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Summary: Becoming Human - After an interesting development, Christa gets kidnapped by vampires. Adam goes to George and Nina for help. Can he get to her before she's thrown into the dog fighting ring and kills an innocent or gets killed herself? Crossover with Being Human

Full Moon Rising

Ch 1

Christa paced around the shed feeling agitated like she always did around this time. She was almost always in a constant stage of aggravation; it made most people stay away from her it even made other animals stay away from her. Once she was just walking through the woods when she came upon a deer. They both just stopped. It didn't move, she didn't move. Then it just bolted like a shot had rung through the forest, but there was nothing there but her, a wolf shaped bullet, the top of the food chain, a killer.

"Can't find the perfect place to sit" Adam said entering the shed. "You know like dogs…when they walk around in circles" he says doing hand motions to show what he meant. "Before they sit down"

"Did your hand reject you too?" Christa asked dryly. "Is that why you're so frustrated all the time? Poor Adam can't get any from himself either."

"Got some from you, didn't I" Adam retorted with a smile.

"No, you forced some from me" Christa said raising her voice. She was angry but there was something else too. Something was different tonight, she felt different.

"You can deny it all you want; it's almost as convincing as your other denials" he told her with a wink. It was so easy to get her riled up and he knew it wasn't entirely her fault it was her time of the month, which was ten times worse than her other time of the month.

"Did anyone ever tell you what an annoying wanker you are?" She wasn't even going to bother replying to him about that again. She kissed back because Mr. Swann was coming and she had no choice. She never even thought about snogging him, well maybe once but then he opened his mouth and the feeling went away.

She didn't even know why she bothered to come here, well she did know they were still trying to figure out what Matt's unfinished business was, since it wasn't finding his killer. So they now they were meeting to figure out what it was, not that Matt was all that keen on leaving anyway. It was sad really, that he'd rather stay here with them than move on or whatever it is ghosts do when they go through their door. She and Adam were not exactly friends someone would want to have.

Adam threw his bag on the floor and watched the dust fly around the shed. She was the frustrating one, it's not like he asked to find werewolf when he came to this school, he came here to fit in, be normal, be human. But there she was on his first day of college and he wished he had met one that wasn't so hot and cold all time. Chew her own face off or rip her spine through her throat and eat it, that one sure had a graphic imagination must be the animal brain that thinks of that. I feel bad for the animals it comes across in the forest.

He watched Christa continue to walk around the room, and then she stopped and sighed. "I had a life…before all this" she said to him.

"Right, choir girl I'm sure it was oh so glamorous" He replied.

"I told you I'm not in…forget it" She replied back. Why did she think she could have a serious conversation with the boy who will never grow up. He was forty six and still acted like a horny teenager. "You think I want to be stuck here with you? I had a life, parents that I talked to every day, friends…a boyfriend" she said looking at him to gauge his reaction. He tried to recover his shock and he thought he succeeded but she saw. "So tell me Adam how many girlfriends have you had in your long life or am I the first girl you snogged?"

"Well with all that experience you weren't that good" he replied.

"Your tongue begs to differ" She told him looking him straight in the eyes.

"What? You think I like you. Ha that's funny." He told her, he was still hurt by her comment in detention but he couldn't let that show. "I can have my pick of any girl in the school"

"Yeah, good luck with that" Christa replied with a laugh. "Maybe we can throw some glitter on you and you can say you're a long lost Cullen, nah I don't think anyone would believe that."

Now he was getting a little angry with her comments. "What happened to your boyfriend, get tired of taking you for walks in the park?"

She glareed at him and turned around to look out the dust covered window. He didn't like hearing she had a boyfriend even though he shouldn't care, whoever he was he was no longer in the picture. He should ask Matt about that, how long they dated, just out of curiosity and nothing more. "Well anyway, where's Bodkin?" Adam asked trying not to picture some other bloke snogging her. Did she shag him too? He shook his head now he'll have to ask Matt who it was, again just out of curiosity.

Christa raised her eyebrows in confusion. "Who?"

He sighed. "Bodkin, from the Ghosts of Motley Hall?" He looked at her shaking her head. "Don't you watch any television?"

"I do…in this decade" She replied staring at him like he was mental then answered his question. "I don't know but he'd better hurry, I don't have much time." Was it hot in here? She was beginning to feel a little warm. Was she getting sick? Now that she thought about it she hasn't felt sick, really sick not vomiting up whatever the wolf ate sick, actual sick since she became what she is now. Did she even get sick anymore?

"Right, you need to go roll around in the rubbish, I heard dogs love that" Adam said to her.

"Oh, don't start on that again" she replied rolling her eyes. Her heart beat sped up all of a sudden and she didn't know why. It wasn't the change it was too early. Her eyes locked on to his as her breathing increased. With the full moon tonight she knew what feelings to expect but something else was going on.

"….we can get you a chew toy, though you'll probably tear it apart…."

"Shut up Adam" She told him even though his voice was becoming muffled and her breathing had increased even more she was almost panting. He kept talking but she wasn't listening anymore, the sudden unexpected aching rush of want and need surprised her and she cut off the rest of his words, with a growl of impatience and crushed her mouth to his all in one swift motion pushing his back against the wall.

He didn't even have time to react as her mouth just swooped down and captured his, licking, tasting, devouring his mouth hungrily. He was shocked and helpless as it felt like she was trying to shove him through the wall. He couldn't speak, he couldn't move as she growled and kissed deeper, hotter, harder.

He didn't know what was going on but he liked it, she opened her mouth and he slipped his tongue in battling hers for dominance. He pushed her backwards until they hit a table. He lifted her up easily and her legs wrapped around his waist. The various items on the table went flying off in different directions. He moaned as he felt her nails dig in his back pushing his body closer to hers.

The sweet warmth kindling in her belly ignited to a burning flame. She didn't think much at all in that moment. No thought, only sensations sent in short bursts to her brain. The heat of his body, the demand of his lips and tongue and teeth matching her own urgency, his breath mingling with hers, the moan that escaped the back of his throat. Her hands moved down and started unbuttoning his trousers as the kiss grew more heated, more demanding.

The last growl that vibrated through her body brought her sense back to her. What was she doing? Great that's just what she needed, not only will the wolf eat anything, it will shag anything too even Adam who smelled of adolescent boy and death, not exactly shaggable scents. Christa shoved him backwards and saw the look of confusion on his face. She didn't know what came over her, all she knew is she had to get out of there. "Piss off!" she screamed at him and ran out of the shed.

Adam was trying to control is anger as he watched run out of the door. What the fuck? How was he supposed to react to that? He wasn't exactly thinking with his big head anymore. She jumped him out of nowhere, she kissed him! What the fuck? He didn't have loads of experience but is this how all females are, or just female werewolves?

Her mind was reeling of what just happened, what could've happened. She shook that thought from her head and listened to her heart pounding in her chest, the drumbeat of her feet connecting with the pavement, her jacket acting like wings carrying her through the town. She inhaled as the delicious rush of wind passed her face. Her muscles stretched as she pushed harder and faster.

She slowed down then stopped, closed her eyes and looked towards the sky. She wasn't even out of breath. She supposed running around as wolf one a month was good endurance exercise.

She was debating going back; trying to explain what happened, how could she explain that? She didn't even know what came over her. Was it mating season for werewolves? Shit! Was she in heat or something? This curse just needed to be worse than it already was. She was about to go back when she smelled them, death. She spun around, she was surrounded.

"Shit" Adam said and kicked the shed wall. "Ow" he hobbled away on one foot. Then he heard the familiar poof sound of Matt appearing. Did he see? He knew Matt was in love with Christa but he was dead, well so was he but he had a physical body and a working…well you know, Matt didn't, so it would never really work between them. And he did give him the go ahead. Course he didn't what the ahead was. Christa just snogged him and ran away. He didn't know if he wanted to deal with more of that.

"They took 'er!" Matt screamed at him breathing erratically which made no sense because he didn't breathe. He shook that thought from his head; he needed to tell Adam what happened.

"Took who?" Adam asks standing on one leg rubbing his foot.

"Christa!" Matt screamed at him. "They took 'er" he was just walking to the shed which was their new meeting place since Christa and Adam no longer had detention. He saw Christa burst out of the shed and run across the field. He sighed and figured that Adam had said something to her again 'bout being a werewolf. He was going to go yell at Adam but decided to see if she was ok first.

Adam didn't have to admit but he knew he liked her and Adam didn't think Christa liked him back but she did. He could see it. She'd never admit either they were both so stubborn, was that part of being a supernatural, stubbornness? This was more difficult then he thought it would be. He wished he could just go back to thinking about eggs; at least they were simple to understand. All you did was crack them open and eat 'em, there were different ways to eat 'em but still just as simple. But this, this was difficult. He liked both of them, they were his mates, the best ones he's ever had. Maybe his unfinished business was to make sure Christa was happy.

He followed her and she was fast, really fast, he was lucky that he didn't have to worry about trying to keep up with her. Was that a werewolf thing, she must be really good at games now. He didn't want to just appear at her side so he appeared a few feet in front of her. When she stopped she closed her eyes so she didn't see him. Then he saw them, vampires about seven or eight of them. They surrounded her and he hated himself for being helpless to stop them.

"Who took Christa?" Adam says dropping his foot and looking worriedly up at Matt.

"Vampires" Matt tells him.

"What?" Adam says with fear in his voice now. He didn't know why he always badgered her about being a werewolf; he guessed it was part of his nature. The ages old antagonism between vampires and werewolves was just something that was bred into them. But Mitchell ignored it he had George and Nina. So why couldn't he ignore it, by not ignoring it he put Christa in danger. It was his fault he had to find her.

"There were seven or eight of 'em they jumped 'er put a bag o'er 'er head and van drove up and they shoved 'er inside" It was his fault he should've done something, anything would've been better than letting her get taken.

She felt her body being rocked back and forth but she was having trouble focusing. Her mind was foggy, suddenly there's a jolt sending a throbbing pain through her head. It's enough to bring her mind back into focus. She tries to scream but it comes out muffled, something was in her mouth she moves her tongue around, it was cloth, she opened her eyes saw nothing but darkness there was bag over her head as well. She tried to move her hands but they wouldn't budge, they were tied behind her back. She'd been drugged too. What's happening? Where was she? Had she just been kidnapped?

Her mind suddenly remembered the rest, vampires took her. What did they want? The full moon, it was tonight. What were they going to do with her?