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Why the Knights Who Say "Ni!" Say "Ni!"

Once upon a time, in the land of mystical castles, etc...

Wait! Stop! Hold it! No one says "etc." in the beginning of a fairy tale!

Says who?

Says me, your inner editor.1

But I was given strict instructions to ignore you! They even gave me a little button to press that's supposed to make you go away!2

Well, whose fault is it that you won't ignore me, huh?

Ummmm... Well you're still here. That's YOUR fault, not mine!

I'm simply a figment of your imagination. It's YOUR fault I'm still here.

So that means that when I die, you die too? How very scary to die!3

That is true. But there are also more ways to get rid of me.

How? I wanna know!

Say 'Ni'!4

(speaking) Ni! Ni! I like it!

I will disappear into a random cloud of poof dust soon. Good bye!

(not speaking anymore) Whew! That felt good! But who are those travelers down the road? *gasp* Maybe they're my inner editor coming back! I need to tell everyone to say 'Ni!'

(speaking, again) All knights, gather 'round! I've got something very important to say!

[all go and cluster around him]

We must get rid of the Inner Editor! The only way to stop him and his vicious troops from ruining NaNoWriMo is to say 'Ni!'. From now on, we will be known as the Knights Who Say 'Ni!'!

[all agree heartily, then go back to writing their stories. person who has all these random thoughts notices people are closer.]

(still speaking) Come! The Inner Editor approaches! Let us not be discouraged by his mighty army!

...And the rest is Monty Python history. This probably made absolutely no sense to you.

I am honored to have given you your daily dose of insanity.

1 The Inner Editor, or the evil dude who is a plague during NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writers' Month. In which crazy people try to write a story in one month. Yes, you read correctly. One month]... But can come back after that.

2 NaNoWriMo pamphlet thingy.

3 Ala Frodo, changed a bit from "How very scary never to die!" or something to that effect.

4 The Knights Who Say 'Ni!' are from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail... I did not make them up.