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Summary: Becoming Human - After an interesting development, Christa gets kidnapped by vampires. Adam goes to George and Nina for help. Can he get to her before she's thrown into the dog fighting ring and kills an innocent? Crossover with Being Human

Full Moon Rising

Ch 5

Christa woke up sneezing and coughing up dust. Her mouth felt dry and tasted like chicken. She glanced to the side and realized a blanket had been draped around her and she saw a woman dressed in grey staring down at her.

"Hi, I'm Annie" the woman said smiling. "We weren't expecting this so all I have is George's shirt for you to wear, at least until we get home" Christa looked at her confused. "I'm a friend of Adam's"

"Adam?" she whispered hoarsely. "The woman!" Christa shouted as her memory was coming back. "There was a woman…did I?"

"No, she's over there. She keeps fainting, so that is still a bit of problem" Adam said as he walked over to her.

Christa lets out the breath she didn't know she was holding. She didn't kill her. "Thank you" Adam didn't know how grateful she was. She didn't know if she'd be able to live with herself if she had.

"Of course" Adam replied. She was like a different person after a transformation, vulnerable, innocent, a glimmer of the girl she was before.

Christa put the shirt over the blanket and stood up. She looked at the damage she caused. There were scratch marks covering almost every inch of the wall and the ground was covered in dust. "What… what happened?" She asked quietly.

"We let you out just in time and you well you killed all the vampires" Matt told her. "It was brilliant" He said grinning at her.

"Oh" She replied pulling the shirt down with her hands, just now realizing that it covered her just not as much as she like. "Did I have chicken?"

"Yes and the string" Adam told her.

Christa looked over to see a man wearing only jeans and a woman. "I'm George and this is Nina" the man said.

"Thanks of the shirt" She said to him and he nodded. Then she looked over at the woman and shock crossed her features. "You're…?"

"Yes" Nina replied. "We didn't think it could happen either"

"Hate to break up the pack, but we still have her over there" Adam said interrupting them. "What are we going to do with her?"

"She has children" Christa told them still so grateful she didn't hurt her. This was the last time she'd go out around a full moon. Running around the woods wasn't safe, running around anywhere wasn't safe. She needed to be in the basement where she couldn't hurt anyone. That night was still burned in her mind and she could barely sleep because of it.

"We should take her home" Matt suggested holding up her purse. "We have her address"

Nina went over to check on the woman. "She's had a massive shock but she should be ok". She stood up and placed her hand on swollen belly, this world wasn't safe for anyone, how could they bring a child into it?

"Do you think she'll tell anyone?" Matt asked.

"I doubt it; people will think she's mental" Adam said as he and George lifted the woman up.

Christa and Adam got in the back and George draped the unconscious woman across their laps. Then he and Nina got in the car, when they pulled up in front of her house it was still early enough that it didn't look like anyone was around. George and Adam carried the woman to her door and laid her next to it.

"Maybe we should have her sit up?" Christa suggested from the car.

Adam looked at her. "Why?"

"So she's not just sprawled across her front stoop like a drunk" Christa said, she knew it wasn't right just leaving her like that, they had no choice talking to her would probably make it worse. She was alive and that's what really mattered. Adam sighed and he and George lifted the woman up so she sat against the side of the door. They looked around to make sure no one saw them and ran back to the car and drove away quickly.

"Do you think you should call your mum?" Nina asked Christa as she looked around at the Hawaiian decor of the house. "I don't want them calling the police or anything"

"They won't" Christa told her. "My parents and me have a complicated relationship because of the..." Nina nodded her head in understanding. "They think I'm a drug dealing whore so I'm not at home that often"

"Where do you go?" Nina couldn't imagine what it would've been like had she been turned at Christa's age, still living at home going to college. She was still a child one that shouldn't have to worry about turning into a monster and getting kidnapped by vampires. Again she thought of the child growing inside her, was this the life they bringing their child into? Even if the child isn't born a werewolf, this was their life. The dangers of what they are, what they are capable of and the enemies they've made will always be there threatening them and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

"The woods, there's a cabin, an empty cabin. I stay there" She told her.

"Here's some clothes, they're Nina's I think they'll fit" Annie said handing them to her. "We have plenty of rooms upstairs for you to change in" Christa nodded her thanks and walked upstairs.

"Is Mitchell around?" Adam asked after she left. He looked between them when they all glanced towards the ground. "What happened?" George and Nina looked at each other. "Tell me!"

Adam needed to see her, needed to talk to her. He lied, he said it could be done, but Mitchell was responsible for the Box Tunnel 20 and George staked him. How was he supposed to pretend to be human if a century old vampire couldn't? He stood outside the door, he cleared his head, he could do it he just needed the right people to be around him, the kind of people that yell at him, stop him and if that didn't work hit him until he listened. And he only knew one person that would. "Are you decent?" He asked as he knocked on the door.

"Yes" she replied. He pushed open the door and saw her sitting on the bed staring out the window.

"Well that was exciting" He started with, she just looked at him and resumed with the staring. She looked so depressed and he didn't know why. She didn't hurt anyone besides the vampires and they were sick bastards that liked kidnapped werewolves and watched them eat up innocent humans. So she had no reason to be upset about them. "We should talk about it, you know" he said. "You tried to shag me"

"I did not" Christa replied whipping her heard around to face him.

"Yes, yes you did. I felt your hands around my trousers. You wanted this bad" He said pointing to his crotch. He smiled as Christa glared at him because he saw the smile beneath the frown. And he loved when her face scrunched up like that. This is what they did, they banter. So they could forget their own problems and focus on each other.

"I don't know what came over me, it wasn't me" She replied standing up with her hand on her waist. "That wasn't me" she repeated for good measure.

"You wanted to shag me and you know there's a bed right there…we can finish what we started, correction what you started" He pointed at her and grinned.

"Sorry, not into necrophilia" she replied biting her lip to stop the laugh in her throat.

"That hurt" Adam replied holding his hand over his heart. Then they both started laughing and it felt good, it felt human.

"You two snogged again? When?" Matt asked appearing in the room startling them both.

"It was just before I got kidnapped" Christa answered. "It just happened"

"Oh" Matt replied. He knew he gave them his blessing but that was when he thought he was going through his door and he'd never see them again. He knows he shouldn't be mad, it not like he'd have a chance with her, if he ever did. He still didn't like seeing them kissing when he still wanted to kiss her. "Brilliant, so you two finally admitted you like each other" he told them because he'd put his feelings aside if Adam is who Christa wanted then he would help her. He wanted Christa to be happy; she deserved to be happy after what happened to her.

"No!" they said in unison. Matt just shook his head.

Adam glanced at Christa and she did the same. They both knew something had changed in their relationship; they just weren't ready to admit to it yet. Could a vampire and a werewolf be together? Has it ever happened before?

Christa went back to looking out the window. "Look at my life the two of you are my only friends and you're both dead and I'm a werewolf how is that normal? How can we ever be normal?" Christa asked them suddenly.

"We can be normal for us" Matt suggests.

"And what is normal for us?" Adam asked. He was happy to hear Christa finally say it out loud; he was beginning to worry when she kept scooting around the subject of what she was. It wasn't healthily to be that much denial.

Matt looked to both of them "Being around you two it feels normal, it feels right. It's better than anything I had before" He smiled to himself because it took him dying to get him to live, to not be afraid to take chances, to talk to Christa. "A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf"

"It sounds like the beginning of a shit joke" Christa replied.

Matt laughed. "I suppose so, but think about, we're all different, alone and supernatural"

"Yes, the supernatural freak squad" Adam piped up.

"We're like superheroes"

"We are not superheroes" Christa told them.

"Why not? We have superpowers" Matt told her. "He can go arrgh" He said using his fingers as fangs again "And lift people twice his size, you can go grrrr" he added claws for effect "And have super senses and I can walk through walls"

Christa turned away from them. "Superheroes don't hurt people"

"But we haven't hurt anyone not really" Matt said. Mr. Roe was still alive they just sent him where the dead belong, but they didn't kill him.

"We can" Christa said. "We're dangerous and shouldn't be helping anyone" she said with anger in her voice. Christa didn't know what to do; she didn't know if she should tell them that's what scared her most, saying it out loud meant it happened, meant it was real. She never told anyone. She bowed her head and closed her eyes.

"Christa?" Adam asked walking closer to her.

"I did" she whispered.

""You didn't kill that woman, Christa. She's safe at home with her husband and kids to live another day and maybe only slightly damaged in head with the whole seeing a girl turn into a wolf thing but otherwise she's in top shape" Adam told her getting slightly worried at Christa's change in mood.

"I'm not talking about her" Christa said and looked at Adam with tear rimmed eyes. "Her name was Hannah…she made…she turned me into a werewolf and I…." She squeezed her eyes shut again, and then opened them. "I killed her"