Fill for a prompt on beyond_dapper: In which Blaine realizes that he really, really likes taller boys and Finn thinks himself straight for most intents and purposes, but Blaine is most likely definitely his exception.

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Note: Fic title is from Just What I Need, by Rufus King. Chapter title is from In My Head, by Jason DeRulo.

It all started at Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza. Train wreck indeed. Finn couldn't have foreseen what happened there, and looking back, he chose to blame it on the alcohol, even though for once, he'd been wise and hadn't drunk.

Blaine, actually, was the one who was drunk. So drunk, in fact, that he spent half of the night – the half when he wasn't sucking face with Rachel – clinging to him.

Finn, according to Blaine, was "soooo tall, and soooo cool, and soooo comfortable, like a giant teddy bear!"

Finn secretly liked it – besides the fact that Kurt was looking at him the same way he looked at Rachel. He didn't know why, but he liked the way Blaine looked at him and complimented him. His clinginess was strangely different than Rachel's who, drunk or sober, still acted as if everything was about her. Blaine, when drunk, was adorable and funny and so different from the clean-cut prep boy Finn had seen before – wait, did he just call another dude adorable?

Rachel called a game of Spin the Bottle. Fin found himself wishing he'd get to kiss Blaine – just to get to know how it was; because without the game, there was no way he could get away with that while sober.

Rachel's the one who got to kiss Blaine, though, and Finn felt like Kurt looked: an odd mix of disgust, envy and jealousy. He'd expected to react like that, but because a guy was kissing his ex-girlfriend, not because Blaine was kissing someone else.

Soon enough, everybody agreed to stop playing: there was too much jealousy to continue. Santana looked ready to kill anyone who'd kiss Sam – and strangely enough, Mike, when he kissed Brittany, but Finn didn't get why. Sam didn't look pleased either when Quinn had to kiss Rachel, even thought the rest of the guys cheered on them. Finn, oddly, felt nothing at all, even though it involved his two exes. The only people looking okay with the game, actually, were Artie, who gladly offered to lend his girlfriend to anybody who asked; and Tina, who looked hugely turned on by anything and anyone – and looked ready to take up Artie on his offer.

After the game, Rachel decided to bring out her karaoke machine – she had to sing a duet with Blaine, she said. Blaine accepted and got up on the stage, but he kept looking at Finn when he sang the words "Don't you want me baby?" Finn was very tempted to do like Santana and shout "I do! I want you!", but he didn't have the excuse that he drank half a bottle of tequila to himself. He really thought he should have done that, though, when the song finished and Rachel pulled Blaine in a corner to make out. Finn didn't want to see that at all, and would have been grateful to have half a bottle of whatever alcohol inside of him at that moment.

They made out for what seems like a lifetime, until Artie stopped showering Brittany with dollar bills long enough to sing Blame It on the Alcohol with Mercedes. Blaine jumped to his feet from the couch where he'd crashed with Rachel, shouting:

"This is soooo my song! I love it!"

He started dancing around the room making his way towards Finn and soon enough, he was giving him a very awkward, not really sexy lap dance. Finn hadn't got a clue what he was supposed to do, except sitting there, looking confused and trying his best not to touch him.

But then Blaine started singing sloppily in his ear, drunkenly trying to whisper the lyrics:

"I was unaware how fine you were before my buzz set in…"

Three things managed to cross Finn's mind at this moment: one – the smirk Puck had on his face has he noticed Finn's trouble; two – the killing glares both Kurt and Rachel threw at him; three – the lusty haze in Blaine's eyes. Finn couldn't think of anything besides that, and the rest of the room ceased to exist.

He almost lost it. Blaine's hips were hovering over his, barely separated by an inch. He'd only have to reach over to touch Blaine. He had to actively think about not bucking his hips up, because he was pretty sure they would have done it on their own accord.

But the sudden realization that Blaine was drunk and he wasn't dawned on him. Blaine probably would never hit on him sober, and he'd probably not even remember it in the morning. Finn couldn't use him like that. He caught him by the shoulders – and tried to ignore Blaine's inviting smile at the touch – and settled him on the couch. He took his half-full plastic cup from his hand. Blaine whimpered – Finn really shouldn't think about how sexy that sound was – and he tried to get his cup back.

"Blaine, you've drank enough. You need to drink some water." He settled the cup on a table far enough from Blaine that he couldn't get it, and went upstairs to get him a glass of water.

When he came back, he was relieved to see that Blaine was still sitting on the couch and hadn't left to make out with Rachel again – she seemed to have forgotten him, anyway, she was on the other side of the room, sprawled on top of Mike and telling him how awesome he was.

Finn sat awkwardly on the couch besides Blaine, handing him the glass. He must have been thirsty; he almost downed it in one shot. He settled it on a table, and then snuggled up next to Finn.

"Thanks, man," he said, "you're the best. You're all sweet, and caring, and – and… sexy."

"Err, thanks?" Finn felt his face flush. Blaine was almost sitting in his lap again. He jumped to his feet and looked around the room for Kurt. He found him wedged between Mercedes and Tina who were laughing their asses off, but he didn't seem as amused.

"I think it's time to go," Finn said to Kurt. "If Blaine drinks any more he's gonna pass out."

Kurt snickered, visibly not impressed by his friend's behavior.

"He deserves that we leave him here," he answered bitterly.

"You really want to leave him alone with Rachel?"

At these words, Kurt stood up.

"I have to go," he said to the girls.

"Have fun with Blaine!" Tina said, winking, before joining Mercedes in an uncontrollable giggling fit.

Kurt rolled his eyes, giving each of them a peck of the cheek.

After they said goodbye to everybody – those who were still able to listen to them, that is – they each took one of Blaine's arms and hoisted him up to his feet.

"Are you able to walk?" Kurt asked, his concern showing through his icy mask.

"Yeah, sure!" he slurred.

But he stumbled and crashed into a coffee table as soon as they let him go.

"No you're not. Come here." Finn lifted him up, carrying him princess-style, and made his way toward the staircase, ignoring Kurt's stunned look.

He was only being helpful, and it would go faster like this. He almost didn't notice how Blaine snuggled up to him and how hot his breath was in his neck, even.

It wasn't easy climbing the stairs while making sure he didn't hit Blaine's head on the wall, but he managed it. The way outside was easier, with Kurt holding the doors for him. They managed to get him safely on the backseat of the car, where he fell asleep almost instantly.

Once they got home, Finn felt a twinge of anticipation at the idea of taking Blaine in his arms again. He really liked the feeling of it, with Blaine being really short, but still more muscular than a girl, it felt different, in a really good way.

"Well, obviously, he can't drive," Kurt said. "I think he'd better sleep here, if you don't mind carrying him upstairs."

Finn didn't mind at all. It was a bit harder to climb the stairs in the dark without waking up their parents, but they succeeded – without Blaine waking up either.

"Finn? What are you doing?" Kurt whispered.

Finn stopped in his tracks and turned around. He realized he was taking Blaine to his bedroom. He had to think of an excuse, quickly.

"I – err – Wouldn't Burt freak out if he learnt that Blaine slept in your bed?"

"Blaine is too drunk to do anything, he's already asleep. I'm perfectly capable of handling things with my father, thank you." Kurt was still whispering, but Finn could hear his angry tone. He did his best not to look disappointed, and he followed Kurt to his room, laying Blaine on the bed, He took off his shoes before tucking him under the covers. Saying a quick good night to Kurt, he got out of the room, casting one last look at Blaine, who looked adorable when he was sleeping.

Finn didn't get a lot of sleep, that night. He spent several hours thinking about Blaine, and about what it meant. Was he gay? Probably not; he was definitely turned on by girls, even if what he had with Rachel or Quinn wasn't love.

He thought about other guys. He tried to imagine being with Puck, or Mike, or Kurt – even if that was sick, with the whole step-brothers thing – and he felt nothing.

Maybe Blaine was his exception.