Clare's words stung like a thousand needles as Eli drove impulsively towards Fitz's house. Her soft voice repeated in his head countless times, "He treats me like a lady should be treated." "He understands me and my faith." The sound of screeching tires surrounded the area as Eli realized the light in front of him was yellow; he tried to take Morty to a dead stop. He had it in his head that he would give Fitz a piece of his mind. He sighed impatiently as he drummed his fingers anxiously to the loud music blaring from Morty's speakers. He gunned the accelerator at the first sight of green, pushing Morty further than ever before. He could practically hear the big black car wheezing, but it was the last thing on his mind. His mental gears were grinding hard as he pulled up to Fitz's house. Eli didn't waste time killing the engine and slamming the door of his poor car; he ran to the dark door of his enemy's house, knocking furiously. Eli was greeted with a pair of bright blue eyes, and a familiar smirk; this was one smirk he had not been "blessed" with since Vegas Night. Reality struck Eli hard, at that moment he knew he was right; he had been right all along. Fitz was playing a game to get into Eli's head, and he in turn got Clare.

"I figured you would make an appearance soon enough, Emo Boy." Eli glared at him with piercing green eyes.

"And you don't waste any time in showing me that your little 'façade' was all a game. You wanted Clare that bad, eh?" Eli's hands were shaking as his voice continued to get louder.

Fitz only chuckled, "You don't get it do you?" Eli looked at him confused.

Fitz gripped at Eli's collar and pulled him inside, Eli raised his voice at him, "Give me all you got, Neanderthal…I can handle it." Eli's jaw tensed as he prepared for anything Fitz would throw at him, but unfortunately nothing could prepare him for what Fitz did. Fitz closed the door in one movement, and had Eli pinned against it in another; his lips were fast to kiss at the boy's jaw. It took a few moments for Eli to realize what was going on, but he soon pushed hard at the scrawny boy in front of him. Fitz in response pushed his body closer to his, moving his mouth to nibble at Eli's ear. Fitz whispered huskily into the smaller boy's ear, "You don't get it Eli, this was all about you…always has been." Eli swallowed hard, a huge lump forming in his throat. He honestly didn't know what to do, the whole situation was nauseating. If he fought against Fitz he couldn't win, Fitz would only press their bodies closer together, further nauseating Eli. Fitz took a chance at Eli's vulnerability and pressed his lips to Eli's, parting them in a sensual way. Eli's body reacted faster than Eli's mind. The hands that were pushing against Fitz only moments before were now pulling him closer, their mouths moving together in ways Eli would have never imagined before. His body was telling him to just stay and enjoy the intimacy his body has been craving for so long, were as his head was telling him to get the hell out of there. He could already feel Fitz's hard arousal brushing against Eli's own hardening one, the friction increasing as Fitz moves his hips in the slightest way. A sexy moan leaves Eli's throat to escape into Fitz's, Fitz's dick twitching in response. Eli couldn't figure out why he was enjoying it, but at that moment he really didn't care. Fitz pressed harder into him and Eli lifted his legs up to wrap them around his waist. The friction of Eli's tight jeans rubbed against Fitz's hard dick, a groan escaping the boy's lips, "Fuck Eli." A smirk tugged at Eli's lips before he attacked his lips, wrapping his arms around Fitz's neck, pulling him closer.