A/N: So this is my first Young Justice story and I hope you like it. I got the idea for Insane Land while I was babysitting and then I just had to decide on what show to make it a fanfiction of, so I settled for Young Justice, because I currently love it. I saw it while I was staying with my sister and her husband and now I've gotten hooked.

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The air rushed past my face as I flew, crashing painfully into the wall. I knew that if I didn't die here, Batman would kill me for failing. I couldn't let either of those happen, so I slowly and painfully got to my feet and faced my opponent; Aqualad.

The Atlantean was holding his water swords in an offensive position. I had to get them away from him, but it would be hard. Once I did, though, the battle would be mine.

I hated having to battle with my friends like this, but it was the only way to escape Insane Land, the world that the Joker himself created, just for us.

"Boy Blunder has his friends, a team of his own for him to defend!" he had mocked. "I made a playground for you, Birdie! Your friends can come too!"

And now here we were, fighting each other, or something like that. I almost forgot to tell you; that cloning thing that Cadmus did to us, the DNA that I thought I had blown up? It survived, so we're really battling our clones.

Cadmus survived somehow and got in league with the Joker, of all people! So Cadmus provided the clones and weapons, while the Joker provided this crazy world.

Who was there with me? Well, Aqualad and Kid Flash were originally with me, but I got separated from them. All I could do was hope that they were fairing better than I was. What? Where was Artemis, M'gann and Superboy? They didn't get involved, really. Superboy kind of went crazy when the people from Cadmus showed up, so last I knew Artemis and M'gann were trying to calm him down. But if you want the whole story, you need to go back about three days ago.

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