Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within.
A. Philip Randolph


The Northern Pack of Jasper Park:

Cain: the leader of the Northern Pack. Father of Gabriel, Michael, Adam, and Enoch. Mate of Bathsheba. (male)

Michael: Cain's Beta, General of the northern pack's forces, alpha wolf, Brother of Gabriel, Adam, and Enoch. (male)

Gabriel: Cain's second son, Alpha wolf, Brother of Adam, Michael, and Enoch. (male)

Enoch: Cain's forward scout and infiltrator. Cain's third son, Brother of Adam, Michael, and Gabriel. (Male)

Adam: Cain's fourth son, beta wolf, Brother of Gabriel, Michael, and Enoch. (male)

The Valley Pack of Jasper park:

Kate: Alpha wolf, joint-leader of the valley pack. Humphrey's mate. (female)

Humphrey: Omega wolf, joint-leader of the valley pack. Kate's mate. (Male)

Garth: Alpha wolf, joint-leader of the valley pack. Lilly's mate. (male)

Lilly: Omega wolf, Joint-leader of the valley pack. Garth's mate. (female)

Margaret: Beta wolf, pupsitter. (female)

Moron : Beta wolf, hunter. (male)

Doug : Omega wolf, comedian. (male)

Eve: Alpha wolf, former joint-leader of the Western pack. (female)

The Southern Pack Of Jasper Park:

Maria: Alpha wolf, daughter of the Pack Leader. (female).

Dash: Second-in-command, alpha wolf. (male)

Micah: pup, omega, messenger, Maria's brother. (male)

Daisy: Elderly wolf, Beta, storyteller. (female).

Darius: Omega, troublemaker, anarchist. (male).

Michelle: Omega, jokester, Maria's sister. (female)

Dany: Beta, healer. (female)


As this story( and the A&O movie, to an extent) deviates from how a wolf pack works, I'll put this here to prevent any confusion:

Alphas: the leaders, most of you are familiar with them. This is , along with betas, a generalization of alphas, of which there are really only two, and subordinates. Non-leader alphas, and betas, make up the subordinate ranking.

Betas: this is where most of the wolves in the pack reside. It's a generalization of the subordinate rank, and that of the actual Beta. The actual beta is a single wolf, who is generally like the su-chef in a kitchen: he's in command when the Alpha isn't there.

Omegas: there's usually only one, but in the movie, there's enough to make up an entire pack. You know these guys.

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