All characters © Taniguchi Gorou

Summary: Suzaku finds himself buying Lloyd's pudding. Again. NOT dirty, despite how it may sound. Gen!humor and evil!Arthur.


Cecile spotted Kururugi Suzaku at the table, still in his Ashford uniform and scribbling away at some form of homework. She looked apologetic as she shut the door behind her. "Lloyd says you owe him a chocolate snack pack for making him sneeze," she told him.

"What?" Suzaku frowned and set down his pencil. "How did I—"

"He's allergic to cats," Cecile explained, gesturing to Arthur. The tabby was busy insouciantly lapping up milk from a saucer in a corner of the room, unaware that he was the object of someone else's misfortune (or in Cecile's case, personal amusement).

With his eyebrows raised, Suzaku blinked and replied, "Oh. I didn't know, Cecile-san."

"He likes to be oddly discreet about these things."

"I...see." It was likely that Lloyd had purposely neglected to inform him of this point and had manipulated his allergies just to have someone get the pudding for him. In fact, giving his boss's eccentricity and closet laziness, it was highly possible. Suzaku sighed, rubbing his temples. "Should I get the '2 for 1' pack again?" he asked Cecile wearily.

"Actually, I think there's a 'buy one get one free' sale down the street," she pointed out. "Get two just in case; here's a coupon. And not the Jell-o brand."

"Fine, fine," Suzaku grumbled as he took the coupon, getting up and slinging his backpack over one shoulder. "Fat free?"

Cecile deliberated, unsure. "I don't think it matters?"

"Does he want the chocolate-vanilla swirl, or just the plain chocolate?"

"I'd go with just the chocolate," Cecile replied, and decided to add, "he's also taking the antihistamines out of your paycheck, by the way."

"He's that pissed off?"

She shrugged. "Not really, but he did seem fairly annoyed after an hour of constant sneezing."

Suzaku turned to Arthur, who stared placidly back and mrowed around his milk. He sighed again and shook his head. "You cause so much trouble for me, you know that?" he asked the cat.

Arthur only purred, and if Suzaku hadn't known better he would have sworn he'd seen something akin to a smile behind those whiskers.