Blaine squeezed Kurt's hand. Tightly.

Kurt wasn't sure whether to be worried for him or not. He'd never met Blaine's parents and he was certainly being thrown in the deep end meeting them in the role of boyfriend. Kurt smiled. He couldn't believe that this was all true. He had a bruise on his forearm that he had been continually pinching to make sure that he really was awake and not experiencing the best sub-conscious hallucination of his life.

The pair had stood on Blaine's front step, staring at the red front door for approximately seven minutes now. Neither one had said a word. Finally, Kurt had to speak. Blaine looked nervous, and not the wonderful, "I've been looking for you forever" way that he had last week. Now he looked sick, and Kurt could feel that his hand was clammy.

"Hey," Kurt smiled at him, "We can do this! You can do this!" He raised a hand to stroke Blaine's cheek, and Blaine's hand caught it and held it against his face as though it was a raft and he was drowning. Kurt had decided to be worried now. Blaine looked scared. Not just scared, almost terrified. Kurt had a sudden vision of Blaine being thrown against a locker and heard those words in his head, "Homo! Fag!" He had never given much thought to Blaine's story when he said that he had been bullied. He felt selfish now, because he had been so worried about his own safety and so sure that Blaine was safe at Dalton that he never stopped to consider that the problem might be closer to home.

"Blaine?" Kurt whispered, stroking his cheek with his thumb. He could feel his stubble rubbing against the pad of his finger. In any other situation he would be thrilled with the little contact. But now he felt like he had to save Blaine. From whatever was in that house.

"We don't have to do this today," Kurt said softly to him, still stroking his cheek, "We can do this when you're ready," he smiled at Blaine's beautiful face as it relaxed a little.

"Can we just go for a drive somewhere?" Blaine asked croakily, "I am going to do this; I'm just worried that you don't know what you're in for."

"I'll drive," Kurt said firmly, putting an arm around Blaine and steering him towards the passenger door. He opened the door for him and Blaine gave a little smile at the connotations of Kurt opening doors for him. Kurt loved that smile. In this moment he had never been happier to see it, and decided to encourage it further. He held out a hand to help Blaine jump up into his SUV. Blaine took it, smiling again. Then Kurt kissed Blaine's hand, letting his eyes drift upwards to catch Blaine's, before shutting the door and running around to the driver's side and jumping in. He started the car and pulled out of the drive.

"Tell me something," Blaine smirked a little, "How long have you wanted to do the hand thing?"

Kurt almost laughed. Blaine knew him so well. But Kurt knew Blaine well too. Well enough to see the relief in his eyes as they drove away from his house.

Kurt decided not to answer, but smiled in response. He drove a few blocks down and came to a park. He pulled up and switched off the engine.

Getting out of the car, he went round to Blaine's side once more, giving him a hand to let him down, but he then opened the back door and let him in. Kurt raced round the other side and joined him in the back seat. Blaine was staring at him.

"You know, people usually choose the lookout for something like this. Or any place that isn't populated with five year olds, actually," He smiled at Kurt. Kurt blushed, but he knew Blaine was trying to goad him into forgetting why they were here.

"You know me! I love a good five year old!" Kurt tried to glibly reply, then realised what he had actually said, and looked mortified. Blaine broke into hysterical laughter. "You…you… you…" he pointed at Kurt, looking deranged from laughter as he pointed at Kurt's horrified face. Kurt watched him laughing. He was amazing. How strong did he have to be? Five minutes ago he had been almost vomiting from nervousness, and now he was able to let that go and just be happy in the moment.

Before Kurt even knew what he was doing he grabbed Blaine's collar and pulled him towards him. Blaine was still laughing when their lips met, but his eyes flew open with the sensation of Kurt kissing him with everything he had. Still smiling slightly he moaned appreciatively against Kurt's mouth and suddenly Blaine wasn't close enough. Kurt wanted him closer, so there was no room between them. So that nobody could ever pry him away. He pulled an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. Apparently Blaine got the idea, because he was moving. He had one leg either side of Kurt's hips, sitting on his lap. He wound his arms around Kurt's neck, his fingers finding the hair at the nape of his neck and burying themselves in it. Kurt opened his mouth a little to help catch his breath.

And there was Blaine's tongue.

Kurt gasped.

Blaine moaned again and pulled on the back of Kurt's head to bring him closer.

Kurt hadn't expected that. They had shared a few dozen kisses since their first, but all of them, while passionate had been closed-mouth.

Kurt felt a warmth in his stomach. He was kissing Blaine, the way they did in the movies, and it was amazing. Kurt moved his tongue experimentally and wound it around Blaine's. It was Blaine's turn to gasp now, and he shifted on Kurt's lap, moving his hands to Kurt's face.

Blaine couldn't seem to sit still. He was hovering over Kurt, and leaning down. Kurt was annoyed at the lack of contact. Their tongues were moving together enthusiastically like they were meant to do this all the time, but Kurt could tell Blaine's mind was focused of something else. He took a deep breath, and kissed Blaine firmly, before reaching around to Blaine's back pockets and sliding his hands in, pulling him back down to Kurt's lap.

Blaine's eyes flew open and he let out a strangled yelp. Kurt froze. He could feel Blaine on his lap. He realised now, why Blaine had been hovering in mid-air. Kurt felt momentarily terrified. He was so hard, and he was pressed right up against… Kurt suddenly realised he had the same problem as Blaine. Blaine pulled away from the kiss to look at him, but Kurt pulled his face back immediately. The lack of contact for even that second was heartbreaking. Kurt was amazed. His other hand was still in Blaine's pocket, and he didn't even remember making the conscious decision to squeeze.

Blaine's hips thrust forward and both boys gasped loudly at the friction that the movement caused.

Suddenly Blaine was gone, and Kurt, dizzily sat up indignantly.

Blaine crawled to the other side of the back seat and put up a hand to Kurt when he started to protest. He was breathing heavily and his hair had broken free from its gel to curl up at his ears. His lips were red and swollen, and Kurt could see a red tinge in his cheeks.

But his eyes.

Kurt was almost frightened when he looked at Blaine's eyes. His pupils were wide and dark and barely any of his beautiful brown could be seen.

Blaine's eyes were on Kurt the whole time they tried to catch their breath.

"We had to stop," Blaine panted, frustrated, "As much as you love a good five year old," he winked cheekily, "I really don't think they should have been witness to what was about to happen," he groaned.

"What was about to happen?" Kurt panted, staring at Blaine, knowing the answer but wanting him to say it. He wanted to hear Blaine say he wanted him. It might, might make up for those "How to be sexy" lessons.

"Kurrrt," Blaine groaned, "Don't play innocent, here. You know what would have happened. And completely apart from being very voyeuristic, it's way too soon for us, and for another thing, would have completely ruined your outfit," Blaine grinned a little.

Kurt gulped a little bit at that. To think that if they had kept going, he would have been in that position. He would have seen Blaine's face as he…

"Kurt!" Blaine demanded, "I can't cool off with you looking at me like that! Stop!" Blaine looked like he was in pain. Unfortunately, now he had said that, all Kurt wanted to do was look at him. Kurt couldn't help himself as his eyes flew to Blaine's crotch. Blaine moaned loudly.

"How did I EVER think you weren't sexy?" he whinged, and attempted to cross his legs while he opened the window to try to defog the windows that were a dead give away to what they had been doing.

Kurt, delighted, pulled his best sexy face.

Blaine laughed.