019. White

While many of the Sharance festivals would seem a bit strange to outsiders, the townspeople held a special pride in their unusual traditions that Micah could never help but admire.

"Woah…" he muttered as he entered the plaza one morning in Spring. "That's… That's one big wooly!"

"It's positively tiny, my boy!" Sherman contradicted (or possibly agreed; it was difficult to tell). The corpulent man tied the end of the wooly's leash to the tree at the northern end of the plaza.

"It's soooo cute!" Pia exclaimed, running up behind Micah and jumping up and down excitedly. "I want to hug it!"

"Why don't you?" Sakuya suggested, coming to join her friend. "You could hold it still for the rest of us. That way we'll get more wool off of it."

Micah shook his head and looked around the plaza. It was nearly nine o'clock, and the townspeople were steadily gathering. Shara was taking her little sister up to pet the wooly, while Wells cautiously watched. At the far end of the plaza, Shino was stretching, talking to Hazel as she warmed up for the day's activity—Karina, Micah noted, was nowhere to be seen, likely using the day off for an opportune nap.

From the south entrance to the plaza came Gaius and Raven, their arms laden with unusual weapons. Micah saw a toy hammer, a large spoon, and…

"…is that a lollipop?" he wondered aloud.

"Those are special weapons for wooly shaving," Evelyn said, walking up beside him. "They're a bit unusual, but they're guaranteed safe. No wooly abuse here!"

Micah nodded slowly. "Are you going to participate, Evelyn?"

The fashionista shrugged. "I don't really see the point."

"Wells told me that we get to keep all the wooly furballs we collect," Micah pointed out.

Evelyn gave him a strange look. "What would I use wool for?"

Micah opened his mouth to state the obvious, but then he wisely thought better of it.

"All participants in the Wooly Festival to the center of the plaza!" Wells called. "It's time to begin."

Micah stepped forward to look at the "weapons," considering his options. He finally settled on the acutorimass, a pair of ladles, not unlike his own dual blades.

At the mayor's direction, the participants formed a circle around the wooly, which Sherman had released from its leash, while the rest of the townspeople moved a safe distance away.

"Okay!" Wells said. "Ready…set…go!"

The participants charged at the giant wooly, and soon the air was full of flying white fluff.