Author's Notes: Well, this is it. The final chapter. Had this been a regular episode, it probably would have ended with chapter 12. But as an English teacher, I have to have my denouement so I had to put in an epilogue to wrap things up.

I had planned a sweet little moment between Lindsay and Lucy in the hospital. When I tried to put it on paper though, it refused to come out right so I scraped it. Hopefully the Lucy scene at the beginning here works better. The end came to my mind about halfway through writing the story and seemed the perfect way to end so I hope you enjoy it.

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Blown Apart

"So Chicken Little and Henny Penny continued on to tell the king that the sky was falling. Soon they met Loosey Goosey. Loosey Goosey asked where they were going and Chicken Little said 'The sky is falling and we must go and tell the king.'" Lindsay was half lying/half sitting on the couch with Lucy curled up on her good side reading. Lucy was proudly holding the book and turning the pages so that her mother could have her one good arm wrapped around Lucy's small body. Lucy looked and grinned at the entrance of the newest character of the story.

"Me Lucy-Goosey. Silly Chi'ken Liddle, the sky no fall." She shook her head in disbelief.

Lindsay laughed quietly, careful not to jar her ribs. Though she was glad to be home, it seemed like she was feeling the pain in her ribs and shoulders more than she had in the hospital. Danny had suggested earlier it was because in the hospital they gave her the pain medication whether she wanted it or not; now that she was at home, she was holding off taking the prescription pain pills as much as she could because they made her drowsy. She'd much rather endure the pain if it meant being able to spend the time with her little girl. "My little Lucy-Goosey is so smart. Chicken Little should listen to her." She continued reading the story with Lucy turning the pages at the appropriate places. They had read this story often enough that Lucy knew exactly where the page turns were. When Chicken Little and friends met Foxy Loxy, the two-year-old's eyes got wide.

"Foxy Loxy, you so mean. My mommy and daddy gonna 'rest you and put you to jail." Lucy warned just as the doorbell rang.

Lindsay kissed her daughter's head and with a groan stood up from the couch. She made her way gingerly to the door and looked out of the peep hole. She frowned when she saw Angela Sawyers standing there. She opened the door. "Detective Sawyers, what a surprise. Come in."

"I'm sorry to intrude; I know you were only released from the hospital yesterday but I need to speak to your husband."

Lindsay's heart beat just a little faster. Jo had called last night to fill them in on Moore's confession and they had hoped that it meant the worst was behind them. Sawyer's presence at their apartment did not bode well for her. "He went to pick up a few groceries. He should be back shortly. Would you like to wait?"

"Mama." Lindsay turned to see Lucy standing on the couch looking at her. Her little hands were on her hips, imitating Lindsay's 'you're in trouble" look. "Daddy said to stay off you feet. You come sit with me 'fore you get in twouble."

Lindsay rolled her eyes. "Danny gave her strict orders not to let me do too much while he was gone. I don't know if he realizes how seriously she takes her job or if that's what he was counting on. Why don't you come have a seat before my beautiful little narc turns me in."

Sawyers laughed and followed the younger woman into the living room area. Lindsay once more settled on the couch and Sawyers chose a comfortable chair to the side of the couch. Lucy snuggled down next to Lindsay. "I could use her on my team."

Lindsay looked down at Lucy. The little girl looked more and more like Danny every day but her eyes were more like Lindsay's and were already starting to turn brown. "What do you say Lucy-Goosey, want to work for Detective Sawyers?"

The two-year-old held the book up for Detective Sawyers to see. "You put Foxy Loxey in jail like Mommy and Daddy?"

Lindsay cocked an eyebrow, waiting to see how the IA officer explained her job to the little girl. "No sweetheart, I make sure the police officers follow all the rules for putting Foxy Loxey in jail."

The little girl shook her head. "You silly like Chi'ken Liddle. The police is the good guys, they has to follow the rules. I gonna work for Unca Mac like Mommy and Daddy."

Detective Sawyers smiled. "Uncle Mac, huh? The crime lab is a real little family isn't it?"

Lindsay smiled. "There are some days I spend more time at the lab than I do here at home. I trust my life on any given day to the men and women I work with. They've been there every step of the way in Danny's and my relationship. Heck, half of them were outside my room when I gave birth to Lucy here. So yeah, it's a family." She looked down at her daughter. "Lucy, could you go to the fridge and get Mommy and Detective Sawyers a soda? You can have a juice box."

The two year old nodded and bolted off the couch, but not before accidentally elbowing Lindsay in the ribs. She bit back the scream of pain but couldn't prevent the tears from filling her eyes. Detective Sawyers winced.

"Are you okay? That had to hurt. Can I get you a pain pill or something?"

Lindsay shook her head as she tried to catch her breath. "I'll be okay in just a minute. She doesn't quite understand that Mommy isn't as indestructible as she thinks I am."

"I think you might be a little more indestructible than you think. I understand that you were the one who initially proposed that maybe Grant was the intended target all along. How did you ever figure that out?"

Lindsay shrugged and then wiped her eyes surreptitiously before Lucy returned carefully balancing two cans of soda and a juice box. The little girl handed one can to Detective Sawyers and then scrambled up on the couch again. This time Lindsay was prepared with one of the sofa pillows strategically placed over her stomach. She awkwardly put the straw in Lucy's juice box and then opened her own can. "It wasn't so much that I figured it out; I didn't know any more than the others did. However, nothing about the case made sense so I thought of the most outlandish explanation I could think of and that was it."

Detective Sawyers had to admit that she was impressed. "I can see why the lab has such a high success rate."

Lindsay knew she should watch what she said around the IA officer but felt the need to plead her husband's case just the same. "We're good because we're passionate about what we do. I don't know what you've decided about Danny but you have to know that whatever he did, he did because he cares about his job and his family. It's what makes him a good CSI. Don't fault him too much for that."

The door opened behind them and Danny stepped into the apartment. Lucy scrambled off the couch to greet him. "Daddy. You home." She launched herself at his legs. Without hesitation, he set the bags he was carrying down on the floor and scooped her up in his arms.

"Hey Lucy. Were you and Mommy good girls?"

She nodded emphatically. "Mama got up to answer the door but she sat down when I 'minded her. We gots company. She has a silly job."

Danny glanced over at Detective Sawyers. Her presence could only mean a decision had been made in the shooting. "Yeah, well not everyone can have the cool jobs like Mommy and me. You think you can help Daddy carry some of these bags into the kitchen?"

"I do it."

The next few minutes were spent with Lucy helping Danny carry the bags into the kitchen and putting away the refrigerated items. Then he asked Lucy to go play in her room while the grownups talked. With the little girl occupied, he joined Lindsay on the couch and gave her a quick kiss.

Detective Sawyers sighed. "I won't stay long, but I knew you'd want to know our ruling as soon as possible."

Danny rubbed his eyes with one hand while the other snaked around his wife's shoulders. "I don't know, do I?"

Sawyers saw no need to beat around the bush. The young family had already been through too much. "We decided the shooting was justified. Grant was delusional thanks to the medication switch and would have killed both you and Detective Taylor before he would have let you arrest him. You had no choice but to open fire."

Relieved Danny leaned down and kissed Lindsay again. A couple more tears, this time of relief, slipped down Lindsay's cheek. Then Danny looked back at Sawyers. "Should I be anticipating a but about here?"

Sawyers nodded. "We do have a problem with the two of you responding on the call in the first place. You were both too emotionally involved, especially you, Detective Messer. Your wife had just been seriously injured and whatever your motivation, you couldn't be in the right frame of mind to do your job- no matter how passionate you are in your job." She gave Lindsay a look that said she had listened to what the woman had said. "A letter of reprimand will be placed in your file. If you make the same mistake again, the consequences will be much worse."

A letter of reprimand wasn't earth shattering. Though he officially wasn't being taken off the promotion grid, the letter would seriously impede his chances for promotion for at least a year. Still, given the alternatives, it was a slap on the wrist. "That's it? I can handle that. What about Mac?"

"He was personally involved but not to the extent you were. He should have had a clearer head because of that. As your superior officer, he never should have let you near Grant. He also should have waited for back-up to arrive. It might not have made a difference but he would be the first one to reprimand one of his own for the same mistake. He is being suspended for one week without pay and he'll also have a letter of reprimand placed in his folder."

Danny winced. A week away from work would kill Mac even though it was still a light punishment compared to what IA could have imposed. "You tell him that yet?"

Detective Sawyers chuckled lightly, almost as if she could read his mind. "I left him just before coming here. Needless to say he had a few choice words about my decisions. Words that I don't think you would want your daughter to hear. But I think part of him recognizes that it was the right decision on my part. I won't take any more of your time."

Danny and Lindsay stood along with Sawyers and each shook her hand. The IA officer smiled at both of them. "It was nice meeting you both but I hope I don't have to see either of you again in an official capacity. I hope you recover quickly. You two relax and I'll see myself out. Tell Lucy that if she ever decides she wants a silly job with me to give me a call."

- CSI: NY - CSI: NY - CSI: NY -

Lindsay stepped to the door of the trace lab. She shuddered momentarily at the feel of Déjà vu that came over her as she saw only Adam inside. True to Mac's word, the lab looked completely brand new. No trace of the explosion remained. It had been exactly two weeks since she'd been injured and today was her first day back at the lab. Pushing back the uneasiness that threatened to consume her, she entered the lab. Adam looked up as she entered and smiled. Only a slight bruise on his temple remained of his injuries.

"Hey, welcome back. Danny had said you were probably coming back today but that he was hoping to talk you into taking a few more days. When did you lose the sling?"

"Yesterday. I'm cleared for light duty here in the lab but I won't get full clearance until I finish my physical therapy. He tried to talk me into staying home longer but I couldn't. I was gaining too much weight eating all the food people kept bringing over, especially Danny's mom and Sid's wife."

Adam grinned. "Yeah, I've been getting that as well, well, not from Danny's mom obviously but from everyone else. Of course Mrs. Hammerback has been cooking me at least one meal a week for a couple of years now. I think Sid was telling her stories, which kind of scares me cause you know how his stories usually go, so she makes sure I eat right. I protested at first but after a couple of meals I gave up."

"Realized it was useless to protest?" Lindsay asked, pleased to be back. She had even missed Adam's enthusiastic rambling.

"Nope, realized she was a really good cook. So how are you really?"

Lindsay eased down onto a stool. "Pretty good. Still a little pain but nothing that a couple of Tylenol can't handle. Nightmares are starting to get better as well." The first several nights she'd been home, she'd barely slept all. Every time she closed her eyes, nightmares of the explosion and what could have happened had plagued her. Now she was having maybe one nightmare a night and it wasn't even causing her to wake up screaming anymore.

She saw a box sitting on the lab table. "What are you working on? Maybe I can help. I can't do field work but anything is better than the pile of paperwork waiting on my desk."

"I don't know yet. Haven't had a chance to open it. It's an advance box from Jo's and Danny's crime scene. It was dropped off a few minutes ago." Almost at the same time they realized the similarity to the last time they were in lab together. Adam swallowed hard. "You don't think…"

Lindsay shook her head. "No, of course not." Then she added, "Who dropped it off?"

"Flack. I mean we can trust him right?" He laughed nervously. He picked up a knife to open the box. His hand hovered over the box and then he looked back at Lindsay. "Couldn't hurt to open it under the biohazard vent, though, right?" He carried the box over to the newest installation to the lab. A vent hood that was designed to contain any biohazard us material. It would also prevent even a small explosion from escaping. He placed it in the hood and sealed it tightly. Sticking his hands in the hood gloves, he made quick work of slicing the tape and lifting the lid. He peered inside and groaned.

Lindsay frowned. "Don't tell me it is another explosive?"

"Worse, lots of broken glass that will have to be pieced together to get prints. Why do I always get the impossible puzzles to put together? But hey you did say you wanted to help." He grinned hopefully.

Lindsay stood and back toward the door. "You know, I think I'll leave this one to you. Sorry Adam, paperwork calls."

Adam frowned. "I thought you said anything was better than paperwork?"

"I lied. Even a mountain of paperwork beats gluing pieces of glass back together. If I see Danny, I'll send him your way. He loves this kind of work."

Once her retreating back had disappeared down the hall, Adam shook his head and opened the vent hood. He looked down at the box in question. "I guess its just you and me and a bottle of glue." He removed the box and carried it to the lab table. He'd just opened the first envelope and poured out the pieces when a stool scraped close to him. He looked up to see that Lindsay had returned and picked up an envelope of her own.

She smiled. "Maybe a puzzle or two won't be so bad."

- CSI: NY - CSI: NY - CSI: NY -

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