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It was six months later that Blaine, Rachel, Oscar, Christopher and Kurt all emerged from the courthouse. Blaine was dressed in a suit he actually owned (that Kurt had picked out) and he wore a beaming grin to match. Kurt snapped his photo. Kurt was Kurt and wore a vest of buckles and buttons that not only looked uncomfortable and sophisticated, but made Blaine think about how hard it would be to remove every time he glanced at his boyfriend.

Kurt and Blaine were closer than ever. They had officially become a sickening couple to spend time with, finishing each other's sentences and sneaking leering/romantic looks at each other everywhere they went. Kurt had one more seizure after prom. It happened a week after at midnight and Blaine had been cross at him for ringing him to tell him before he walked down the hall to tell his dad. But Kurt was fine. The doctor hadn't been worried and two months later Kurt was seizure-free and motor-vehicle capable.

Their summer had consisted mainly of shopping or watching movies. They would arrange times for Finn to be noticeably absent quite regularly during the day while Burt and Carole were at work so that Kurt and Blaine could 'rekindle' their love. Even Finn had known that was a euphemism.

After the summer, Blaine didn't leave Kurt's side for longer than a lesson or the time he spent at home. Rachel and Blaine argued a little more nowadays, but they were much closer as well. Blaine had attributed their arguments to them being comfortable enough with each other to speak their mind.

Kurt snapped a photograph of Blaine's daydreaming, blinding him momentarily.

"Kurt, we're outside now; do you really need the flash?" Blaine complained good-naturedly, squinting. Nothing would spoil the absolute joy he felt today.

Kurt just pressed his finger into the shutter button and grinned mischievously.

"Well, that answers that!" Oscar laughed and ruffled Kurt's hair.

Kurt froze and closed his eyes in absolute horror.

"Oscar. Tell me you didn't just ruin an hour's hard work. Tell me you didn't just mess up my hair!"

Oscar winked at Blaine.

"Oh! Was it you who can't stand their hair out of place? I thought it was Blaine!" And with that he tousled a hand through Blaine's curls, ruining Kurt's careful placement of them.

Kurt's shriek was ear-piercing.

Chris hugged his daughter under his arm and laughed with her as Kurt handed Blaine the camera and chased Oscar around the steps.

Blaine snapped a photo of Kurt and giggled as he showed Rachel the digital screen. Kurt's hair was everywhere and he had a look of unmatched fury on his face.

"Make sure you show that to the girls at the boutique," Rachel smiled, "They've wanted a picture of Kurt without his immaculate hair for ages. They said they were going to frame it and hang it above the register."

"Blaine! Don't you dare!" Kurt tried to wrestle the camera from him. "If you show this to my work colleagues I'll show yours that picture of you in your golf outfit!"

Blaine laughed.

Kurt had gotten a part-time job at a little clothes boutique that sold one-of-a-kind items. Kathleen, his boss, had even let him sell a few pieces on commission. Blaine had gotten a full-time job over the summer, but had scaled his hours back to part-time now school was back in session. He worked as a theatre usher at a movie theatre. It wasn't a great job, but he scored free tickets to movies and it made dating Kurt rather more affordable. Kurt liked shopping too much for anything to come cheap so Blaine took whatever small mercies he could find and was slowly letting his bank balance climb a tiny bit higher ever month.

"Go ahead! I'll just show them the date stamp and prove that you saw me looking like that before you deigned to go out with me. Must've been desperate, Kurtie," Blaine sang with a laugh, calling Kurt the nickname his co-workers used that Kurt despised.

"Blaine Anderson, you are asking for it," Kurt warned and Blaine trapped him in a tight hug and a quick kiss, not letting his lips linger longer than a second. Any longer and their kisses automatically became indecent now.

"Anderson-Berry," Chris spoke up with a smile from where his head rested on top of Rachel's.

"Babs," Rachel grinned, "My brother."

Blaine grinned at the nickname. Rachel had realised that Blaine's new initials were B.A.B and had loved the Barbara reference. She had been calling Blaine Babs for months now; ever since her dads had first sat them down to discuss the possibility of Blaine being adopted. Blaine had conveniently neglected to tell her his middle name. Kurt found it hilarious. B.J.A.B sounded so much like an acronym for one of Kurt's favourite things to do with Blaine. Blaine Jeremy had never sounded as filthy to Blaine as when Kurt would whisper it in his ear right before he came. It had lately become their code for 'I want to fuck you'. Kurt would whisper 'Blaine Jeremy Anderson Berry' in Blaine's ear and Blaine would stand up abruptly and run to the nearest safe empty space to wait for Kurt. Blaine even had about a dozen texts with just those words as saved messages in his phone.

And now Blaine's name was legal.

Now he was officially a Berry.

It had been six months since the Prom, when his dad had shown up to try to bring him home. He'd come to the house a few days later yelling at Christopher, who promptly shut the door on him.

The next day he cornered Blaine as he got out of his car.

He'd prattled on drunkenly about how sorry he was, and how he'd realised that Blaine was a good boy even if he was a fag. Blaine had angrily accused him of leaving Kurt behind. After all that his father had put him through, it was the fact he had abandoned Kurt; left him to be beaten on the ground, that really made him hate the man. His father had dismissed Blaine's accusation as if it were useless to him. He didn't care about that faggot, he just was looking out for his son, he'd told Blaine earnestly. Blaine had pushed past him towards his house.

"That faggot is the person I'm in love with. And I guess that makes me a faggot too. So I'm a faggot and you're a fuckwit. Now get the hell away from me!" Blaine had shouted angrily as his father had growled at him.

The next day Christopher had taken him to the police station to get a restraining order.

And then they'd started talking about adoption.

It had been a lengthy process, made much easier by the fact that Blaine's prospective parents were attorneys. Blaine had been able to sign a lot of the papers himself once the court had granted him to be legally emancipated from his parents. Oscar and Christopher had managed to contact his mother and she had been… helpful. She signed the papers and sent a bunch of documents such as Blaine's birth certificate and some baby photos. All she'd asked in return was that Blaine sign that he would not try to claim entitlement to any more funds or assets she may own.

That had stung. Blaine had cried to Kurt about it, but Christopher always knew the right thing to say.

"Fuck her," he'd said simply. "You're ours and she doesn't deserve you, honey."

Blaine had curled up on the couch with him and he'd talked him through what he was feeling. Blaine didn't feel like a sissy when he cried about his parents to Chris. He'd been through it. He'd been estranged from his own parents for years and he just got that Blaine wasn't even so much upset about them, just upset about the unfairness of it all.

Then Rachel would come and curl up with them on the lounge and Blaine couldn't have felt safer or more at peace if he had tried. Kurt was his whole life, but now he truly had a family to call his own, he didn't have to borrow Kurt's and that made him giddily joyful.

Blaine couldn't have been happier to sign the papers that officially meant he was a part of Rachel's family. He was really her brother now, so he was within his rights to clip Finn over the ears if he was a jerk again. He might have to stand on a chair or something to do it… Finn was really tall, Blaine mused pointlessly. He had a family. He knew that if he was in trouble or upset that there would always be someone who cared. He knew he was loved, regardless of who he loved.

He was happy.

He hugged Oscar happily and pulled Kurt closer to him.

Then Chris said the only words that could have made this moment any more perfect.

"So, Blaine," he began with a grin, "We were having a look at all that wasted space down in the basement. How would you feel about your own room?"