She saunterd down the street, arm in arm with her mother.

"What part of town is this?" She asked inquisitively. Her mother gave her a sad, tear filled look. All of a sudden, she felt a pain in her stomach. She needed to vomit immediately. Before she could say anything, her mother was at the door of an older woman with a determined look in her eyes.

"Mrs. Bergman, I'll take her now."

She felt the tears of confusion chasing her. There was someone tugging at her, pulling her into the house. She clawed at the door, screaming and crying. It was no use. Before she knew it, she was being strapped to a bed, with a cloth of something being shoved into her face.

"Go to sleep now, sweetie."

Rachel Berry woke with a start, clawing at her stomach, which, for some reason, she felt intent on protecting if it cost her her own life. She laughed a little at this recurring dream: They could be so funny sometimes, couldn't they? The one thing that perturbed her was that this was the fourth night in a row that she had had this dream. And almost every time, she felt like she needed to call out to someone. But it was a strange name, and didn't roll off of tongue like something like "Finn." She thought, smiling to herself. It was "Melchior", or something like that. Something foreign, she was sure of that. She laid in bed for another moment, thinking over what took place in the dream. Eventually, she figured that it was an emotion to take with her, and possibly sing a song about it in Glee Club that day.

"I hear dreams can tell the future. Maybe something like that will happen to you one day." Finn said at the library. Rachel laughed at his obvious confusion.

"Finn, I don't have a mother. How is something like that supposed to happen to me when I was walking with my mother in the dream?"

"I don't know, Rachel. It's just…You've been droning on and on about this dream for days, but you can't understand it. Maybe it's symbolic or something…Maybe it's something out of Inception."

Rachel shook her head. "It's more than that. It's like I'm really there, everything is so terrifying and I just want to be with someone….But he's not around." Finn looked down.

"If that has anything to do with me-"

'Shut up." Rachel snapped. She had seen a boy for a brief moment…A boy who looked so familiar, but she couldn't remember his name. She got up from her seat at the library table, leaving Finn looking dejected and completely lost. He called after her, but it seemed distant, almost as if he had completely disappeared, leaving nothing but the echo of his voice.

Rachel finally found the boy she was looking for. His name was Jesse St. James, and she knew him from when she went to see Vocal Adrenaline perform. He was talented, as much as she was, if not more. He smiled at her from across the room. She felt her feet moving involuntarily towards him.

"You're Jesse St. James. You're in Vocal Adrenaline!" She said, a grin widening on her face.

"And you're Rachel Berry." He said, a small smile starting on his. He moved his hand towards her, and she accepted the handshake. The moment she did so, she felt her stomach fall to the floor as she saw him once again, but with a different hairstyle, and his clothes were…from some time in the past.

It was over in a flash. Within a millisecond, everything was back to normal, and all she could look at was herself and Jesse's hand, enclosed in one another's for what felt like the millionth time.