Kinnetik – Mid-morning

Cynthia looked up from her desk and smiled politely as she recognized the familiar face of one of Brian's top clients. "Mr. Chamberlain," she greeted the handsome man. Maxwell Chamberlain was one of those men who generated appreciative stares no matter where he went – his family tree had gifted him with an excellent gene bank apparently, because the overall effect was striking: the 30-something businessman possessed a full, thick mop of wavy, jet-black hair, piercing blue eyes, and chiseled features that could have been straight out of GQ magazine. From the way his tailored, custom-made expensive suits always clung to his tall frame, also, it was obvious he took pride in keeping his body toned and trim.

By now Chamberlain was used to the stares from both men and women wherever he went, but he was strictly a cock man – had always known he was gay pretty much since he had reached puberty. His first sexual encounter had been with a somewhat shy, hesitant school classmate who he had jacked off inside a broom closet in the basement of their junior high. Once he had experienced the joys of ramming his cock down a cute boy's unexpectedly tight, virgin ass in high school, though, he had never looked back. He was a top and would always be a top. He had been born a top practically from the second he had popped out of his mother's womb. Of course with his darkly handsome looks, there were always willing tricks who wiggled their butts openly at him in invitation wherever he went, almost begging outright for a chance to have his 9-inch cock embedded inside them; being the generous person that he was, too, he was usually more than happy to comply with their wishes, as long as the piece of ass was a good one. Yes, life was good for him in the exotic automobile business, where he was a dealer of the most sought-after, rare, luxury models. Not only was he quite comfortable financially as a result, but he could have his pick of any man he wished.

Any man except the one he was about to meet with. He had set his sights on Brian Kinney from the first moment he had met the ad executive. He had noticed immediately how attractive the other man was – they were both startlingly alike in their passion and dedication for their work, their ambition, and their drive, and Kinney had been blessed with the sort of physical features he found quite striking. But they were also both alpha males – unable to give in to the other man's desire to literally be the one on top. So after much flirtatious innuendo and a couple of blow jobs to satisfy their curiosity later, they had eventually settled into a more professional relationship, both unable to give in to being the bottom for each other's fantasies but agreeable to working together to obtain mutually desirable goals – to promote their respective businesses and increase their profitability.

Max, as he was known to his friends, had been doing business now with Kinnetik for approximately a year. In that time, Brian had managed to create some outrageous but also highly effective ad campaigns for his business, resulting in a 20% increase in sales during that time. For that, he was sincerely grateful. As he noticed the ad executive walking toward him, however, it was times like this where he fleetingly wished their relationship could have been more – Brian was wearing a dark gray Armani suit that accentuated his muscled features perfectly; the ash-gray shirt and pinstriped, blood-red and black tie set his bronze skin off dramatically as the other man walked up to him with a warm smile.

"Max," Brian greeted him with a firm handshake. "Great to see you," he stated. He nodded slightly to Cynthia to indicate she could go back to her work; the blond turned and walked a dozen feet or so back to her desk and sat down, quietly eyeing the two attractive men as they conversed. Despite being well aware of both being gay, that still didn't prevent her – or the several other women scattered around the large working area – from stealing admiring glances their way.

Brian's brows furrowed. "Did we have an appointment?" he asked puzzled.

Max shook his head and smiled ruefully. "No," he admitted. "But I was in the area and took a chance that you could see me for a few minutes. Are you available for some shop talk?"

"For you….always," Brian told him firmly, holding out his hand to indicate he should follow him back to his office. After all, the man had helped generate a tidy little profit for Kinnetik over the past year, so he wasn't about to turn the man away. "Coffee?" he asked him.

"God, no," Chamberlain told him. "By the time I've gotten to the office, I've already downed four mugs' worth. I've already shot my quota for the day, but thanks."

Brian nodded with a polite smile. "Okay, then, let's go to my office and you can tell me what's on your mind."

A few minutes later, Brian and his guest were comfortably ensconced in his office, the ad exec in his customary spot behind the long, sleek desk and his visitor reclining slightly backward in his leather chair facing him.

"So…..what's on your mind, Max?" Brian asked him curiously. He hadn't spoken to the other man for approximately four months now, not since the last print campaign he had developed for him. He was hoping after how lucrative the last one had proven for his business, the man was ready now for a new promotion.

His hopes sprung to fruition as Max smiled back at him to say, "Well, unless you've changed your position in certain other areas…I'm ready to launch a new advertising angle for my business."

Brian smiled; he knew exactly what 'other' position the man was referring to; each time they saw each other Chamberlain did his damndest to get him to change his mind about letting him fuck him, but he wasn't going to budge. He wasn't anybody's bottom boy – well, almost anybody. There was only one man he let have that privilege, and neither one of them was ever going to divulge that particular fact. He had never come out and told Justin he couldn't tell, but he also knew his lover never would.

He smiled slightly as he thought about his partner being down the hall at the moment, working his hot little bubble butt ass off as one of his interns in the Art and Graphics Department. Cynthia and Ted were the only ones who knew exactly what sort of relationship he and Justin had; to everyone else at Kinnetik, Justin was just another anonymous, albeit beautiful intern, there to complete his necessary requirements as part of his art program at PIFA. Brian knew both of his employees would keep their secret (if they valued their jobs), and so far he and Justin had done an admirable job of keeping their relationship strictly professional while they were at work. That didn't mean, of course, that they didn't have to occasionally satisfy their appetites from time to time – but that was what his obscenely large, private bathroom was for. Thank God for his insight when he had remodeled the former bath house into his new headquarters, because if he had to work all day with his lover and not be able to quench his insatiable urges when it came to that particular blond, he was sure he would go crazy with unfulfilled horniness for him. All Justin had to do was utter "Mr. Kinney" in that saucy tone of his, and blink those baby blues, and it made him instantly hard. He had to work diligently at making sure he excused himself promptly if he felt one of those 'urges' rising to the surface, which Justin seemed to derive extreme pleasure in doing. Little fuckerokay, well not so little, he thought with a slight smile.

"Brian?" He was abruptly jolted back to the present situation, a little mortified that he had zoned out temporarily in front of a client. Justin had a way of doing that to him, though.

"I'm sorry," he apologized with a sheepish smile. "I had something on my mind. You were saying?"

Chamberlain nodded, unaware of just what Brian had been daydreaming about. "I was saying that I'm ready to take my business to a global scale. I'm ready to branch out into an international operation."

Brian smiled in delight; this new campaign could prove to be lucrative indeed. "Congratulations," he said smoothly. "That's great."

Max's eyes twinkled knowingly. "For both of us, Brian. If you come up with a kick-ass campaign for me and it proves to be worthwhile, I'll definitely make it worth your while, too."

Brian nodded, trying to quell his excitement. This could very well be an extremely profitable endeavor for him if he provided Chamberlain with the right type of advertising. "You know I'll come through for you," Brian promised firmly as he placed his curved hand over his mouth thoughtfully, already trying to think of a proper campaign for this particular client.

"Ah, if you would only come through for me in other ways, Brian," the man purred as he stared at the other man greedily; the man was still one of the most handsome men he had ever had the pleasure of meeting – and also the most unattainable. As Brian merely looked over at him in amusement, he sighed. "I know….I know, I'm wasting my time. It was worth a try, though. I just got in from Philly late last night and I've been horny as hell; haven't had a chance to leave my hotel room until today." He looked at Brian meaningfully, trying one last time. "Sure you couldn't help me out with my little problem?"

Brian twisted his mouth wryly and slowly shook his head. "Sorry, Chamberlain – you know my 'one fuck' policy; and don't go getting your hopes up," he hastened to add as a flicker of hope grew in the other man's eyes. "Sucking you off counts. Been there, done that. Time for both of us to move on."

Chamberlain grinned back at him in resignation. "Can't blame a guy for trying, Kinney." He folded his arms over his chest and said, "Well, if we can't mix business with pleasure, why don't I tell you what I have in mind business-wise?"

Brian smiled as he nodded. "I'm listening."

Fifteen minutes and several jotted notes later, Brian looked up from his legal pad and nodded. "I think I have a good idea what you're looking for, but I'm not very good at illustrating them. Before you go, why don't I bring in one of my art employees and they can do some preliminary sketches to get us started?"

Chamberlain nodded agreeably. "Yeah – that'd be a good idea; that way I can be sure we're both on the same wavelength here. I'm planning on throwing down a lot of cash to promote my new overseas office; I'd like to make sure you understand where I'm wanting to go with this."

Brian nodded as he picked up his office phone and pushed a button. He frowned as the phone rang a couple of times before he heard it answered. Normally when he called and they recognized who it was, it was picked up immediately for fear of pissing off their boss. "Mr. Kinney?" he heard a familiar, rich voice; his hormones instantly shot up at the sound.

"Taylor," he intoned, trying hard to keep his voice level, especially with a client listening in. "Where is everybody?" he growled.

"It's noon," Justin responded in a sort of duh tone. "They're all out to lunch; they left me in charge." His voice softened to a sultry whisper as he asked, "Why….did you need me to bring you some lunch, Mr. Kinney?" he asked, leaving no doubt just what sort of 'high protein' meal he would be glad to supply.

Brian felt the familiar reaction to his lover's voice as his pulse started to accelerate and his cock stirred with desire just at the thought of what those talented lips of his lover could do; damn it, he cursed silently. He fidgeted almost painfully in his seat as he struggled to maintain a modicum of professionalism in both his demeanor and his voice as he said, "Uh, no….not now. I have a client here." He hesitated for a couple of seconds, debating what to do, but he felt he had no choice; he needed an artist and there was only one available. "Uh….I need you to come to my office to help with some advertising ideas I have for him," he said as authoritatively as he could muster. "I need you to bring your sketchpad and pencils with you."

"Oh," Justin said somewhat surprised; he was expecting – and looking forward – to a different sort of encounter. "Sure….I'll be right there." He quickly hung up the phone and gathered his art supplies together to head up to Brian's office. Since he had begun his internship at Kinnetik a couple of weeks ago, this would be the first time he had actually had the chance to help Brian with a specific client. He felt his palms getting a little sweaty as he walked toward the spacious office; he fervently hoped he wouldn't do something to fuck it up. After the heartache he had caused Brian with the whole Ethan fiasco, he felt he owed it to Brian to help make things right between them and this might be one minor way he could help accomplish that.

Since they had been reunited, Justin felt his world was spinning right once more. He hadn't realized just how much he had missed his lover until he was back in his arms again, feeling their bodies moving so perfectly together and Brian's hands and lips caressing every inch of his body. God, how he had longed for his touch again. It was even better than he had remembered, and since they had been back together perhaps it was his imagination at work, but he could swear that Brian's actions toward him were more intense, more passionate, even more tender. It was almost as if Brian had realized what he had almost lost; Justin knew that he definitely realized what he had jeopardized. Now that he and Brian were back together, he was determined to make sure every day that Brian knew just how thankful he was for having a second chance.

As he approached Brian's office, he noticed the door closed. This must be a pretty important client, Justin surmised, because he had found over the years that Brian normally had a subtle way of indicating which clients were the most crucial to his business. If they were merely small-time players, he would leave his office door at least cracked a little; if it was a client whose business was valuable to him, he kept the door firmly closed. It was as if he didn't want anything or anybody to disturb his train of thought as he met with the major players.

He knocked three times in quick succession on the door, hearing Brian's "come on" echoing in the large space as he opened it and peered inside.

Brian couldn't help smiling at his lover; Justin automatically caused that to happen every time he came within sight of him. Now that he and Justin were back together, he just couldn't help expressing his happiness at that fact. "Taylor," he said as professionally as he could, briefly drinking in the sight of his beautiful partner as he motioned for Justin to enter. Even though Justin had been spending quite a few nights at the loft lately so they could make up for lost time, he still made his official home at Daphne's. Brian was seriously considering asking Justin to move in with him permanently – he spent most of his time there now, anyway - but last night he had gone home at Daphne's request to help her with some biology homework that she was having difficulty understanding. The two men had reluctantly parted ways around 9:00 last night, and this was the first time today that Brian had had a chance to see him.

The blond was wearing a royal blue, rounded-neck sweater that seemed custom-made for him, although Brian knew he didn't own one stitch of clothing that wasn't plucked off a rack somewhere, and a pair of slate-gray dress slacks that were the perfect size for him. To Brian's chagrin, the pants perfectly highlighted Justin's best features, both coming and going; they curved delicately over his rounded ass in back, and were tight in the front in the groin area, showcasing his thick and surprisingly large cock that had somehow been affixed to such a relatively petite body.

Brian stole a glance over at his client, but he already knew what he would see in the other man's face. He realized he wasn't the only one that noticed how fuckable a certain blond looked in the outfit he was wearing. His eyes narrowed as he watched Chamberlain's eyes widen in appreciation for the beauty walking in with his sketchpad and pencils.

He cringed inwardly; he should have waited until someone else from the art department had returned from lunch. It was too late now, though. "Uh….Justin, this is Max Chamberlain, the owner of Elegant Autos," he told his lover as Chamberlain stood up. "Max, this is one of my summer art interns from PIFA, Justin Taylor."

Justin found his face flushing at the handsome man's intense gaze. He held out his hand in greeting. "Uh….it's nice to meet you, Mr. Chamberlain," he said politely with a small smile.

It was no match for the other man's smile, however, as he smiled back at Justin warmly. "It's my pleasure," he huskily replied, his eyes drinking in the sight of this compact, blond beauty standing in front of him. His hair was somewhat tousled and hung down to his collarbone, slightly shading the sapphire blue eyes staring back at him curiously under lush, golden eyelashes. Chamberlain couldn't help continuing to stare at the other man as he licked his lips appreciatively and slowly surveyed the entire package standing in front of him. Blond, slightly untamed hair, blue eyes, pert little button nose, full, kissable lips, slender but adequately muscled chest, long-fingered hands just right for caressing his body to perfection, a cock that was bulging from the tightness of his dress pants. Perfect in every way…..he couldn't help thinking as he continued to smile back at the rather shy-appearing young man.

He immediately decided that it didn't matter if he could talk Brian into finally being fucked; his day had just gotten a lot more promising. He reached out to grasp the blond's extended hand to firmly grasp it, relishing in the softness and warmth that was found there. As he glanced down at their joined hands, he couldn't help thinking how talented those artist's hands might be in more areas than just drawing. He couldn't wait to find out what other skills this man had beyond artistic endeavors. This man was a piece of art himself. "Please…call me Max," he drawled as he continued to stare brazenly at Justin.

Brian's pursed his lips together in aggravation. He knew that predatory look – fuck knows he had used that same look before with tricks when he saw something he wanted – and he didn't like it. Not one bit. He didn't care how important Chamberlain was. "Uh…would you both take a seat so we can get started?" he told them curtly, his voice rising with irritation.

Justin noticed with embarrassment that the dark-haired man was still holding his hand; he awkwardly pulled it loose from the client's grasp and hurriedly took a seat in the chair next to Chamberlain's. He purposely kept his gaze on Brian as he smiled back at him reassuringly and placed his pad in his lap.

Chamberlain slowly took his own seat, stealing a glance over at Justin as he did. He knew there was a reason why he hadn't had a chance to scope out the sights of Pittsburgh since his flight had gotten in; the most wondrous sight of all was sitting right next to him. It was going to be his lucky day after all…

"Max…" Brian called out to the other man, but there was no response; it was as if he didn't exist at the moment. "Max," Brian said a little more sternly, getting more and more pissed off the longer the man turned to stare at his lover and ignore him. "Would you tell Justin what you told me about your ideas? He'll do some tentative sketches to help me with the storyboards later."

"Oh," Max finally acknowledged Brian, trying hard to disguise his smile of pleasure over his good fortune as he turned to address Justin; he marveled once more at the man's unusual shade of blue eyes and the full lips that were presently partly open; lips that he just knew would be perfect around his cock as he deftly sucked if off. He cleared his throat to try and concentrate, at least temporarily. "Yeah…well, I own a business that specializes in brokering interested buyers with exotic, collectible cars. I'm getting ready to branch out to an international operation, and I need a new campaign to advertise it." He finally turned to Brian to nod, "That's where Kinnetik comes in." He turned once more to look in Justin's expressive face to add, "Brian said you could do some initial sketches of my preferences so the campaign will accurately reflect my goals."

Justin nodded, swallowing the lump of uneasiness he felt as a result of the man's outright leering at him. Chamberlain was making no pretense to disguise his obvious lust for him – he could see it all over the man's face. He had been the object of other men's admiring glances before to recognize one when he saw it. "Uh…sure," he eventually managed to say. "Just let me know what you want and I'll write it down."

"You can start with your phone number," Chamberlain purred unexpectedly.

Justin's face blushed a deep shade of pink; he wasn't sure how to respond to such overt flirting from one of Brian's clients. He didn't want to tick off one of Brian's more important accounts, but he didn't want to encourage him, either. He was spared the need for a rejoinder, however, as Brian spoke up instead.

"Uh….can we stick to the business at hand here, Max? I have a lot of other business to take care of today."

Max shrugged. "Okay," he agreed grudgingly. That didn't mean he was giving up, however, at least not permanently. He scooted his chair over closer to Justin until they were almost touching thigh to thigh as he softly instructed, "Here's what I had in mind."

Justin's breath was coming out in nervous pants; the handsome black-haired man's presence was almost palpable even though he wasn't actually physically touching him. He bit his lip and tried hard to concentrate on his sketchpad as the man's breath lightly caressed his cheek and he began to describe the ideas he had for his new business campaign.

Justin's hands were shaking as he began to quickly sketch out some initial designs based on what the man was telling him; it was all he could do to concentrate on what he was doing. Between Chamberlain's sensual, husky voice and what he knew would be Brian's piercing eyes staring back at him if he was brave enough to find out, he had never felt more uncomfortable in his life. He felt like the middle point in a of tug-of-war game, with his body hanging precariously over the center of the muddy pit and about to fall in, face first.

He breathed a sigh of relief fifteen minutes later when Chamberlin finally finished giving him his thoughts on which direction he wanted to take his business and fell momentarily silent. Justin couldn't wait to escape from his temporary prison and return to the relatively safe confines of the art department, far away from this handsome but too-close-for-comfort client and even farther away from his lover's pointed stare as he hurriedly put the finishing touches on his drawings.

He held the pad out to the other man. "Is this kind of what you have in mind?" he asked a little nervously.

Chamberlain smiled slyly at him as he reached out to take the sketchpad from Justin and deliberately brushed his fingers against his; he could feel the blond shiver slightly under the unexpected contact and he smiled smugly at him as he glanced down to see the results of Justin's work.

He nodded, impressed with yet another of the man's 'talents.' "These are just what I had in mind," he told Brian, finally glancing over his way at the other man as if he was noticing the ad exec for the first time. "You got quite an asset here, Brian," he stated, looking over at Justin fixedly as he wondered what all his other talents entailed. "I'm very pleased," he added, continuing to stare at Justin as he addressed Brian.

Brian silently fumed as he watched Chamberlin lean in toward Justin, much closer than needed. He desperately wanted to call the man out for it, but if he did, his and Justin's attempts to maintain a professionally-looking cover among his employees and clients would be effectively blown. This man was an extremely lucrative client of his; only for that reason was he able to keep his true feelings from being verbalized. As he watched the other man practically devouring Justin with his eyes, though, it was all he could do not to stand up and throw the fucker out on his ass.

A very relieved and impatient Brian used the man's comments as a sign it was time for him to leave as he quickly rose from his chair to address the two men together. "Thank you, Mr. Taylor," he said formally, "you can go back to the art department now. I think we have all we need." His eyes bored into his lover's, leaving no room to misinterpret his instructions as he silently demanded his departure.

Justin nodded as he stood up to go, more than happy to follow Brian's directive. His country-club upbringing wouldn't allow him to leave, however, before first telling Chamberlain politely, "Nice meeting you." Before the other man had a chance to say anything or take his hand once more, he stole a quick glance at his sullen-looking partner before he quickly took his sketchpad and box of charcoals and rushed out of the room, breathing a deep sigh of relief once he finally made it out into the hallway. Not looking back, he made it back to the art department in record time, just as the rest of the department returned from lunch.

"Anything exciting happen while we were gone?" Jimmy, the art department head, asked him as they sauntered back in and sat down.

Justin swallowed a gulp of air and took a breath, trying hard to resume a normal breathing pattern. "Not really," he shakily responded at last, trying to maintain a nonchalant voice even though he felt like he had barely made it out of Brian's office with all his dignity intact. He let out another sigh of relief as the department head nodded in satisfaction and he turned to resume working on his assignments that were lying on the drafting table, glad to be back to more mundane and uncomplicated duties.

Chamberlain softly whistled as he watched the blond intern leave Brian's office; just as he thought – the man was an exquisite package, both front and back. "He's fucking adorable," the man declared appreciatively as Justin disappeared out of view.

Brian shook his head in aggravation at the other man as his blood boiled. He clenched the sides of his desk as he stood behind it, trying hard to calm down. "Do you mind if we stick to business, Chamberlain?" he growled. "I told you – I have a lot of work to do today. Are the sketches to your satisfaction or not?"

The other man finally turned to glance back at Brian. "Yeah," he said with a smirk. "Very satisfactory."

Brian huffed out a bothered breath. "Good….then give me a few days and I'll give you a call when I have the storyboards and campaign ready." He began to walk out from behind his desk to help lead the other man out of his office; he couldn't get rid of the man fast enough now that their business was over.

"Just a minute, Kinney," Chamberlain told him, reaching out his hand in front of him as a signal for him to stop. "I need one more thing from you in order to agree to this deal."

Brian couldn't help rolling his eyes briefly; he could feel a distinct headache coming on, along with a sense of dread. "What?" he asked a little more shortly than he meant to, but this man was quickly wearing out his welcome, unlimited money potential or not.

Chamberlain smiled. "I want you to hook me up with that hot intern."