that we have co-existed with on this planet for centuries. Those simple, tiny organisms brought down the invaders with their mere existence, when all the so-called great powers of humanity had failed. For all the might of the invaders, for all their weapons and all their ruthlessness, it was a common cold that destroyed them.

It's been almost six months since the invasion and life has returned to some normality. It will take a few years for us to rebuild and re-establish ourselves on this planet, but we persevere.

As for me, I'm rebuilding my life piece by piece too.

Following the discovery of several more collapsed Tripods and dead aliens, I was taken to an emergency shelter that had been set up in a school hall by the soldiers who had picked me up. I saw a doctor about my hands, received a good hot meal and a comfortable bed. Most importantly, people surrounded me. I wasn't alone anymore, which lifted my spirit considerably.

I stayed in that shelter for a couple of weeks before venturing out on my own. I located my parents. They had escaped into the northern parts of Scotland. Thanks to a search effort set up by the army and volunteers, I was even able to contact them. I sent them a simple telegram to the shelter in which they were staying. I told them, "I'm safe and I love you." Their reply was a simple one too – "We love you too. We'll see you soon." There didn't need to be any more words said than that.

I still haven't found my husband. I heard that some people escaped overseas, so perhaps when they return he will be amongst them. All I can do is hope.