There is one thing about baldness: it's neat. ~Don Herold

Haircuts and Compliments

"Come on! What do you think?"

"Why did you do it?"

Fire grinned and touched the newly coloured hair. "Because I'm a punk at heart, that's why."

With a raised brow, Megamind smirked. "In other words, you're a wannabe."

She sighed. "You really know how to give a girl a compliment, Megs. Thanks. OK; what do you guys think?"

Remmy tilted her head. "You look like a kooch-ball."

"Since I have no idea what that is I'll take it as a compliment. Minion?"

Smiling that friendly smile of his, Minion gently touched one of the coloured locks in her hair. "I think it's nice! Red and orange; like fire. And you look good with the colours, too!"

"See, people!" Fire exclaimed, and patted Minion's furry shoulder. "This is how you make a compliment! Now we try again. Megs; what do you think of my new hair?"

"Fine; I don't like it."

Snorting, Fire tossed her hair. "You're just jealous because you don't have any hair you can colour except for that goatee." Taking a quick look down against his belt, she mused. "Or do you?"

The reaction was somewhat expected; Megamind turned slightly purple and wrapped his cape around him, as if that could hide his body more. "I am certainly not je-llus! I just think that if you were to colour your hair, it should have been blue and black, that's all!"

"And why would I pick your colours to wear?"

"I've taken you in, I've fed you-"

"Minion feeds us."

"I've bought you clothes. I think I deserve some credit. Instead you colour you hair with Tighten's colours!"

The girl froze, blinking. "W-what?"

Remmy gasped and laughed. "You coloured your hair in Tighten's colours! Red and orange! You little traitor, Fire."

"I… I… Helvete, I didn't think…"

An amused grin plastered itself on Megamind's face. "Does someone have a weakness for a certain bad boy?"

"I… I… Faen!"

"Do you have a thing for gingers, Fire? Or is it the curls?"

"I… Oh, just shut the fuck up! No, I don't have a thing for Tighten, even in my wildest dreams, OK!"

Still amused, Megamind wagged a finger at her. "Language, young lady!"

"Oh, you're just so jealous on the fact that I have hair that you have to tease me, is that it? Like a fifth grader!"

"I am not like a fifth grader!"

"Of course you're not, Megs. You're a real mature guy," she shot back in a tone dripping with


"Now, listen here you little… little kooch-ball, you! I'm an adult! Not some kid who has to tease because I'm je-llus!"

"Come on, admit it; you like my hair, but you're trying to convince everyone you don't."

"Like you're any better-"

Minion sighed and looked down at Remmy. "Want to go and buy some doughnuts?"


Yes, guys, I AM alive. I've just been on a three week interrail trip, taken my lisence and getting ready to move. But I'm still here and ready to write ^^
Actually, it was Fluffy who said my hair looked like a kooch-ball, but if Fluffy can say it, so can Remmy. They are like two drops of water. If you wanna see how it looks like then go to my Deviantart and take a look.