A/N: In a way, I'm glad the plot bunnies came back. In another, I wish they would just ease up. I apologize if this is out of sequence (which I am now dubbing OOS) I haven't seen The Master Blackmailer in many months, perhaps a year. This scene is when Holmes is disguising himself as "Escott". This is his POV. Enjoy! :D

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Brain Before the Cudgel

"The brain before the cudgel," I had told Watson. I had told him that only to protect him, if I should get caught. I didn't want him to share my fate whatever it may be if worse came to worst. If forced, I will include him in my plan, but then and only if it came to that.

I laid the sponge down and glared at my reflection in the small mirror, that was in my room, silently asking myself if I really wanted to go through with this plan. The familiar- yet- strange man's eyes blazed. Yes, of course, was the answer. I knew I was ready to do whatever necessary. Even gain entry under false pretences. A role I have played on numerous occasions, but the only one that was planned. The others had always been spur- of- the- moment.

Upstairs, I heard Watson walking, getting ready for his little mission I had asked him to do. Which reminded me of my own. I sighed, picking the sponge up and continued to apply the make- up to my face. When I finished with the make up, I donned my costume and wrote an invitation for Watson to attend the gallery exhibit. I placed it on the mantelpiece where he could see it.

At the door that exits into the hall, I paused with my hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath. I knew what I was planning to do would be considered a felony. My plan was to stake out Milverton's house and gather information, such as where is the best place to penetrate the fortress, where he keeps his stolen letters maids, valets, lovers sold to him, where the servants sleep, if he has any guards on duty, and how to circumvent them. While I send Watson to actually make contact with the devil himself. Then, I would combine whatever information Watson has managed to retrieve and the information I have collected and choose the best strategy from there. If I knew who his next victim was and if they would come to me, this would be a lot easier. I allowed myself a small smirk. If they had come to you, you wouldn't be going undercover, I thought to myself.

I sighed again. It was time. I opened the door and changed the sound of my step so that I could be used to walking a different way by the time I arrived at my destination.

I was half- way down the stairs when I heard Watson ask, "It occurs to me that I might not have been invited to this viewing, Holmes. What if I'm not admitted?"

I continued down the stairs. When I didn't answer, I heard Watson moving as he asked, "Holmes?"

I made it to the foyer and heard Mrs. Hudson approaching me from behind. I ignored her, opened the inner door as Watson came down the stairs. Before I left, I heard him ask Mrs. Hudson, "Was that Mr. Holmes that just gone out?"

Her answering reply, "Not that I recognize, Doctor."

I smiled. Good, if I can fool the two people who knew me best, then my disguise will be adequate fore the job.

I hope it will be.


A/N: This actually turned out differently than what I had originally planned. *shruggs* Oh, well. This is based on Granada's The Master Blackmailer which, in turn, is based off Charles Augustus Milverton. Blackmailer is one of Granada's originally- short- story- turned- into- feature- length- movie. They also did it with The Sussex Vampire, and The Noble Bachelor.They added some stuff to make it a movie, but kept the original frame. IMO, the short- stories- that- were- turned- into- movies are not as good as the TV eps. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. :D