Chapter 4

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The next few days were…interesting…shall we say. As I wasn't meant to be at Gallagher I couldn't very well go to lessons, or eat, or sleep in my own bed, or – well, you get the picture. The last two problems were relatively easy to sort out: using several of my choicest passageways the girls managed to smuggle me the leftovers from each meal, and I slept on a mat in a spare duvet cover in our wardrobe. You might be thinking, 'how in the name of Gilly's electrified sword did she fit in there?' Well it's quite simple really. Last year for COW extra credit we built an extension to our wardrobe out of nothing more than twigs, hair accessories and Liz's special moulding glue that merged materials together, just like the Mongolian monks of the 15th Century did (except without Liz's glue, and not to their wardrobes, and probably without hair accessories, but at any rate, they used twigs.). Anyway, this meant that we could quite comfortably get several beds in there with room to spare, but we figured someone might notice a bed missing from our room.

Lessons were the tricky bit. I guess the advantage was that I didn't have to wake up as early, or be beaten to a pulp by a previously-beaten-to-a-pulp Bex, but I didn't want to fall behind any more than I already had, so it was kind of important that I knew what was going on. Liz, for her part, was delighted, as the 'unforeseen circumstances' allowed her to trial her 'surveillance pen' (I know, original name or what!) which let her record the words she wrote and heard for later use. Unfortunately, on the second day since my rescue, it ran out of ink during CoveOps, and dear Liz almost yelled in frustration (to the astonishment of Mr Solomon). He was immediately suspicious and was about to demand the pen from our blonde friend when she was saved by the bell.

Macey dragged Liz out of the room (apparently. I wasn't actually there) and, with Bex, they hurtled up to our room. (I do, on the other hand, know this on account of the screech of skidding feet outside the room, followed by a thump and a vocal 'oopsie daisy'. My panting sisters-in-crime stood, gasping for breath, staring at me for a good two minutes, 12 seconds.

"Why?" Bex demanded. "What made you do that?"

"I was bored," I shrugged.

"Humph," she humphed.

"Hmmm," Macey mused. "I like it. But I think it would look better if..." she reached out a hand and moved a bit this way, and a bit that way, then stood back to survey it. "There." I should explain. While they'd been in lessons, I had decided to change my appearance by chopping off my blonde, shoulder-length hair so it ran to just under my ears. What had probably shocked Bex more was that I had also dyed it bright green. That wasn't exactly intentional, but I had accidentally used too much dye...but oh well.

Later that day I followed them to CoveOps...covertly, of course (if I hadn't, then that would have defeated the purpose of the class, right?). Except it wasn't a normal CoveOps lesson: the class was venturing outside the walls of the Gallagher Academy, and were they excited? Hell, yes! I tailed them in the shadows as they jogged towards the van, but from my hiding place I could see the copter that we (or at any rate, they) were meant to take. Deciding that they would be told – and needless to say, I wouldn't – I crept up into the copter and hid behind a pile of bags at the back, hoping that Solomon wouldn't appear at that very moment.

"Ms Morgan?" I froze as I heard my name, one foot stuck over the top of a bag of flour. Mr Solomon's voice followed, knocking the breath out of me.

"No, she is being…detained…somewhere else. She won't be joining us for this exercise." I smiled to myself. So they really had no idea where I was. And, more importantly, they weren't about to find out.

The rest of the girls eventually filed in and were given blindfolds. I watched as my friends settled down and got ready for the flight. My favourite part? Bex, because she's, well, Bex, still managed to go to sleep and the cabin was soon filled with sounds of the Baxter Snore….

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