A/N: I have a deep infatuation with this series. So here is just a cute dribble-drabble about Elene, Uly, and Kylar's home life at Aunt Mea's. It's a joke/reference on what Aunt Mea always says about the "bed creaking" :P Enjoy?

"Eleeeeeeeeeeeeneeeeeeee. Ulyyyyyyyyyyyyy~" a low voice rumbled as the man attached to it crouched low, back hunched as he hobbled around the small house.

Their resistance was futile. Even in this new surrounding, Kylar Stern had mapped out every inch of these layouts to Aunt Mea's house. Looks like his wet boy skills could be put into good use, even when stationed idle. With his sharply attuned ears, he heard muffled giggling.

"Now where could Uly be, I wooooooonder!" To be evil, he would spring open the door and scare the huddled mass that was his daughter. Forced-upon, adopted daughter. But, he would be nice and let her have her childish fun. He slunk past, calling out loudly, "Gee, she must be good at hiding! I can't seem to find her anywhere!" his voice lilted gayly, and he was met with hysterically smothered laughter. Snickering, the wet boy moved on.

Now...where is that Elene...? Through the open windows, a breeze gently rolled through and with it a breath of annointed herbs. Gotcha!

Kylar sped up, his shaggy hair flowing back with the motion in a wave. There was a victorious glint in his eye, one that matched his growing smirk. He strode, purpose locked in his eye, closer, the smell of her perfume was strong now. He flung open the door...

and his jaw dropped.

A wind whistled by.

Sitting in a sultry pose – long, gorgeous legs crossed and pressed close to her chest, the chest she stuck out in welcome, arms holding her back up – she waited on the bed. For him. The best part for Kylar was seeing how well his grays fit her. His heart throbbed and every cell in his body yearned for her. Lust coated his eyes better than the ka'kari, and desire devoured him inside and out. The look in her eyes said she was a wet girl in more ways than one.

"Found me," her voice was soft, barely above a whisper, but the power carried, brushed against his skin like a feather-light caress.

Kylar gulped past the lump in his throat. She looked so beautiful, laid out like that. Her eyes begged and pleaded for him for him to come to her. Her body beckoned. He answered the call. Striding towards her with a hunger he had waited to sate for so long, he shot a phantom limb of his Talent to slam the door. He jumped lithely, rolling her back on to the bed and rested himself on his elbows above her. Kissing his way down her exposed collarbone, he pleasured himself in her moans.

Stepping through her door with a bag full of leeks, she nudged it closed with her foot. She found her young guest, Ulyssandra, sitting wide-eyed and staring, at the table.

"Is there something the matter, Uly?" Aunt Mea asked, distracted as she grabbed various pots and pans. She shouted to Braen on the matter of his un-tidiness. , throwing a should-be-white brown undershirt into the hall and out of her way.

"I'm worried..." she whimpered, breaking out of her trance and staring at the older woman with glistening eyes.

The worn woman lost her cheer. "And...and why's that, hun?" her voice was guarded.

"I, I know you said it was a good thing, but," She looked up with her tear-brimmed eyes. "The bed's been creaking for an hour, and Kylar yelled at me when I walked in." her voice was frantic and scared. "He was grunting and sounded hurt!"

Aunt Mea schooled her tongue, managing to not bust out laughing in the poor girls face. Whew, boy! You've got some stamina in you! She thought with a chuckle, hearing what Uly had now. Keep it up, my dear!

"Dear Child, not to worry!" she consoled, winking to the child's utter confusion. "In fact... they will be easier to handle from now on, I assure you on that."