Complicated Situations
Chapter Seventeen: Day Seven aka The Epilogue
by PrettyGothGirl

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Spoilers: Post X-Men, not X2, X3 or Origins Compatible
Summary: One fine morning, Remy and Marie wake up together, happily married and they can't remember a thing. Day Seven: Professor Xavier has had almost a week to try and determine the cause of Remy and Marie's amnesia, he's not the greatest psychic in the world for nothing...
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Last time in Complicated Situations... Remy and Marie went through with the hard decision and moved North to focus on their marriage and so Marie could go back to school... as for the family that wasn't mentioned, Emil was passed out from getting drunk the night before, Theoren was feverishly making lists of what needed to be done when Remy returned (with or without Marie) and Mercy was sulking in bed stoutly refusing to believe that Remy would leave and professing mightily she didn't care if he did (though she really did care quite a lot)... not that this changed anything.

July 7th Day Seven, Friday

Charles regarded the young woman who sat across the desk from him, doubt written across her face. She was young, young in the relative terms as in young compared to him, perhaps about Ororo's age and she had tried to age herself by the way she dressed in a neutral tailored suit that clashed with her skin tone and her pale blonde hair pulled back tightly away from her forehead into a bun. Nothing could age the round face and full lips that if she had taken more time with her appearance would have made her more attractive than this jarring image of a woman trying to make herself older before her time. Charles knew the reasons she was trying to make herself that way and while he sympathized it wasn't working. She looked like a child in her mother's clothes, a lost child. She pressed her lips together and clasped her hands tighter together, her ankles crossed.

"Ah'm sorry, Professor Xavier. Ah simply cannot believe in what yah so obviously do." She shook her head. "It simply isn't possible."

Charles could read from her mind that she was about to thank him for his consideration and leave. He kept his smile on his face. "Please, Mrs. Flynn, let me explain further. I do have some evidence behind my claims." He looked expectantly at the door. Someone knocked. "Come in." He said.

The door opened and Remy entered, hand in hand with Marie. "Bonjour, Professor."

Charles smiled broadly at them. "Good morning, Remy, Marie."

Remy shut the door behind them and led Marie to a sofa. She sat and adjusted the skirt of her little black dress and with a curious glance at the woman, Marie looked at Charles. "Yah said yah might have an answer to what happened to us."

Remy sat next to Marie and took her hands in his.

Charles nodded. "I believe I do. I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Flynn and her daughter, Taisie."

Marie looked at Mrs. Flynn but Remy's nudged her and her eyes traveled past the woman to the next chair over to Taisie who had chosen a large wingback chair for herself, Ororo's favorite wingback and it had obviously been dragged to its current position from where it usually sat by the fireplace. But the chair was inconsequential to the presence of the little girl inside it. Her hair a brilliant neon pink was piled on top of her head with spiral curls trailing over her shoulders. She clasped in gloved hands a pink purse that matched the pink satin and lace party dress to perfection. It didn't matter that her stocking feet in black polished mary janes dangled six inches above the floor or that her fake pearl necklace was slightly askew. Taisie met Marie's gaze with large violet eyes set off by turquoise eye shadow. She bit on her lip and the last of the pale pink lip-gloss vanished. Marie smiled at her. "A pleasure to meet yah."

Remy nodded. "Bonjour Madame, petite."

Charles looked at Mrs. Flynn. "I believe, though they don't know it, Marie and Remy can verify that your daughter is indeed a mutant."

"Taisie is a perfectly normal child." Mrs. Flynn stiffened.

"And extraordinarily gifted." Charles added. He glanced at Taisie. "Do you enjoy stories, Taisie?" He asked. Taisie glanced at her mother, but when Mrs. Flynn wouldn't look at her, she nodded at Charles. "Good. I have an especially nice one, though it is very short and it happens to be true. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young maiden who had run away from home."

Taisie's eyes lit up. "Was she a princess? I like princesses."

Charles looked at Marie. "I don't know. Would you like to be a princess, Marie?"

Marie glanced at Remy whose lips were twitching. "Not yet. Remy could be a Prince though."

"Very well," Charles nodded. "The beautiful young maiden's name was Marie and she was very special, for she had a terrible gift that she had through many adventures gained control of and now she needed time to think about where her life was going to take her. One night on her journey, she laid down at an inn."

Remy interrupted. "And woke up married to a handsome Prince in an inn at his beautiful city."

Charles looked at him levelly and decided that it was probably best not to comment about who was telling the story.

Taisie tilted her head. "So, she became a Princess."

"Oui." Remy nodded.

Taisie reached up and tugged on one of her curls. "Yah were right. It were short."

"I wasn't done, but now I shall have to revise." Charles sighed. "The Prince and now the Princess didn't remember what had happened and so they set out to investigate how this could have come to pass. They discovered that they had met not many days earlier and at their first kiss had fallen in love and decided to marry right away without telling their family or friends."

Mrs. Flynn interrupted. "A very nice story to be sure, but what does it have to do with Taisie being a mutant."

Charles folded his hands. "As I said, this story happens to be true. Mrs. Flynn, at what time on Thursday morning did you and your husband disclose to Taisie that you were getting a divorce?"

Mrs. Flynn colored. "I don't see where that is any of your business, though I don't know how you know that in the first place."

Charles continued gently. "It was early morning, perhaps between eight thirty and nine o'clock." He looked at Taisie. "And it greatly hurt you." He said. Taisie's eyes had widened and they seemed too big for her face tears gathering at the bottom of them. She wrapped her arms about her purse. Charles continued. "You were so upset that you collapsed. Do you remember what you were thinking?"

"Ah, Ah just want them to love each other and be happy again!" Taisie cried out and burst into tears.

Remy and Marie looked at each other. Their hands tightened and while part of them silently vowed that the two of them would never become like the Flynn's, the other part of them faced the truth that they had met and gotten married because of little girl who could be no more than ten years old manifesting her powers under the stress of her parents separating.

It had been a well meant wish, a wish that had gone wildly astray.

Charles couldn't say anything to ease her pain. There was nothing to say. "What every child wants for their parents." He looked at Mrs. Flynn. "Between eight thirty and nine o'clock Thursday morning, Remy and Marie stopped remembering what happened to them and those around them also forgot them."

"That proves nothing." Mrs. Flynn's eyes narrowed.

"They met, fell in love and the very next day decided to get married so they could be happy together." Charles continued.

Taisie started to sob. She understood and it horrified her. It was one thing to read in fairytales about the Prince and Princess falling in love at first sight, but to have something she'd done force them into it. She didn't believe in that, she couldn't do something like that. "Ah didn't mean to!" She hadn't. She hadn't known!

Remy couldn't stand her tears anymore. He squeezed Marie's hand, got up, crossed the room and knelt down next to Taisie pulling out a handkerchief and putting it into her hands. "Oh petite. Of course, yah didn't mean to, yah didn't have any control over it." He said. Taisie stared at the handkerchief and sniffled. He continued, taking it back from her and wiping her eyes. "And Marie and Ah are very happy. Yah did a wonderful t'in' for us or to us, whatever de case may be, oui?"

Marie knelt down on the other side of the chair. She smiled at Taisie. "It were like our very own fairy tale, a wonderful one with only the things we wanted. A dream come true."

"Taisie resonates strongly on a psychic level as a mutant who has just manifested their powers does." Charles said to Mrs. Flynn.

"My daughter is perfectly normal. She is not a mutant." Mrs. Flynn insisted.

"Yah don' remember?" Taisie asked, voice small.

"Non." Remy held out the handkerchief. "Wipe your nose, petite."

"That's awful," Taisie wailed, "and unfair." She wiped her nose.

Marie smiled. "We t'ink so too."

"Your daughter has the ability to find minds that resonate with each other and cause them to meet." Charles said. "I hesitate to put it this way, but perhaps you could say that she finds the two halves of a whole or even soul mates and brings them together, easing their way towards whatever she wishes. It's not something that can be seen. It is something that can only be felt on a psychic level."

Taisie stared at the handkerchief crushed in her hands. "So, Ah didn't make them get married?"

Charles could hear how much this relieved her and he smiled. She had such strong ethics for one so young. "No, child. You just attracted them to each other, like magnets and they did the rest." She didn't need to hear that the power of her manifestation had greatly hurried what he hoped was the normal process of her powers. He did not believe that pulling minds together from miles apart and having them get married overnight was normal especially for her age.

"Oh." Taisie glanced up and met Remy's eyes for a second and then glanced back at her lap. She glanced at Marie next.

Remy winked at Marie. "Ah'm not sure if we should be complimented for takin' prompt action or insulted for bein' hasty."

Marie wrinkled her nose. "Ah got yah now, sugar. There ain't no take backs."

Remy grinned. "Bon." He said and leaned over and kissed her quickly.

Taisie giggled and it was slightly watery, but it was a giggle.

"Mrs. Flynn," Charles broke in. "Whether or not you want to believe it, Taisie has a gift, one that she needs to be trained in so she can control it, instead of it controlling her. At the very least, I can offer Taisie an excellent education and a stable environment at my school."

"With other mutants." Mrs. Flynn said and the way she said it made it clear that she did not believe in mutants at all.

Marie stood and held out her hand to Taisie. "Why don' Remy and Ah take Taisie on a tour, while yah two discuss it."

Charles smiled. "That would be welcome."

Taisie glanced at Marie's hand and then at the handkerchief still in her hands and then at Remy and then at her mother.

"Keep it, petite." Remy said.

Mrs. Flynn pressed her lips together and then nodded. Taisie wiggled off the chair and took Marie's hand. Marie tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "Do yah like horses?"

Taisie nodded. "All princesses should ride horses. Are there any white ones?"

Marie half smiled and led her to the door. "No. There are a bunch of brown ones and some gray ones."

Remy stood up and followed them.

Taisie sighed. "Ah guess they'll have to do."

Marie leaned down. "Ah was disappointed too." She whispered.

Taisie grinned and looked back at Remy. She gestured at him and he came up and opened the door before taking her other hand. "What does petite mean?" She asked.

Remy smiled at her. "Little one, it's French. T'ey teach French here if yah want to learn." He said and the door closed behind them.

Charles tried not to shake his head at how well both of them got along with young children and then turned his attention back to convincing Mrs. Flynn that it was in her and Taisie's best interest to attend school here.

He prayed that he would succeed.

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