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Carly's POV

Carly was getting ready for her yearly Christmas party, but this year would be quite…different. Usually, she planned and re-arranged and changed her dates a million times to make sure that she could have everyone there, but this year, Carly's plan wasn't to throw a party with as many guests as possible. It was to get her two best friends together, so this year, the less guests that came, the better. She made a very short list of people that she knew for a fact wouldn't be able to make it one way, or another and gave to Sam and Freddie, so they could work together on something while Carly planned every second of the evening. She planned this for weeks, wanting to get it just right. It shouldn't take much work,just one single mistletoe above them and some pressure and if her plan worked, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson would be kissing by the end of the night. Carly was almost certain everything would go according to plan, but, of course, when it came to Sam and Freddie being together, nothing ever went according to plan.

Sam's POV

"Hey, Fredward, I have a question." I said as I walked down the hall with him and all his nubbiness. And yes, that is a word. Why? Because Sam Puckett said it was. "How about you go get mama some meat." I demanded smirking at the thought of my delicious meat. But the nub just scoffed and smiled as he just walked into Carly's apartment ignoring me and rolling his eyes. Nub. I just walked in Carly's apartment a couple seconds to see Carly looking at Freddie petrified.

"What's wrong, Carls?" I asked, smirking. "I know its Freddie, but I thought you were used to looking at him." Then my smile fell from my face fast. There was Carly…and Freddie. Both just standing there. I know what you're thinking, what's the big deal? Well, it was what they were standing under. A mistletoe. They were standing under a little old mistletoe. Just perfect. Want to know what was even more perfect? Not only did they lean in to kiss, but when their lips finally touched, Sam felt ready to punch through a brick wall. She felt different, sad and angry at once. She'd only had this feeling once before. When Freddie had saved Carly's life, when they had been 'Creddie', when they had been together. Sam had to face the truth, before she could deny it, but now? Now there was no excuse. She was jealous of her two best friends, and they were currently making out in front of her. This night was starting out amazingly, don't you think?

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