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Thursday 2:00 P.M.

The bright midday skies of LA were shining over the city, people inside already a buzz over the the week to come. The light reflected from the glass and metal of the skyscrapers and the cars was glinting all over the place, the parks bare from kids who had gone off to school earlier that day, with no other people outside other than the working class adults and early released seniors who were discussing their next weeks' plans via the check out counters of stores and parlors, but the wind made the whistles of the grounds of a mob squad, and the trees were swaying like a crowd of people at a Billy Joel concert.

No place was more so noisy than at the center of LA, where a large row of trees and grounds had surrounded a building, which was now at least seven stories tall after numerous rebuildings, appearing like a normal place, with two people walking down the way towards the doors.

The two walking up were walking side by side. One was shorter and wore her long silvery hair down to her ankles, and wore a lighter black shirt and pants with a gray belt. The taller boy wore greenish black armour with yellow lining, had silver colored hair, and his face was a pale green. He carried a staff sword combination weapon.

On top of the building, in large lettering, read " AF Ind."


The woods were cold and warm at the same time, cold from the world and warm to the prospects, shy to the wonders of humanity, yet grapsed their with all their might. Outside of LA was this scene, where the trees and the harsher areas seemed to go on and on forever like a ranting sentence. Sitting atop of a larger hill of the area, where trees and the grass had now become completely devoided of all life, stood a colder looking fortress. Dark, black, thick of must and fog, and, if needed, could have been the site of Shawshank Prison before.

A crowd of noises was coming from the inside as a tall and blue skinned teen guy walked down a dark decrepid hallway, pictures to the left and right, columns on every twenty feet. He had black hair, reddish eyes, pointed ears, a black shirt with a skull in the fron with black leather pants, black boots, and an open cape with flames at the end.

Drake Ebon Darkstar.


Omnitown was barely awake in the later hours of the night. Japan and their timezones of various islands and archipelago gatherings were falling asleep, minus the town where weird happenings were just about as daily as the Daily Show on Comedy Central. The neighborhood street lights popped on, scattering the various colors of the areas grasses and flowers, including the pagoda on the hill where a duo was gathered with the rest of their team.

The Metagang, aka Metamorphosis team, was now chatting away as a blue haired teen about 6' 7'' walked in wearing a white shirt with the words " Do Unto Others . . ." with jeans, while behind him strolled in a boy about 6' 1'' with a black shirt, black spiked hair, blue eyes like the ocean, jeans with knee cuts, and they both wore gemstones around their necks, one purplish black and the other one yellowish white.

The matter was urgent as someone started talking.


" Alright DP, what's the deal?" PhoenixoftheDarkness asked, her hair flopping a bit over her eye.

" Yeah, being gathered here at once is kinda weird," TLSoulDude mentioned. " No offence to anyone else here."

DarkPaladinmon and HIkariIno had entered the HQ, and were already in the front room, or the foyer, where the rest of the FAF had been gathered. The room was clean minus the members, with polished floors, stairs to the left, hall to the right, and an elevator at the back of the room near another opening for a closet. The two stood before the group of their old friends, and as of the year before, newer ones had been added to the mix. One of the newer members was a black hedgehog wearing a blue denim jacket, a dog tag necklace, black jeans, a red shirt, white Sonic gloves, a chain wallet, glasses, the same shoes Shadow wears, and a gunblade in a sheath on his back.

" None taken," Phantos the Hedgehog said.

" So what's the deal then?" Phoenix asked again, tapping her foot.

" To discuss Spring Break," DP smirked with his arms crossed.

The whole group let loose a loud groan.

" What? What's the matter?" he asked shrugging.

Ranger did a throat cutting motion as he pointed to Kitten, who was now eyeing his gun and had a death glare at it. He himself looked . . . ticked.

" Must I say what happened last year with the Metagang?" Wildrook asked, annoyed at the memories.

" You're not the only one who spends a little overboard time with them," ShadowDJ added, arms crossed.

Rook laughed, then said," If anything, they'd check us into mental institutes for sure."

Lunatic121, eyes set to kill on his glare, was firing daggers at the two. " There is NO way anyone can be more insane than me!"

Dawn laughed and nodded. Kitten then snatched the gun from Ranger, yelling something about the danger of guns and how others could be hurt that way, then he yelled out breaking her neck and lunged for her, to which she started running around the groups of other people, him chasing her. Behind a few of the Authors, another newer member was silently glaring at Ranger for running after Kitten . . . however gun fears were driving him back.

DP pressed his temple with two fingers then, sighing and kept rubbing the area. " I know that last year didn't go the way everyone had expected, but we DID gain good things from the week: TL had his moment onstage with Skillet-"

" SKILLET!" TL jumped and yelled. " I GOT JOHN COOPER TO SIGN MY HEAD!"

" - Kitten's kept Ranger from getting in jail for the rest of the year-"



" - And D-Dude actually found a girl who won't scream for the police when she seems him, no offence," DP finished.

" None taken," D-Dude sighed, looking at a picture of Meredith.

" Well, THIS year, we're doing something different."


" We're going to celebrate Spring Break," Drake said, the room of the Darksides and Antis groaning.

The room where they were presiding was dank and dark, a few windows in place, but the windows were barely providing light in the gloomy place. There were pictures and brakish auras on the walls, and a door opening to the left and right in the middle of the room. The only word that could REALLY be used to describe the entire fortress: depressing.

One of the Darksides also had dark blue skin and pointed ears, but he also looked a lot like a stereotypical punk. Near his was a larger and brutish looking Darkside, blue skin and pointed ears, more of a point at least. The first one had a black whip to his side, which could have been emitting a darker aura from the gloom in the dull room. The taller Darkside was bare of weapons, but looked muscular enough to punch a hole through an armoured truck. They were Johan and Ommadon.

" You're kidding, right?" Johan asked.

" Spring Break?" Ommadon asked confused.

" No and yes you idiots," Drake started. " This international week of frivoloty is what drives teenagers and certain college frat parties out for a good time and relaxation . . ."

" So . . . . what then?" Johan asked shrugging.

Drake sighed and pinched his temple as he moved about the group. Two women, same age range as Drake, were watching him move about. They had the same skin toned areas of him as well, but the differences between them was obvious. One had a smirk on her face and had long wavy like hair, and she wore normal attire like a cuter hentai girl would, forgive me for saying so. The other girl had a hint of death to her cold eyes, a small smile of sadistic torture hung from her face. She was wearing a sort of tunic dress, like a gray or a pale whiter black. The girl with the wavy hair spoke.

" He means what are we going to do about the break," Meladonna said.

Killer Rose, aka Ino, glared at her and said," I don't think Drake wants to be pestered with a response like that. Johan is dumb, let it just be so."

Johan steamed at her. " You're lucky you can kill me with one shot . . ."

Ommadon shook his head.

Drake walked back and said," Enough."

There was a small silence.

" The only plan I have-"


" - is to enjoy this year's spring break with style!" King whooped it up.

The Metagang laughed out a few solemn comment with it as Kiva jumped up and did three backflips midair before landing in the splits. Dairo high fived him, his now dreadlocked hair, (blame Ookami for being bored then), swinging. Ookami was still braiding a last portion of her hair as well, pink strands all over the place. Banjomaru was reading an X-Files extra-cut novel. Tanuki, pale and the death she was reaping now, was texting someone at the window. Haru, sitting near Mirasuka, who was evidently wearing a new shirt which Haru did not notice, the sad pathetic idiot, then looked around steaming at King and Scorpion.

" Yeah, my bad," King sweatdropped and rubbed the back of his head. " We have Haru's dad to thank for this year then, too . . . his dad secured a time share plan in Miami, so-"

" MIAMI!" the group yelled out at once.

Almost at once, they leaned forward with the yell and fell forward. As if things could not get more random . . .

" Yeah, uh King? Think that part could have been kept a LITTLE bit better?" Scorpion asked crossing his arms in irritation.

King laughed and said," Hey, what can I say? I'm a dog . . ."

Janera groaned and sat on the floor crossed legged again, her miko outfit scruntching up. She then saw the images inside her mind of what had happened LAST year in LA, vividly and in sprkling slow-motion like it was from Shuffle! . . . what a break it was . . . however King saying he was a dog . . .

" Huh . . ." Janera said, seeing her mind view in action again.

King was suddenly in a kimono, and drank a sip of tea as he said," Now, before we do make the plans for this, we may wanna think ahead as from last year's mistakes, anyone?"

They were all dressed like they were from Fruits Basket. Haru looked like Ayame alright, blond hair down and wielding a silver tongue and a fan, but he glared at Janera along with Scorpion, who as Hatori was making NO good impression. Him in a labcoat and slicked down hair? Even HE disliked it. She laughed, the cat backpack on her Kagura back now hefty with her manga books.

" Let's not get HASTY guys! Really . . . can a girl have one fangirlish moment?" she laughed lightly. ' I am SO not in the mood to be killed today . . .'

Ookami looked like Ren, or at the most part, a more cheerful version of her . . . as she pushed the three apart.

" This reminds me," King said, calmly, a LARGE bushy, fluffy white tail wagging behind him, " Where is our certain little pacifistic rabbit?"

Tanuki started, " I think she's -"


" - RUINING MY REPUTATION!" Ranger yelled as Kitten ran behind D-Dude, shaking and clutching the .22 for dear life. Her eyes were wide and she was panting loudly. " I SWEAR that kid's been taking more than just my calibers! She even took my other weapons once and buried them in the yard like a dog! That time, I couldn't find them for weeks!"

" Gomen-a-sai . . ." she shivered out of her mouth. It was barely audible.

" She's just been trying to help you dude, chill!" DJ said, scythe shaking.

Ranger grabbed another gun and blasted a shot near his left foot, backing the apprentice reaper recoil with a yelp. XProdigy groaned. The Shadow Syndicate, aka TSS, looked over at Ranger and nodded. " The extreme of this is kind of therapy is getting out of hand," then looked towards the innocent. " Kitten, give him the gun-"

The gun was thrown as everyone gasped.

" SCATTER!" Nukid yelled running upstairs.

Everyone got out of the way of the falling gun, a shaking and crying Kitten running to D-Dude again. He looked on confused at her as she shivered beside him. Ranger grabbed the pistol midway and shot near Kitten's feet, making her scream. The scream turned into a roar and blasted apart a window and two mirrors in the room. She was crushing D-Dude in a panic hug, shaking still as he tapped her to let go. The same shadowy figure from before was steaming again, THIS time, thinking of ways to kill D-Dude with imbeded nails and stuff he saw from Saw IV.

Ranger sighed. " Stay away from my guns, or the NEXT shot will be blasted through your head."

Kitten was silently crying as her rabbit ears deployed. DP and Hikari got out of hiding as he said," Ranger . . . put away the gun . . ."

Ranger tsked as he stowed the gun and went back to sitting.

" Well," DP sighed and stepped out, " Now that THAT'S over . . . l;et's get back to getting to when we leave-"


" - behind those idiotic thoughts, Ommadon . . ." Drake steamed. " The reason we're going to have this holiday is to refresh ourselves and get rid of this bad luck cache we seem to have when it deals with those Author Fighters! That, and I have an inside person telling me that they will be going on vacation during this time."

" Perfect," Meladonna giggled. " Sun, sweat, and best of all, no A-u-t-h-o-r-s."

" You'll more or less be in the doghouse you b-i-t-c-" Ino started, but a dagger flew inbetween them.

In the darkness, two yellow eyes glared as a small growl was emitted. The two looked unsurprised. Drake smirked as he stopped walking and looked into the darkness of the area of the fortress. HIs smile was more now of a master to a pet.

" What do you think about this, Inu?"

Inu Kamitara stepped from the shadows, her kapris and yellow tank top shadows by the darkness still. She had long dark hair, black dog ears on her head, and a dog's tail of thick course black fur going from her bottom to the floor. She was wearing sandals, but her feet showed scars and whip marks, as did her arms and visible parts of her legs. There was a collar around her neck. It made things plenty difficult for her, mainly due to the chain leash hooked to her.

" Spring Break sounds like a nice idea, Master Drake," she said almost emotionlessly. " I remember many things about this from Kitten's mind. Happy things . . . so bright and happy . . . "

" I meant a yes, or a no," he started as he came over.

Inu looked calm, but ehr eyes shined with fear as she said," Yes, it is."

" Very good then," he said and walked back. " You'll be coming- "


" -along too, dude," Kiva said to Banjomaru, who was still reading. " Katana's gonna be there!"

" Yeah, and last year I turned red as a crab," he said, " Fat. Chance."

" I'm going!" Kiva yelled.

" You were chased by Ross and Ranger last year, albiet you stopped their feud, plus you also exposed CallMeX, got the wrath of TL, and ended up causing a blanket to hit JC, and ended up getting the ire of the girls for weeks," Banjomaru said.

Ookami laughed and said," Not only that, but you totally wiped out!" There was a cold wind then.

They two were then glaring at each other until King barked three times, getting everyone's attention. King glared as they calmed down. He then sighed and said," Alright everyone! We pack tonight!"

" Tonight?" Mirasuka asked.

Haru said, " Yeah, my dad told me we're leaving-"


" -Tomorrow?" TL yelled. " NO WAY! If I see even ONE scale of that jerk Kiva, I SWEAR I'm gonna send him into space with my electricity!"

" TL, calm down," Kitten said. " Kiva's crazy but . . . wait, what about space?"

" Pacifist," Ranger mouthed.

" We still pack tomorrow," DP said. " Authors, dismissed!"

The large group dispersed into a frenzy as they all went about to pack for the Miami spring break trip. Some were talking and others were racing to their rooms.

" DIBS ON THE GOOD TRUNKS!" Lunatic yelled to Rook, then the two started running off upstairs.

" Looks like things are gonna be insane," Airnaruto said to DP and Hikari. " I still hope we-"


" - Do NOT wind up seeing some crappy Seth Rogen movie there," Drake grumbled.

Meladonna then asked, " What about DarknessTank and the new recruit?"

" They will meet us in Miami, otherwise I've gone and booked us-"


" - the rooms limit number is two so no girl-boy matches, save THAT for when we go nutso on soda and have to kiss it off," King said, leaving 'kiss' in a lower volume.

Scorpion sighed as he then asked, " What if we end up-"


" - embarrassing myself?" the shadowy figure asked TL and Phantos.

Phantos laughed and said," Trust me dude, you are NOT gonna do-"


" -something stupid, Johan and Ommadon, and I will PERSONALLY throw you two off the top of Mt. Fuji," Drake grumbled.

The two nodded and stood firm. " Yes sir, Drake!"

Inu sighed. " This next week is going to be a complete-"


" - AWESOMEFEST!" Kiva said packing. " This next week will be-"


" - the perfect opportunity to get revenge," Nukid said, glaring a dartboard, where Jiro's picture was stuck. He launched a needle and hit it dead center. " NO one makes me run aorund naked in a hotel."

Air was walking past and said," Hopefully-"


" - we can NOT end up being beaten by the Authors," Ino said. " I'd hate to go one more day with them-"


" - killing me, Mira!" Haru whimpered. " Holly, Dollie, and Molly are gonna bury me in the sands again and then they're gonna-"


"- have fun, Hikari, and this time, relax," DP smiled at his girlfriend walking beside him. " I promise."

" Thanks, sempai!" she smiled. " This week-"


" -will be-" Drake said.


" - the best spring break-" King said.


All three said it at once.

" Ever!"

And so the paths are crossed and the people are on their way with issues brought up . . . I wanna sing Surfin' bird! To be continued!